Engagement Token

Engagement Token

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13 мар. 2018 г.

SolidOpinion - это успешная платформа с - 4,2 миллиона + пользователей - 200M + ежемесячные просмотры - Цифровая валюта 100 000 + ежемесячные транзакции - Клиентские сайты включают: L.A. Times, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun и т. Д. - $ 7,7 млн. Средств от VC и издателей
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1 апр. 2018 г.
1 июн. 2018 г.
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1 мар. 2018 г.
31 мар. 2018 г.
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О проекте Engagement Token

SolidOpinion - это успешная платформа с
- 4.2 миллионами + пользователей
- 200M + ежемесячные просмотры
- Цифровая валюта 100 000 + ежемесячные транзакции
- Клиентские сайты включают: LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun и т. Д.
- $ 7,7 млн. Средств от VC и издателей


Платформа взаимодействия включает в себя три основных компонента: усилитель взаимодействия, встроенный в веб-сайт издателя, портал рекламодателя (см. на http://www.ppacentral.com), который связывает рекламодателей с издателями, и поиск в комментариях. механизм, позволяющий рекламодателям определять возможности таргетинга.

Техническая информация

Платформа уже построена и полностью функциональна и состоит из:

- Платформа взаимодействия (более 200 000 000 проектов из более чем 4,5 миллиона каждый месяц)

- поисковая система для привлечения пользователей (более 100 000 000 комментариев с самых активных комментирующих сайтов сканируются и анализируются каждый месяц)

- Рейтинг вовлеченности (1000 самых интересных сайтов в Интернете)

- Обширная аналитика взаимодействия с топовыми сайтами (включая семантический анализ на основе AI)

- Виджет монетизации с оплатой за статью

- Портал оплаты рекламы на основе платы за статью

Engagement Token Roadmap

  • 2013

  • Idea
    Company Launch
    6 People In The Team
    Office In New York
  • 2014

  • First Platform Beta Live
    First Client
    Launch Of Next Big Future
    Team Reaches 10
  • 2015

  • Launch of CommentsRadar
    SolidOpinion Presents CommentsRadar in Moscow
    Open office in Ukraine
    New Moderation Team
    Team of 20 People
  • 2016

  • Launch of Spill
    Opening office in Califirnia
    CommentsRadar starts collecting data
    Launch of engagement1000 raiting
    Launch of commenting platform on San Diego Union Tribune
    CommentsRadar collects data of 1000000 comments
    CommentsRadar reaces over 20000 domains
    4.6 M USD financing recieved
    Launch of publuc version of CommentsRadar
    Team of 40 employees
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  • 2017

  • Launch of Baltimore sun, Sun Sentinel, LAT
    CommentsRadar analyzes 30000000 comments
    Team of 50 employees
    Launch of newsletter
    CommentsRadar analyzes more than 50000 domains/month
    CommentsRadar reaches over 100M monthly comments
    Office in Irvine, CA


Рост за 30 дней:

Engagement Token Команда

Проверено 17%

Внимание. Существует риск того, что непроверенные члены на самом деле не являются членами команды


$90 669 400

Constantine Goltsev
CEO, Founder
Chris Kameir
VP of Corporate Development
Lena Knysh
VP of Sales
Alexander Prokopyev
Chief Software Architect
Arthur Meyerovich
EVP of Sales, Founder
Nick Urmach
CTO, Founder


Проверено 0%

Внимание. Существует риск того, что непроверенные члены на самом деле не являются членами команды


$19 000 000

Michael Maloney
Kelly Gallagher
Joseph Fiscella

Engagement Token Интервью

Lena Knysh
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
I work on everything related to sales and marketing, as well as PR.
$ 0.00001703
Coin Stats
Daily, %:
Weekly, %:
Monthly, %:
Market Info
Market Cap:
$ 7.073 K
Volume 24h:
$ 9.29
Circ. Supply:
415.256 M ENGT
ICO profit
X 0.0852
ICO Price~$0.0002

Engagement Token Обзоры



Overall, Engagement Token is great for increasing site traffic and creating active user bases. If done correctly, it could disrupt the current advertising industry and possibly fully enhance it. We’ll have to see what this project does in the upcoming months!

Brand Protection: With Engagement Token, publishers can talk directly with advertisers and choose which advertisements they want on their content. This ensures that their brand is protected and safe from low-quality ads.
Effective Advertisement: Advertisers can buy promoted headlines and comments. This helps improve the quality of the ads and prevents fake ads from appearing on publisher’s content.
User Incentives: Users who read and actively engage with the blogs can gain EGT for their participation.

Ad Blockers: Some users will continue to use adblocks when viewing this content. How can Engagement Token fix this?
Content Quality: Engagement token needs to explain how the content quality is judged thoroughly.

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News, reviews

Engagement Token aims to help content creators – including news agencies and other original content creators – foster more user engagement. In today’s online ecosystem, these websites are consistently losing engagement to aggregation websites like Reddit or Facebook.

SolidOpinion, an existing publishing platform, aims to solve that problem by launching Engagement Token. Publishers can set rewards in Engagement Tokens. Then, users can earn Engagement Tokens by commenting, viewing articles, and completing other user engagement activities.

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Engagement Token has positioned itself to achieve early implementation, adoption, and success. We shouldn’t forget that the company is going to a highly competitive advertising market where such technology monsters as Google and Facebook are already dominating. Anyway Engagement Token is based on a successful technology company. SolidOpinion has already proved it’s moving the right way with the expanding customer base, partnerships, and a solid number of monthly transactions. Their main task now is to engage as many as possible major companies on the platform. And if they succeed in it, they have an excellent chance to gain its market part.
Though we see more and more ICO projects targeting the advertising market, Engagement Token is two steps ahead since they decided to build the business by engaging a successful company as a technology basement and therefore has a working and proved product.

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