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May 18, 2018

Yumerium introduces a new native coin that enhances the relationship between developers and gamers through the following guide features.
The Yumerium group is composed of skilled veterans and hardworking newcomers in the game occurrence production. They are both excited about how smart contracts can form the next generation of gaming. They believe, both developers and gamers can finally have fun together in the most lucrative entertainment production in the world.
Risk: High
Token Sale
Sep 26, 2018
Oct 26, 2018
100% completed
$1 250 000
6% goal completed
Goal 20 000 000.00 USD
May 24, 2018
Jul 10, 2018
100% completed
$1 250 000
6% goal completed
Goal 20 000 000.00 USD
Cap 20 000 000.00 USD
  • 1 YUM
    0.1 USD
May 24, 2018
Jul 24, 2018
100% completed
Raised funds - no Data
Goal 20 000 000.00 USD
Cap 20 000 000.00 USD
  • 1 YUM
    0.1 USD
Token Details
Total supply
Token Distribution
50% - Token Sale
20% - Network Seeding
20% - Team & Advisor
10% - Reserve
Accepted Currencies
Min Contribution
Company Details
Registered Company Name
Yumerium Ltd
Registered Country
British Virgin Islands
Bonus Structure
30% May 24 - June 9
20% June 10 - June 25
10% June 26 - July 10
Additional Details
Yes ,
Restricted Countries
Platform, Cryptocurrency, Virtual Reality, Entertainment, Retail

About Yumerium

With a vision to disrupt the gaming industry with blockchain and smart contract technology, we created Subdream Labs with key talents brought in from Subdream Studios and VR Plus who have extensive experiences in gaming industry. We raised $2.2M from marquee investors globally.

Each game that joins Yumerium will be allocated with  the initial “Seeding Fund” in YUM to attract new  gamers to the game. Then, gamers will earn(or “mine”)  the YUM by playing, sharing, reviewing game. Gamers  who have YUM will use YUM to pay for game money.  Game developers can use YUM that they have to attract and engage with users by using marketing tools such as referral bonus or airdrop/bounty campaign.


User Benefits

There is currently no safe and easy way for players to receive valuable prizes. Whenever a developer creates a contest, gamers need to read long legal documents and provide personal information to simply participate in the campaign. Even after a winner is chosen, it often takes a long time to receive the prize. Even worse, some winners do not even get their prizes due to intentionally misleading rules or because the developers disappear altogether. Yumerium fixes these problems (ease, integrity and speed) by using a decentralized system. 

Developer Benefits

Yumerium is a gaming community where gamers play, speculate (eSports), and share their experiences with other gamers which provides community driven marketing. Gamers will be properly compensated with YUM for spreading the word.

Limited Copies

Collecting video games has only been possible with physical copies due to the ease of pirating digital copies. By authenticating digital game copies with the blockchain, the Yumerium Native Token can verify the ownership of limited edition copies. This allows players to seek and collect unique and scarce copies of their favorite games to showcase to the world. Collectors can then sell their copies or trade with other collectors, creating a digital copy resale market that has never existed for digital products.

Influencer Compensation

There are a few ways that influencers can be compensated in the current economy, but most of these require sponsorship or donations and require influencers to play or review games that are popular. With Influencer Compensation, developers can compensate reviewers for honest opinions and steamers for playing their games. Reviewers receive YUM tokens depending on how helpful their articles are according to readers. Streamers receive YUM tokens when their viewers purchase games using their referral code.

Decentralized Crowdfunding

In 2016, there were 2,000+ games funded through Kickstarter and roughly half of them raised more than $500K. However, running a crowdfunding campaign can be difficult for both developers and fans. Developers want to be well funded and provide awesome games, and fans want to make sure that their pledges are not squandered. Decentralized Crowdfunding gives more assurance to both members by running the campaign on the blockchain. A fan gives a certain amount of YUM tokens when pledging, so developers can feel assured of the funds they will receive. However, the developer can raise faith in the project by setting milestones and only accepting only some of the funds until each milestone is reached, giving fans frequent updates on the progress before receiving all the funds. 

