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La plataforma Inflr es una consecuencia de la naturaleza difusa del mercado de influencia digital. Con el fin de facilitar la conexión y la relación entre los jugadores en el mercado, Inflr sirve como una herramienta para que los agentes identifiquen y guíen aún más a los influyentes emergentes. Inflr se denomina "facilitador" porque permite la monetización automatizada a través de cálculos complejos y necesarios para la viabilidad comercial.
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Acerca de Inflr


Inflr es la primera plataforma basada en blockchain que conecta a los anunciantes con personas influyentes con el algoritmo "Proof-of-Influence". INFLR es una criptomoneda de economía de influencia que se diseñará para su uso dentro de la Plataforma Inflr y en toda la red Inflr. INFLR es una utilidad de token estándar ERC20 que brindará a los propietarios de token la capacidad de acceder a la plataforma Inflr con sus numerosas características y datos únicos sobre personas influyentes y marcas. Inflr Coin desempeña un papel clave dentro del ecosistema Inflr y está diseñado para equilibrar los intereses de todos los propietarios de token, creando incentivos para que todos participen activamente en la economía de token.

Con INFLR, podrá acceder a varios servicios y ventajas dentro de la Plataforma Inflr y en varias aplicaciones de terceros que se desarrollarán utilizando la API Inflr. Inflr se centra en crear soluciones de marketing digital utilizando la última tecnología para microinformadores.

Creemos que todos los microinformadores deberían tener la oportunidad de participar en un intercambio que estimule la creación de contenido publicitario de alta calidad y permita que los influenciadores digitales sean compensados ​​por el verdadero valor de su influencia. Inflr ha creado la primera plataforma que conecta a los anunciantes con personas influyentes dentro de un mercado utilizando la tecnología blockchain. Con Inflr, los anunciantes pueden promocionar sus productos y servicios utilizando la influencia de los usuarios de redes sociales.

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On the Inflr platform, influencers and advertisers will have access to a safe and user-friendly environment. The following is an explanation of how the user can be determined.


In order to register on the platform, the influencers must have at least 10,000 thousand followers in a social network and be approved by an internal Inflr audit that will analyze if the profile and its contents are in accordance with the rules of conduct and guidelines of the platform.

Once the influencer registers on the platform, Inflr analyzes the influence of each social media profile, taking into account both its publications and audience. The Inflr Score of each influencer is determined from the publications analyzed, and is constantly re-calculated, always aiming to amplify and improve the performance of each individual user. The Inflr Score also determines the remuneration for creating posts, photo and video content, and for other activities, both in their social channels and in the proprietary channels of advertisers.

Ease of communication

Inflr also allows influencers to receive a briefing from advertisers on the content they will create, then send it to the advertiser for approval without leaving the platform environment.

Publications Control

Once approval is received from the advertiser, the influencer publishes the content.
After the post’s the minimum period of permanence has passed, the advertiser is automatically charged.

Remuneration for influencers

Influencers may choose to be compensated with local currency or Inflr Coin. If the influencer chooses to redeem their payment in local currency, payment will be made within 48 hours. Payments redeemed as Inflr Coin will be immediately processed, creating an extra incentive for the use of Inflr Coin.for the use of Inflr Coin.


Inflr provides advertisers a complete profile and analysis of the engagement of influencers in their social networks, as well as the impact and coverage of their audience, facilitating their selection of influencers. The platform has a simple and intuitive navigation system for building a campaign, from content approval to reporting and analysis.

Search for Influencers

Advertisers will be able to do a complete search of influencers, by gender, location, behavior, social networks, and post value, among other criteria.

Campaign Creation

Through an intuitive interface, advertisers will be able to create campaigns with customizable format and content, with their preferred social networks and forms of remuneration (money or barter/exchange).

Payments and Security

The platform has several payment methods: credit card, bank transfer, Paypal, InflrCoin and the post-paid model.


The Platform provides comprehensive, easy-to-understand analytics reporting with all the metrics needed to analyze campaign effectiveness, profitability, and enhancement possibilities.

Información técnica




“Proof-of-Influence” is an algorithm that uses machine learning to analyze the big data extracted from influencers social networks to identify their followers and the main subjects that they cover and produce an Inflr ScoreTM, which measures the reach or level of engagement of the influencer.

