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10 Haz 2018

KASKO2GO. This is a decentralized car insurance platform powered by the cutting –edge technology, military-grade Artificial Intelligence (AI) and telematics to ensure that drivers get affordable and efficient motor insurance services.The platform provides easy and reliable insurance as the users are able to save up to 50% on their motor insurance.
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30 Tem 2018
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28 May 2018
25 Haz 2018
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We reduce insurance costs for safer drivers, making streets safe and promoting overall driving culture. Our AI technology, world-class team and unique business model make us believe we can disrupt whole insurance industry.

Our dominant competitive advantages revolve specifically around solving the industry’s biggest challenges: costs, precision, effectiveness and use of high-tech tools.

– Kasko2Go offers 20 to 50% cheaper services than our competitors. How? By having more accurate data and intelligently minimizing expenses.

– GetMeIns TM, our award-winning anti-fraud system is so precise that we estimate up to a 98% decrease in fraud-related losses (57% of total repair costs invoiced are fraudulent according to Aviva)

Simply imagine the enormous financial advantages of being less susceptible to fraud!

– No more faceless bureaucracy: by using AI and precise telematics, we bring nuance to car insurance cases. This ensures accurate investigations, better payments, cheaper premiums and more!

– Israel military-grade AI technology prevents double-claiming by turning every car damage incident into a “digital fingerprint”. Every “fingerprint” is associated with a specific case, making it easily identifiable. No more confusion or administrative mix-ups.

– 5+ years of researching millions of drivers. We possess the most accurate understanding of global driving patterns. We have been Google’s official supplier of telematic data since 2012. Our unrivaled accuracy allows us to offer a vastly cheaper.

Teknik bilgi

We use our own telematic big data, combined with hi-tech anti-fraud startup to make insurance cheaper for safe drivers.

Kasko2go Roadmap

  • Mobile app with 25000 users

  • Mobile app with 25000 users
  • Ethereum-based blockchain

  • Introduction of K2G token
    Launch in Switzerland, Austria, Germany
  • Decentralized insurance infrastructure

  • Decentralized insurance infrastructure
    Scaling business model to adjacent sectors of insurance services
    US and EU covered by kasko2go


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Genadi Man
Co-Founder, CEO
Dmitry Bakutin
CEO R-Telematica and Start Kasko2go
Dimitri Wulich
Senior Risk Manager
Andriy Khavryuchenko
Lead blockchain architect
Arina Man
Co-Founder, Board Member
Anna Petrova
Insurance Underwriting, Financial Modelling


$626 542

Nikolay Gora
Head of Project Development


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$19 732 577

Denis Dovgopoliy
Investor Relations Advisor
Paul van Coillie
Reinsurance Advisor
David Braun
Sales Advisor

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Raj Singh
Co-Founder, Board Member
Eugene Greenberg
CEO Click-Ins Ltd
Dmitry Geyzersky
CTO Click-Ins Ltd
David Ben Ha’rosh
Investigator, AI Expert Click-Ins Ltd
Chaim Afargan
Chief Investigator Click-Ins Ltd
Zeev Hazan
COO Click-Ins Ltd
Dr Evgeny Medvedev
Chief Scientist, Computer Vision and Photogrammetr...
Konstantin Kupriyano...
Marketing Communications Director
Marcus Tuor
Marcus Tuor

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Konstantin Kupriyanov
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
Head of Marketing

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Kasko2go Reviews

Samson Owiti
Cryptotrader, Crypto investor, Blockchain business expert


This is a decentralized car insurance platform powered by the cutting –edge technology, military-grade Artificial Intelligence (AI) and telematics to ensure that drivers get affordable and efficient motor insurance services.


  • The platform enables the drivers to get cheap and affordable insurance cover with their safety being guaranteed
  • The platform use sums to a greater reduction of the overall cost as it serves low -risk clients from safer drivers community
  • The involved transparency enables all the details of accidents are clearly posted on the platform without any driver faking an accident enabling them to receive faster and efficient insurance cover   
  • The platform has a well developed mobile application that enables the drivers to easily receive an insurance payout immediately by posting photos of the accidents on the platform
  • The platform has a good team consisting of world-class experts with many years of experience in the platform related field hence empowering and modernizing of the project
  • The platform securely store the users information through the use of smart contracts hence reducing fraud  and access by unauthorized  personnel


  • The platform has few team members and lacks project advisors
  • The platform white paper is not simple and captive  to enable the users to drive the  project implications easily
  • The K2G token value at the  pre-sale is not clearly determined to  make the users  understand its suitability


  • The platform should involve more team members and advisors to help in guiding the project progress
  • The K2G tokens should be made exchangeable with other cryptocurrencies and fiat to enable the project application in other countries
  • The platform white paper version should be made simpler with adequate details on the project implementation


The platform provides easy and reliable insurance as the users are able to save up to 50% on their motor insurance. This makes the platform viable I would therefore invest in it.

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The insurance market is highly regulated in many countries. First markets for the project is Russian Federation and Ukraine. There is only few hundreds downloads of current version of mobile app. According to roadmap, already there have to be 15000 users in Russia. The earlies version of the mobile app was realized in December 2017. It is almost impossible to calculate repair costs after accident without detailed analysis of the car. (only by photo) There is no own insurance company. Usage-based Insurance is going to be in partnerships with other insurance companies.

Business model is not proved nowadays. It is unclear, why insurance companies should work with Kasko2go. All business fully depends on partnerships with insurance companies, there is no own insurance company. Substantial decrease of insurance premium would not lead to maximum profitability. No exact expenses are presented. All Kasko2go team located in Ukraine and Russia, except Advisors and investors.

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News, reviews

Strengths: an app is available for downloading in AppSore and GooglePlay. The company is a member of Crypto Valley. Team members have been developing insurance solutions since 2011, an overall experience in smart insurance business is 25 years. Signed partnerships with TomTom, AutoBooking, Audina, Glonass and others.

Weaknesses: no token sale date; no financial plan/projections, no marketing plan. There is no information on distribution of funds raised. Team needs an expert in blockchain. Competitor analysis needs to be more detailed.

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