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Jun 13, 2018

We make the automotive future closer!
Dec 12, 2018
Dec 24, 2018
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Aug 18, 2018
Sep 17, 2018
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About VoltGo

We provide an effective solution to those problems faced by most electric car owners - short range, high consumption, lack of infrastructure allowing to charge these cars and rather time-consuming charging process. Today not only the number of charging stations is very low, but also their power is not enough to accelerate the process.

The VoltGo project idea consists in the construction of large-scale network of special charging stations on the basis of our own invention – high power super chargers which are able to fully charge an electric vehicle in only 8-10 minutes.


  • Opportunity to pay for charging and get a discount. VoltGo tokens are used to pay for the charging stations network services. 50% discount is provided to the token holders.
  • Safety, transparency and reliability of information. VoltGo network decentralization and security of transactions achieved by cryptographic methods ensures transparency and availability to the investor of all information in real time mode, and the blockchain-based platform will provide safety and reliability of all information.
  • This is a real project. People need us! We are going to bring really necessary technical innovations to the market.VoltGo project meets the real needs of electric car owners.
  • Presence of technical resources, working prototype and expert team. VoltGo project isn't launched just from scratch - not only we have our own production base, necessary business and political connections, we have ready-made technological solutions, certified working prototype, detailed business plan and professional team which deals with project management and promotion.
  • Clearly defined stages of development. We've developed the project promotion strategy and created the road map. Thanks to this information, the user can estimate how close our work is to the plans any time.
  • Token rate volatility restriction and speculative attacks neutralization mechanisms. The number of the tokens remaining on the company balance will provide a possibility of compensation of sharp price spikes during high volatility periods at the exchanges. This regulating mechanism removes the possibility of artificial depreciation of the coins as a result of speculative actions.
  • Movement anonymity. An option pay for electric car battery charging services by cryptocurrency will significantly expand opportunities for those people who need anonymity, since in this case movements of the electric car owner can't be tracked by the payments geography.
  • No extra fees. All transactions will be processed online without conversion in local currency of a certain country. Any user will be able to charge his electric car fast and at the same time to pay for that with universal payment means irrespective of his actual current location at this moment.

Technical Info


Operating temperature

Storage temperature

Relative humidity


Dimensions (W x H x D)


-30 °C to +50 °C

-40 °C to +85 °C

5% to 95% (without condensation)

IP54 (indoor/outdoor use)

800 x 900 x 2,100 mm

approx. 1,200kg


Electrical safety



Combined Charging System (CCS)

AC Plug

Grid connection

Input voltage range

Maximum input current

Input frequency

AC Plug

Nominal AC output power

Nominal AC output voltage

Nominal AC output current


IEC 61851-1, IEC 61439-2

EN 61000-6-1, -3, -4, EN 61000-3-2

Rev 0.9.1 (certified), Rev 1.0.1 (compatible) Plug JEVS G105

EN 61851-23/DIN 70121

IEC 62196

AC 3-phase + PE

400 V AC ± 10%

3 x 290 A

47 – 63 Hz

IEC 62196 Mode 3, Type 2

22 kW; 43 kW

400 V AC ± 10%

3 x 32 A AC; 3 x 63 A

Residual current operated device (type B);

Overcurrent circuit protection; ground control;

AC output socket

AC Socket

Nominal AC output power

Nominal AC output voltage

Nominal AC output current


IEC 62196 Mode 3, Type 2

22 kW

400 V AC

3 x 32 A AC

Residual current operated device (type B);

Overcurrent circuit protection; ground control;

DC output

DC plug

Maximum DC output power

DC output voltage range

Maximum DC output current

Power factor (50% load)



Plug 1: Combined Charging System IEC 62196-3;

Plug 2: CHAdeMO JEVS G105

2 x 75 kW (simultaneous charging); 150 kW (prototype)

30 – 920 V

2 x 200 A (simultaneous charging); 400 A (prototype)

> 0,97

> 94%

Short circuit protected output; Overcurrent circuit breaker;

Overvoltage protection; Low-voltage protection; Isolation control; ground control


Backend interface

Access/payment systems



OCPP1.51.6 (OCPP 2.0 in preparation)

RFID Authentication/payment by smartphone/“time of use”/per kW/h

Ethernet, GSM, GPRS, UMTS (3G modem), LTE 4G

Porsche, Smart, Nissan, BMW, VW, Mitsubishi, Renault, Tesla, Daimler, KIA, Peugeot, Citroën, GM, Hyundai

VoltGo Roadmap

  • The 3rd quarter of 2016

  • Formation of the problem and running the study.
  • The 2nd quarter of 2017

  • Search for partners, negotiations, creation of the company.
  • The 3rd quarter of 2017

  • Writing of the Whitepaper and creation of the project
  • The 1st quarter of 2018

  • The beginning of work on charging stations system software and client application.
  • Read More
  • The 2nd quarter of 2018

  • Pre-Sale procedure (the preliminary procedure of investments attraction for ICO preparation and implementation).
  • The 3rd quarter of 2018

  • ICO procedure (initial offer of VoltGo-tokens).
  • The 1st quarter of 2019

  • Completion of work on station software and general network testing.
  • The 2nd quarter of 2019

  • Construction of the first charging station with VoltGo supercharger.
  • The 3rd quarter of 2019

  • Additional works on software at the readymade electric charging stations based on the blockchain technology.
  • The 1st quarter of 2020

  • Increase in number of the readymade charging stations up to 25.
  • The 2nd quarter of 2020

  • Construction of the first 10 electric charging stations based on VoltGo blockchain technology in the United States of America.
  • The 4th quarter of 2020

  • Creation of the special direction on installation of mini electric car charging stations in big cities (total amount of such units to be built by 2023 is 1000).
  • The 3rd quarter f 2023

  • Installation of more than 7500 charging elements for electric cars (850 powerful supercharger stations and 200 mini stations).


30 Days Growth:

VoltGo Team

Verified 11%

Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Sergey Velchev
Chief Production Officer
Alex Demian
Chief Executive Officer
Igor Onyshchenko
Chief Operating Officer
Vladimir Revera
CTO - Hardware Division
Eugene Topal
CTO - Software Division
Victor Pryshchenko
Chief Construction Officer
Nick Albert
Chief Hardware Engineer
Pavel Bilodid
Chief Communications Officer
Oleg Belodon
Chief Electrician Engineer

VoltGo Interviews

Igor Onyshchenko
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
At the fundraising stage, I manage the marketing efforts of our company and all about the online presence.
5.0 13
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