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Emotiq ICO is a powerful and distributed block chain with Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus and natural language smart contract. Emotiq is a distributed ledger devised by researchers at Switzerland's Ecole Polytechnic Federal de Lausanne (EPFL), which offers horizontal scalability and throughput of VISA® and Mastercard® levels at thousands of transactions per second. It is built on OmniLedger.
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Apr, 2018
Sep, 2018
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$11 800 000
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About Emotiq

Emotiq is a powerful, decentralized blockchain with Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus and natural language smart contracts. Emotiq is built on OmniLedger – a distributed ledger conceived by researchers at Switzerland’s École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) that provides horizontal scalability and VISA® and Mastercard®-level throughput, at thousands of transactions per second. The Emotiq blockchain is designed to be scalable, private, and natural; the first through the OmniLedger horizontal scaling, or sharding; the second with non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs, ensuring transaction privacy; and the third with Ring – Emotiq’s plain English smart contract language, enabling non-programmers to create smart contracts that are easy to think about and understand.


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Joel Reymont
The Buck Stops With Me!


$11 800 000

Vladimir Lebedev
VP of Engineering
David McClain, PhD
Chief Rocket Scientist
Shannon Spires
Agent Hacker
Paul Tarvydas
Electronics and Microprocessor Guru
Mark David
Senior Software Architect
Mark Evenson
Senior Software Architect
Kieran Costello
Chief Wordsmith
Emma Cooper
Global Community Manager
Anna Movchaniuk
PR Maven
Wen Qiang
China Community Manager
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Emotiq Reviews

ICO review website

The most successful ICOs in this field were launched back in 2016 i.e. have early mover advantages. 
Testnet is not available yet. The motivation for the customers to issue tokens on Emotiq platform and not somewhere else is unclear. The development of a proprietary programming language - Ring - may not be adopted by communities.

Now there is not enough information available on the business model of the platform. Token economics is not given in a detailed manner.

Post-ICO valuation will be equal to $120M which seems extremely expensive. There is no information on the use of proceeds.

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ICO Drops
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Crypto Briefing

A cursory look at the Emotiq ICO reveals one of the most head-turning teams in the space, and along with it, a project that’s both novel and ambitious. Yet the the gulf between the vision and reality quickly becomes apparent upon further examination, not simply from an abstracted, conceptual standpoint, but from a close-up look at the fundamentals.
We’re going to pass on the Emotiq ICO.

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Ian Balina

01-July: For now, Emotiq is not really something I'm gonna be looking into. Link
13-July: I looked into Emotiq that was a pass, that was a wait for the rebound. Link

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Market Competitive environment:
The project is aiming to operate on the highly competitive market.
There are many projects in the crypto industry, that are aiming to solve the same issues. Some of them in the active and productive development, and some already in the mainnet:
EOS (raised $ 4 bln in ICO, market cap $ 7 bln, ROI USD 8,01x);
Tron (raised $ 70 mln in ICO, market cap $ 2,5 bln, ROI USD 21,17x);
Zilliqa (raised $ 22 mln in ICO, market cap $ 500 mln, ROI USD 17,43x).
At the same Emotiq has no advantages over its competitors. PoS has many disadvantages against DPoS in EOS. TPS speed of mentioned blockchains (for example, Tron) will be much higher than target speed of Emotiq’s blockchain (5 000 TPS). But if statement about 1M TPS is true – It can compete with EOS and Solana for example.

The project advantages:
Advantages of the product on its competitors only in following:
Possibility to exchange child tokens for EMTQ tokens through the built-in decentralized exchange;
Possibility to exchange EMTQ with BTC and ETH via cross-chain atomic swaps;
Integration of the UTXO for scaling solutions;
Use of the Oracles for smart contacts to perform actions on the blockchain triggered by external environment (weather, etc).

The project popularity in the social networks and discussion forums
Telegram: 10,9k members, user activity is medium.
Twitter: 1,2k followers, average number of likes per post is 10, average number of retweets per post is 5.
Reddit: 201 follower, user activity is low.
The project is not shilled by any influencer.
Admins on the Telegram-channel are responding fast, but act immature and many of their statements (as well as a pinned message) are not corresponding to the whitepaper information. This is misleading.

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