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A blockchain-based streaming platform for gamers and eSports fans. The MVP is already up and running:
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Feb 21, 2018
Mar 14, 2018
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Cap 30 000 000 USD
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Jan 25, 2018
Feb 5, 2018
100% completed
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Goal 3 000 000 USD
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About Play2Live

Play2Live platform introduces a full-blown ecosystem for eSports and gaming with a deep focus on content generation and practical needs of streamers and viewers, providing unique interactive opportunities for all participants of the ecosystem - eSports tournament organizers, the streamers and the viewers. Play2Live is here to solve the main challenges of eSports industry. A decentralized streaming platform Play2Live on the basis of Graphene blockchain can add new products and partners into the ecosystem and offer them a chance to interact directly with the users of Level Up Chain.

From a user’s standpoint, Play2Live expands the interaction experience within a traditional streaming platform by providing users the opportunity to become valuable participants of the system, not just a broadcasters. Moreover, regular users of the platform can also receive tokens from their activities, unlike the traditional streaming platforms where only the streamers can monetize their hobby.

The regular users of the Play2Live platform can earn LUC tokens via peer-to-peer CDN service, watching advertisement, performing the streamer’s tasks and in many other ways. As a result, users become more engaged in the content generation process and finally turn into propagators of the project.

MVP of the streaming platform:




The platform is set up to earn revenue for itself — there are 15 sources of revenue built in. However, the system is also set up to share 11 of these income streams with users. The LUC is the unit of exchange.

1. Subscriptions to the streamer’s channel. All users can watch any broadcast for free and with no limitations. But additional privileges are available for those who subscribe to the channel (e.g. writing in to the chat, use of chat icons, prizes during tournaments). The platform shares this revenue with the streamer.

2. Donations Viewers transfer tokens to the streamer to demonstrate support, or for the streamer to read out special messages from them. The platform charges a small commission and the rest of the revenue goes to the streamer.

3. Totalizator of eSports events Viewers can place bets with LUC tokens during streams of eSports events. No third party (e.g. a bookmaker) is required. The platform charges a commission on these bets.

4. Assigning a task to the streamer This is one of the unique features of the platform, as it allows viewers to design the content of the stream. Viewers can vote with LUC for the streamer to undertake certain tasks (e.g. move to a different difficulty level, change the game, etc). Revenue is shared with the streamer.

5. Tasks from the streamer to users Streamers can assign tasks to viewers, who then earn LUC tokens. The platform charges a small commission.

6. Creating content on the platform This is for tournaments. Viewers can vote with tokens for the format they want for the tournament. Revenue is shared with tournament organizers and streamers who develop special content according to the criteria set by viewers.

7. Promotion of the broadcasts of a favorite streamer Viewers can vote with their LUC to promote their favorite streamer to a higher spot on the main page and elsewhere. Revenue goes to the platform, but users who are active with their votes share in the distribution of tokens bought back from the open market.

8. Betting and gambling Various bookmakers are integrated into the platform. Viewers can place bets on several bookmaker websites simultaneously, without having to move from the Play2Live website. Bets are places in LUC. Revenue is shared with the bookmakers.

9. Purchasing of games at partner services Play2Live enters into agreements with suppliers of games that are streamed on the platform, who agree to accept payment in LUC. Revenue is shared with the suppliers.

10. Duels between players Viewers watching a stream can challenge each other to duels on the game, using LUC to bet against others. Viewers are redirected to partner sites where they can play the game face to face. Revenue is shared with these partner sites.

11. Marketplace with prizes from advertisers Advertiser provide prizes and gifts to Play2Live. These prizes are made available to streamers to distribute during their broadcasts, in exchange for promotion of the advertisers.

12. Premium subscriptions Viewers with premium subscriptions enjoy special privileges (e.g. gifts from publishers, access to exclusive broadcasts, special recognition on the Play2Live platform). Revenue is shared with streamers.

13. Advertising Pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll commercials can be run during streamer broadcasts. Banners and branding on streamer sites can be set up. The platform allows for comprehensive marketing campaigns, and provides a transparent performance tracking system. Revenue is shared with streamers. Viewers can support the streamer by watching the advertising, and earn LUC for doing this.

14. Sale of badges of rank on the platform Emoticons, chat badges and other distinctive features for users are available in the chat during streams. Revenue is shared with streamers.

15. P2P CDN Users can share their computer resources with others in return for LUC. This is direct revenue for users.

Technical Info

The platform is developed on the basis of the Bitshares 2.0 blockchain. Streaming core, as well as blockchain-based totalizator, are already implemented. Alpha version is to be released by January. Beta version will be available in April.



  • Initiation of Play2Live core back-end functionality, front-end layers, and blockchain system development. Setting up a marketing budget for streamers and tournament operators to promote within the platform.

  • Development of authentic features of Play2Live - totalizator, crowdfunding system, a system of interaction between viewers and streamers. MVP release and broadcast of CS:GO World Championship with offline final rounds at the stadium with 15,000 seats capacity

  • Integration with partner services agreed to cooperate with Play2Live including bookmakers. Setting up a marketing budget for acquiring rights to broadcast top eSports events and negotiating exclusive contracts with the most popular streamers of the well-established games such as CS: GO, Dota 2, LOL, Overwatch, PUBGs and others.

  • Integration of external projects in Level Up Chain. Broadcasting Dota 2 tournament on beta version of the platform. Broadcasting showmatches covering well-established games - CS: GO, Dota 2, LOL, Overwatch and others.
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  • Focus on regional expansion and attracting top content providers: negotiating exclusive broadcasting contracts with Tier 1 tournament organizers as well as top 10 eSports teams and players to broadcast their content on the platform.




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PLAY2LIVE is a block chain based streaming platform for gamers and esports fans which focuses on content generation  and practical need for streamers ,providing  unique interactive opportunities for all the participants within the ecosystem.


  • The viewers are able to become actives users of the platform by earning a higher amount of LUC while amateur streamers get ready mode mechanism for promotion and marketing
  • Game publishers can sell games via the platform and interact with streamers by offering proposal for content promotion
  • The involved services e.g. totalizers, advanced statistics, system bankers  and playing tournaments via rewards enhances the trust  and encourages  the entry of new organizers
  • The viewers can watch stream and earn LUC by sharing  them and interact service channels easily  form any device
  • The users are able to place a bet and win LUC  while watching an esport tournament on the platform
  • The streamers are able to earn instantly form the first stream without filling any forms as  the payment is easily effected by smart contract
  • The users are able to purchase any game streamed on the platform in real time
  • The team involved has god experience led by the CEO,Alexey Burdyko who has a vast experience in esports and has successfully organized tournaments
  • Content crowd funding enables the users to develop content they want to watch from scratch and the associated tickets have exclusive opportunities for the users


  • Very high specified sale of the LUC token
  • The users risk of losing the token upon losing the private keys
  • The token is expected to work solely within the platform and can lack support from other companies hence losing its market value


  • The private keys should b easily generated by the individuals through the platform
  • The platform should give room to all technological changes
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