Yumerium Seeding Fund

Yumerium will help indie game studios run crowdfunding campaign within the Yumerium community. We will help indie game studios to run the campaign with Yumerium token incentives through the use of the Marketing Fund. Successfully funded games will get additional budget from the Marketing Fund that can be used for their launch marketing. We believe crowdfunding can play a pivotal role in attracting game lovers’ participation in the early stage.



Technical Info

Yumerium is game platform powered by blockchain technologies to reward players and influencers while reducing the marketing costs associated with releasing a new game. The Yumerium project is divided into three systems: the Yumerium Native Token, the Yumerium Game SDK and the Yumerium Game Platform.

Yumerium Roadmap

  • 01-2017

  • Subdream Studios Launched.
  • 04-2017

  • Released Mega Overload.
  • 06-2017

  • Released Kingdom Watcher.
  • 10-2017

  • Released Hell Dimension.
  • Read More
  • 11-2017

  • Expanded into offline game arcade.
  • 03-2018

  • Yumerium Private Sale
  • 05-2018

  • Yumerium Public Sale
  • 07-2018

  • Upgrade One Game to use Yumerium Token
  • Q3-2018

  • Release all Subdream Studios games with YUM & Native Yumerium Token Release
  • Q4-2018

  • Release Yumerium game, CryptoMine
  • Q1-2019

  • Broad adoption with 3rd party games.

Yumerium Materials

Yumerium Team

Verified 30%

Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Jikhan Jung
Chief Executive Officer
Francisco Martin
Chief Gaming Officer
Jaehyun Lee
Chief Security Officer
Jaehon Kim
Director of Offline Distribution
Un Sung Yoo
Software Engineer
Sean Yoon
Head of Product Management
Khoi Le
Director of Communication
Fukuta Kanji
Creative Director
Eunyoung Choi
Director of PR
Won Sang Choi
Project Manager


Verified 0%

Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Mitch Liu
Andy Le Tong
Hirosue Noriyuki


$27 700 000

Suyong Park
Koji Sakamoto
Sungwoo Lee
Kohei Ogawa
Matthew Lee

Former members

Jaeheon Kim
Co-Founder & COO
Brenna Von Kleist
Sound Designer
Ahmed Sobhy
Software Engineer
Haider Abbss
Crypto Engineer
Ambriel Pouncy
Community/Content Manager
Seungmin Baek
2D Artist
Kyuri Kim
Social Media Specialist
Yebin Kim
Client Specialist
Sungho Lee

Yumerium Interviews

Jikhan Jung
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
Hi this is Jikhan, CEO of Yumerium.com
Francisco Martin
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
CTO of Yumerium, CTO of Subdream Studios
Sean Yoon
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
I'm Head of Product Management
As I've been in the gaming industry for 10+ years, I can't wait to see Yumerium release

Yumerium Last News

5.0 7
ICO Profile Vision Activity Potential Product Team

Yumerium Reviews

ICO review website

The project is based on a gaming platform that enables game developers to post games, receive funding and attract gamers.

Strengths of the project:

  • The market is developing dynamically.
  • Experienced team and advisors.
  • Starting investments have been made.

Weaknesses of the project:

  • According to statistics, the games integrated on the platform are not yet popular enough;
  • No marketing campaign to attract gamers to the platform is presented as yet.
Read More
ICO review website

Compared to many wildly-ambitious ICO projects, the Yumerium proposition is rather modest. Half of funds raised are earmarked for game development, and the team acknowledges that at each stage of development the platform will need to be stress-tested by users before the next phase is possible. The roadmap also refuses to look any further down the line than one calendar year, which is a prudent approach for such a rapidly changing industry.

The technical problems of the project seem by no means seem insurmountable for a team with this amount of experience. That leaves the ability to capture a market as the main determiner of Yumerium’s success. The parent company’s existing audience and customer base, as well as the funds set aside for community building, should give the ICO a good chance of building up a critical mass of initial users.

Read More
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