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About JURA

Having witnessed the rapid development of decentralized applications over the past several years, JURA NETWORK has the vision of building the next-generation blockchain technologies. The requirements for a robust decentralized network are high in terms of scalability, finality and reliability in the face of malicious network activities. Although a plethora of networks have been proposed and adapted in recent years, current levels of transactions per second (TPS), network security, and lack of scalability have left ample room for improvement.

With these in mind, the JURA team introduces JURA, a novel technology designed by JURA NETWORK, in details in this article. It encompasses the Fusus, a DAGlattice data structure as the basis for a distributed ledger, a proof of utility (PoU) consensus mechanism to self-regulate in a decentralized network, an anti-spamming proof of verifiable random time (PoVRT) module, a sharding technology for scalability design, and an AI filter as the security layer. The JURA team believes that JURA will pave the way for widespread deployment of decentralized applications and open up new avenues of improvement to the current market landscape.


Truly decentralized and ready for business adoption.

- Ultrafast

- Feelees

- Autonomous

- Smart Contract

Technical Info

At the core of our technology is the FUSUS data structure: an individual account-based DAG-lattice that prioritizes sending and receiving transactions differently, where each sending transaction leads to the rehashing of prior receiving transactions into a single new genesis block. This allows us to vastly improve on data lookup speeds and storage space by periodically pruning the transaction history. Coupled with our PoVRT anti-spamming module, the FUSUS allows us to have the perfect balance between efficiency, speed, and spam detection.

Proof of Utility Consensus Mechanism. A new, multidimensional, evolving consensus mechanism to fairly assign voting power
  • - High-level system view of utility of stakes 
  • - Time-augmented metrics to infer creditability 
  • - Parameterless, distribution-free probabilistic model 
  • - Generalized consensus mechanism to achieve self-regulation 
  • - Customizable to meet the needs of diverse industries 
DMDS. Dynamically Monitored Distributed Sharding
  • - P2P network node partitioning 
  • - Multi-layered design to optimize speed and security 
  • - Parallel processing to achieve extremely high levels of scalability 
  • - Emergency backup solution to further enhance system security 


JURA Roadmap

  • 2018

  • Whitepaper release
    Design prototype of key components
    ERC-20 token generation
    PoU based consensus framework and FUSUS
    Sharding architeture integration
    Testnet launch
  • 2019

  • Embed data storage and data persistent framwork
    Smart contract implementation
    Virtual machine beta
    Mainnet launch


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Iris Yang
B.S. in Applied Math, Columbia University
Cameron Wang
Ph.D. in Math, Princeton University
Alex Dang
Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering, Columbia Universit...
Xiang Ma
M.S. in Computer Science, Columbia University
Seter Kwok
B.S. in Computer Science, Peking University
Jonathan Hsu
Ph.D in Computer Science
Raheel Ahmad
B.S. in Business & Marketing, NewYork University S...
Yichen Gong
B.S. in Computer Science, NewYork University
Allen Wang
B.E. in material Tianjin University of Technology
Zachary Chen
B.S. in Computer Science, Peking University
Dream Wu
M.S. in Software & Engineering, Beijing University...


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Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Siddhartha Dalal
Sam Park
Arun Sundararajan
David Anthony Gulley
Simon Littlewood
Tian Jia
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JURA Reviews

Ian Balina

13-July. I passed on Jura. I think it was something to do with the team. Link

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Coin Bloq
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Crypto Calibur

We view Jura as a novel approach to the ever-growing space of infrastructure projects, hence having the potential to disrupt the market and gain a lot of usage. There is a big IF in this equation as the team has yet to prove themselves and bring forward actual progress which can validate their theories and novel technologies. There is a long road ahead and we would like to see an MVP so that the team can prove their network model and seize a place in the competitive field they are running in. They need to act fast as there are already many competitors that have working viable technologies and can bring added value to the ecosystem in the meantime.

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Picolo Research presents an ‘Avoid’ rating on Jura Network. The project does not offer a unique niche that differentiates itself distinctly from other similar projects, crowning it is as yet another typical blockchain infrastructure project. Furthermore, gaining a foothold in adoption is a critical element in this competitive market, of which the project mentioned no specific business plans.
Overall, for the reasons listed below, Picolo affirms its rating on Jura:
• The project is late in entering this space, which ranks it as a lagger amongs its competitors
• No significant partnerships formed that is crucial to network adoption in this highly saturated market
• It has been more than 9 months since the inception of the project with no MVP nor GitHub code available, casting doubt on the ability to achieve their milestones
• The team is lacking the depth regarding experience in comparison to its competitors
• No public information on technology and cryptography research thesis done by the PhD members of the team prior to the project
• Currently, there is only 1 member on the advisory board with no independent advisors
• Lack of conclusiveness in the whitepaper as details are incomplete. The consensus mechanism was only partially described, and the portion to penalise dishonest behaviours have not been discussed
• High valuation of $100m is not justifiable comparative to the market cap of QLC chain (with an MVP) that currently has a market valuation of ~$18m
• More established projects have been looking to explore similar technology since 2017, but no breakthrough has yet to been developed 
Not withstanding the above, Picolo acknowledges that Jura is still in its early stages and that further developments are still underway. However, given the
availability of current information presented by the company, it is difficult to disregard the concerns that have surfaced from our research.
In light of the preceding, we recommend an ‘Avoid’ rating on Jura as we believe there are significant risks associated with the project.

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