Inflr Score

One of the biggest challenges of influence marketing is determining a coherent value for influencer remuneration that matches their actual engagement in social networks.
Inflr Score is a number from 0 to 100 that represents the proven engagement of an influencer with his/her followers. This score is used to assign a monetary value to the posts of the influencer on each social network.

Content Identification

Inflr categorizes influencers using artificial intelligence, which identifies the main subjects of posts, photos, and videos, (such as “applying makeup” or “playing football,”) and can even analyze the emotional context of a post by detecting facial expressions in images. The algorithm also helps identify potentially unsafe or inappropriate content in images and videos.

Audience Identification

The makeup of an influencer’s audience in their social networks is identified using a machine learning algorithm, which analyzes videos, photos, posts, and profiles of followers. Faces in pictures and videos are analyzed to determine attributes such as gender, age group, and ethnicity. The geographical location of an influencer’s audience is determined via geolocation obtained from followers who interact with the posts generated by the campaigns within the platform.


In order to formalize the contract between the brand and the influencer, it is necessary that many legal aspects are defined, such as: the delimitation of services and contents, remuneration and payment, image and intellectual property rights, and the obligation to comply of the applicable legislation (i.e. the Code of Consumer Protection and the Code of Advertising Self-Regulation).

The development and fulfillment of all these details for the implementation of each influencer campaign is a time-consuming and costly process.
On the Inflr Platform, all these formal aspects are considered in the creation of automated smart contracts.

Smart contract is dynamically generated by Inflr’s blockchain at the start of the campaign and is executed once all parties have approved and signed.

Delimitation of services

A smart contract will clearly indicate how content should be published by the influencer on social media (the express mention of the brand, use of certain expressions that define the brand, clothes, accessories, etc.), the extent of the content (maximum number of characters, video time, etc.) and the schedule of publications.


Verification of services

After the deadline designated in the smart contract for the brand and influencer to complete their respective tasks, an automatic process is initiated to verify that all aspects of the contract have been fulfilled by both parties. This occurs through the “Proof-of-Influence” algorithm that is executed by the “miners.”



The value of the reach and visibility of the influencer is calculated by the algorithm of “Proof-of-Influence.” Therefore, after a positive verification of the execution of the smart contract, the payment is authorized. The payment to the influencer may be currency, exchange, or Inflr Coin.


Inflr API will be publicly available for developers to create applications based on the influence of their users, to offer Inflr Coin as a method of payment or reward.

Inflr Roadmap

  • 2015

  • Vinta company starts Inflr platform development
  • 2016

  • Beginning of Inflr development with internal team
  • 2017

  • Launch of Inflr MVP for partner advertising agencies
  • 2018

  • Beta version of platform developed, fully functional and with limited access for some customers to test
    Inflr Version 1.0 released in Brazilian market
  • Lee mas
  • 2019

  • Development of token integration and smart contracts on the Inflr platform begins
    Release of native apps on iOS and Android
    Completion of token and smart contract integration
    Creation of the office in the United States and expansion of services to the North American market
    Development of new functionalities on Inflr
  • 2020

  • Construction of the 1st Inflr Hub in Sao Paulo, Brazil begins
    Development of new functionalities on Inflr
  • 2021

  • Construction of the office in England
    Inflr Platform expands services globally
    Development of new functionalities on Inflr
    Construction of new Inflr Hub in United States
  • 2022

  • Construction of the office in Japan
    Development of new functionalities on Inflr.
    Construction of new Inflr Hub in England
    Construction of Inflr new Hub in Japan


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Tiago Mateus
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
I'm co-founder of Inflr.
Bruno Niro
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
Co founder
Thiago Cavalcante
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
Felipe Bolonhani
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
I'm Senior Developer! Incredible platform
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As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
Digital analyst responsible for social network and interections with public.
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I believe in project and i do my best!
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Technology consultant and smart contracts implementation
Juliano Lazzarotto
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
Its gonna change the way the digital market is done, influencers are the new trend and they are in need of some platform to help from the beginner to pro, inflr is a tool that will serve this purpose and help the advertisers to expand with lower costs.
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Jeremy Khoo
Group CEO | Blockchain Entrepreneur | VeChain ICO Partner | Fund Partner | Exchange Founder |

Very commercial viable product. Extremely tough market to break through, but the use of transparent smart contracts between influencers on the platform and brands may be a game changer.

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