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Jun 26, 2024

EarthMeta is the Next-Gen Metaverse that offers a digital replica of Earth, complete with accurate cities, landmarks, and monuments, powered by blockchain technology and AI.
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Jun 1, 2024
Jul 31, 2024
70% completed
$220 000
100% goal completed
Goal 220 000.00 USD
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About EarthMeta

The Ultimate AI X Metaverse Token

Lead the Charge in the Metaverse X AI Revolution. Secure your $EMT tokens in the presale to earn up to 186% APY in Stage 1 and unlock exclusive bonuses for early adopters.

EarthMeta is the first decentralized AI-powered metaverse allowing users to own the world. Govern, interact, and create an economy in the Metaverse through smart contracts.


 - The Staking Mechanism:

Early adopters are rewarded by staking their $EMT tokens, which contribute to the growth of our ecosystem. That’s why, the more tokens you stake, the more you contribute to the market liquidity and the more you’ll earn rewards from it.

- Discounts and Incentives:

Using EarthMeta tokens for transactions within the virtual realm grants holders discounts compared to other cryptocurrencies. This incentivizes broader adoption of Earthmeta.

Governance participation (DAO):

Token hodlers can actively participate in Earthmeta's governance by proposing new features, voting on proposals, and influencing the project's direction and decisions. For instance, they may vote on proposals for integrating new technologies or prioritizing certain development initiatives.

EarthMeta Roadmap

  • JUNE 2024

  • - Whitepaper Release
    - $EMT Token Presale
    - Scale Up Team Members
  • OCTOBER 2024

  • - Launch of EarthMeta Platform
    - Initial NFT Cities Presale and Claim
    - Referral and Incentive Campaign
  • DECEMBER 2024

  • - Earthmeta Token Listing
    - Launch of Marketplace for Cities
    - Integration with OpenSea Marketplace
  • Q1 2025

  • - CEX Exchanges Listing for $EMT
    - Launch of Marketplace for Lands
    - Scale-up of the AI Assets Matching System
  • Read More
  • Q2 2025

  • - Launch of EarthMeta AR Mobile App
    - Cross-Chain Compatibility for $EMT
    - AI-Powered Asset Management Tools
  • Q3 2025

  • - Launch of EarthMeta Wallet Mobile App
    - Launchpad for City Projects
    - Partnerships with Blockchain Projects
  • Q4 2025

  • - dApps Interoperability and DeFi Protocols
    - Public API Interface for Governors
    - Partnerships with Companies and Brands


EarthMeta Team

Verified 100%

Taha Bouarfa
Founder & CEO
Kawther Ghazal
Co-Founder & CMO


Verified 50%

Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team


$220 000

Edwin Mata


$220 000

Massimo Moretti
Advisor & CEO ITAK

EarthMeta Interviews

Taha Bouarfa
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
As the CEO and Founder of EarthMeta, I oversee the overall vision and strategic direction of the project. I lead our team in developing the EarthMeta ecosystem, managing key partnerships, and ensuring a successful launch. My role involves coordinating across different units of our team, solving challenges, and being agile-minded to align our goals and deliver a unique and valuable proposition to our community.
What do you think about idea?
The idea behind EarthMeta is innovative and highly promising. By focusing on developing a comprehensive ecosystem around our Metaverse, we can provide a unique and valuable experience to our community. The potential to manage key partnerships and align our strategic goals offers exciting opportunities for growth and success. I'm confident that our approach will address the current needs in the market and set us apart as a leader in our industry.
Kawther Ghazal
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I lead all marketing efforts. My primary goal is to promote the EarthMeta ecosystem and ensure our message resonates with a wide audience.
What do you think about idea?
EarthMeta is the first metaverse to address the core problems users face. It goes beyond simply buying a plot of virtual land. I am confident that EarthMeta will make a significant difference and become a remarkable adventure.
Edwin Mata
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Providing advice on the go to market strategies around the ICO.
What do you think about idea?
The idea is solid, but the team is just outstanding.

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