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Uma plataforma descentralizada de relacionamento empresarial.
15 de jun. de 2018
31 de jul. de 2018
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$9 200 000
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Sobre Loyakk

A missão da Loyakk é transformar a forma como as empresas criam e valorizam a nova economia descentralizada com sua rede de parceiros, canais, distribuidores e fornecedores distribuídos globalmente. Atualmente, as empresas enfrentam múltiplos desafios relacionados à segurança e privacidade de dados, reconciliação de dados, disputas contratuais, processos ineficientes e governança limitada em suas redes comerciais, levando a bilhões de dólares perdidos anualmente devido ao aumento de custos e à perda de receitas.


1. Transaction Manager (TM). O papel da TM na plataforma Loyakk Vega será armazenar e fornecer acesso a criptografados privados Dados de transação. Também será responsável para se comunicar com outras TM na rede, se necessário, com base na participação de outros nós e o tipo de transação.
2. Crypto Manager (CM). CM na plataforma Loyakk Vega será responsável pela gestão de chaves privadas, comunicação com TM e criptografia e descriptografia de dados de transações. Um CM em Loyakk A rede pode ser usada no nível da árvore ou em qualquer nível abaixo seu próprio nível.
3. Cadeia de votação (VC). O VC na plataforma Loyakk Vega oferecerá mecanismo de consenso baseado em maioria para verificar o transações.
4. Gerenciador de validação (VM). Uma VM na plataforma Loyakk Vega Servir a um árbitro e detentor de registro responsável pela manutenção O estado público público e privado das transações em que participa.

Informações técnicas

Detalhes técnicos: & nbsp; token padrão Ethereum ERC20. O código-fonte: & nbsp; O código não está disponível. Prova do desenvolvedor: & nbsp; Equipa pública.

% name% Roadmap

  • November 2015

  • Customer Relationship Platform Release
  • January - October 2016

  • Onboarding of Blue chip clients (SAP, infosys, Abbott, Novartis, Mphasis)
  • October - December 2016

  • Customer demand for Enterprise Relationship capability with Blockchain-grade security and integrity
  • January - April 2017

  • Customer Requirements Gathering
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  • May - July 2017

  • Enterprise Blockchain Solution Scoping and Design
  • August - September 2017

  • Patent-filling & ICO plans
  • February 2018

  • ICO Main Sale Starts
  • March - April 2018

  • Token Reconciliation & Issue Vega Platform Development continuous
  • July 2018

  • Vega Alpha Release
  • August 2018

  • Lighthouse Customer Engagement Join Go-to-Market with Charter Technology and Service Partner
  • October 2018

  • Industry Value Web Solution for Insurance Released
  • December 2018

  • Focus on Customer Success & Referenceability
  • January 2019

  • Industry Web Solution for Wealth Mgt Released
  • February 2019

  • API Release for third-party App developers Vega Blockchain Developer Network Program Launch
  • March 2019

  • Vega Platform Update - Version 2.0 Released
  • April 2019

  • Industry Value Web Solution for Hight-tech Released
  • June 2019

  • Vega Developer Ecosystem Marketing and Growth. Start showcasing Developers and their software/add-ons
  • October 2019

  • Industry Value Web Solution for Life Science Released
  • November 2019

  • Platform Updates - Version 3.0 Released


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Loyakk Equipe

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Salim Ali
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Jitu Telang
não verificado
Tsvetan Georgiev
Blockchain Technical Architect and Development Lea...
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Jimjees Abraham
Blockchain Solutions Architect
não verificado
Jaijiv Prabhakaran
Chief Architect
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Marzanne DeLoof
Customer Success
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Rakesh Sreekumar
Chief Marketing Officer
Sadiq Quasim
Director, Loyakk Ltd.


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Anthony Thomas
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Patricia Hatter
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Jonathan Becher
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Gerry Mcclement
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Loyakk Entrevistas

Rakesh Sreekumar
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
I manage marketing at Loyakk. Loyakk is a truly 'Blue Chip' ICO that distinctly stands apart from other ICOs today. We are addressing a $100 billion+ global market, we have a patent-pending solution that adapts blockchain to business network use cases, we have top notable global brands as existing customers, A top-tier team, industry luminaries as advisers, Investment backing by Venture Capital and business leaders and we have Premier domain, tech and go-to-market partnerships in place. In essence, we have all the ingredients for a top-ranked ICO but also to be a thriving player and market leader in this chosen market space going forward.
Sadiq Quasim
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
I'm CEO of Loyakk Ltd. the entity running the Loyakk ICO.

I'm primarily focused on delivering a successful fundraising event via the Loyakk Token sale.
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Loyakk is creating a platform (currently patent pending) that will bring business communication from simple emailing to a brand new level by using the blockchain technology. The project is driven by a strong experienced team and led by Salim Ali, a recognized personality in blockchain community. The team has established several partnerships and will potentially have SAP as a partner. Considering disadvantages we note quite high hard cap ($45 million) and weak token adoption scheme which is set to gain token value only with increasing number of transactions on the platform. They even don’t have a token burning stage. Anyway the project is recognized and included in different independent top ICO project lists.
A project that is aiming to make emailing a past day and bring inter-business communication to a completely new level.

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ICO Pantera
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ICO review website

As the product niche is so specialised, Loyakk appear to have no direct competitor currently within the blockchain realm. That is not to say one won’t emerge for that another traditional EAS company won’t build their own version, but it appears that Loyakk have both field experience and first mover advantage to face down potential future challengers.

It would have been preferable for a platform prototype to be available for evaluation but, as Loyakk already have a ‘legacy’ EAS system operational within the business world, the existing business could be seen as the MVP itself.

The team’s presence within the EAS is proven, as is its credentials, and given its current client list the obstacles to future adoption appear to be minimal in comparison to the vast majority of ICOs in operation today. Technically, the team appear suited to the task and the advisors have been well chosen to add wider skill sets to compliment those the team already hold.

With the direction of the project being at least partly guided by initial customer feedback and ongoing consultation, the business need-case for the product is also clearly demonstrated.

The hard-cap is high but perhaps not excessively so for a project that essentially carries global ambitions. The final amount raised will determine how fast and how far the blockchain platform is rolled out rather than covering start-up costs associated with many ICOs.

Potential investors may have wished to see more of the tokens available in the ICO, perhaps with a lower % allocated for the team and advisors, but the lock-up period for those tokens will possibly offset those concerns.

Another point to consider is the un-mined pool of tokens used to on-board license holders. It is undoubtedly a useful product selling point and should help to drive adoption but even though these tokens are not available for resale, ICO contributors will need to evaluate if they believe this will increase or reduce secondary market demand for LYK.

The ICO bonus structure is well thought out and the promised delivery of the second version of the platform within the next 6 months will be an early indication for investors of the company’s true potential and growth possibilities.

Overall, then, this appears to be a stand-out ICO from a qualified team with established credentials, proposing a sound business model that makes for a good blockchain fit.

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