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ViewChain ICO offers everyone the freedom and freedom to create their own content and share it with others.
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About ViewChain

There are a few challenges in the current content distribution systems on cell phones. One of the challenges is that YouTube (45-55% split), Toutiao, and Kuaishou hold the lion’s share (typically 90% and above) of the income generated from their content distribution service. The current profit model heavily favors the dominant centralized content distribution platforms in the market. In contrast, although massive in number, content creators of short videos, apps, etc. are weak players individually and do not have collective bargaining power. The platforms even use dominant power to coerce the small content creators to agree on shared copyrights for the contents of their own creation. In an ideal system, content creators would be the copyright owners and the platforms are distributors of contents, with the latter paying the former a split of the revenue for use of the copyrighted contents. Another challenge is that leading centralized systems enforce tight censorship to minimize risk to their platforms. Since they are dominant in developed countries, these systems set up and enforce strict censorships codes according to their corporate interests. As a direct result of this, they choose to exclude any contents that are deemed inappropriate according to their own rules, leaving content creators with no say in the process. While it is important to follow censorship codes, it limits the average person’s freedom of speech. In reality, it is common for people to exchange content in private settings where they enjoy some degree of freedom and do not necessarily follow the self-serving rules employed by the current distribution systems. Sharing is a fundamental human need and the current systems are known to restrict everyone’s ability to do so.

ViewChain Roadmap

  • March, 2018

  • dApp prototyping, PC App design.
  • April, 2018

  • Branching IPFS GitHub for dApp and PC App customization Branching Elastos GitHub for ViewChain development.
  • May, 2018

  • Functioning IPFS modules in dApp and PC App.
  • June, 2018

  • Automatic IPFS pinning among dApp, PC App, and proxy PC App dApp wallet integration test with ViewChain.
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  • July, 2018

  • Design IPFS swarm of common interest Patent filing.
  • August, 2018

  • dApp UX/UI Alpha Release.
    Directory Service of Store Front design.
  • September, 2018

  • Content copyright registration on ViewChain Curator profile registration on ViewChain.
  • October, 2018

  • Store Front censoring service Store Front layout UX/UI.
  • November, 2018

  • IPFS swarm of common interest general release Directory Service of Store Front on line.
  • December, 2018

  • dWeb Portal infrastructure building dApp and PC App Beta Release.
  • January, 2019

  • dWeb Portal content recommendation system on line dApp user store UX/UI Beta Release.
  • February, 2019

  • dWeb Portal to user stores open test.
  • March, 2019

  • ViewChain per-store Ads Reward Plan Alpha Release.
  • April, 2019

  • ViewChain per-user MLM Ads Reward Plan Alpha Release.
  • May, 2019

  • dWeb implementation of dApp functionality ViewChain per-store Ads Reward Plan Beta Release.
  • June, 2019

  • ViewChain store-to-store trading announcement.
  • July, 2019

  • ViewChain per-store Ads Reward Plan Beta Release PC App as cloud storage IPFS proxy general release.
  • August, 2019

  • ViewChain FCS for the 1st for-profit ad campaign.


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ViewChain Team

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Frank Wang
co-founder and CEO
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co-founder and Senior Vice President


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Rong Chen
Chief Advisor
Feng Han
Co-Chief Advisor
Jihan Wu
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