Why the New Microsoft MD-100 Exam Is the Real Deal? Fresh Insight into Certification Program

Why the New Microsoft MD-100 Exam Is the Real Deal? Fresh Insight into Certification Program

Among many things, you’ll realize you are not the first person to feel confused by new technologies even if you’ve been working in IT for some time. Many people find it challenging to keep pace with the latest developments, especially if they lack a clear path with specific goals in mind.

Ever wondered why some professionals get stuck in frustrating, low paying jobs for a long time? It is the fear of the unknown. Sometimes you may just feel you are not good enough to make the next step in your career. Facing the same struggles or still wallowing in uncertainty? Don’t worry. We’ve compiled an interesting guide to address just that. We will be talking about the accreditation path offered by tech giant Microsoft and its MD-100 exam in particular. Read on, and come up with a plan of your professional advancement! ExamTopics MD-100 Tests.

Highlighting the Microsoft Certification Track

Microsoft is famous for not only its products but also various credentials for IT specialists of different levels of expertise. Those badges follow the industry updates, and that is why they were recently renewed. Today, you can earn role-based certifications covering Azure, SQL Server, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and many more.

Microsoft 365 related exams are designated to help individuals get ahead in their careers by making critical business decisions that give a positive outcome. One of the most popular tests in this category is MD-100: Windows 10 that brings candidates Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate badge if successfully passed along with MD-101.

Exam MD-100: Windows 10

Microsoft exam MD-100 is intended to validate Modern Desktop Administrators whose responsibilities are centered on deploying, managing, and configuring devices in an enterprise environment. This test focuses on administration as an independent role, where trainees must be proficient in managing access, updates, apps, policies, and identity.

Before committing to this training, learners should be conversant with Microsoft 365 workloads and show competence in maintaining and configuring both Windows and non-Windows technologies and devices.

Highlighting the Knowledge Areas in Detail

Test MD-100 addresses several concepts that are divided into four main domains:

  1. Deploying Windows

This topic specifically covers the deployment of Windows 10. Handling these questions, the learners confirm if they are familiar with the principles of migrating user data, performing a clean installation, troubleshooting activation issues, and choosing the most appropriate Windows edition. It also focuses on the configuration of Internet Explorer and Edge, mobility settings, sign-in options, and customization of the Windows desktop.

  1. Managing devices and data

This section emphasizes the knowledge of managing devices as well as local groups and users. It also addresses the configuration of devices and data access, management of Windows security, the configuration of Windows Defender Firewall, and the implementation of encryption.

  1. Configuring connectivity

Here, candidates should show expertise in remote connectivity, configuring mobile networking, IP settings, VPN client, and Power Shell Remoting, among others. Those who are proficient in these areas are better placed to pass the exam.

  1. Maintaining Windows

This is the last theme you have to master to ace the test. It addresses the configuration of system and data recovery, managing updates, and monitoring Windows. To succeed in tackling these tasks, you should have a good understanding of troubleshoot updates, choosing a proper servicing channel, analyzing logs, etc.

The Bottom Line

The IT field is shaping our future, so it’s only natural to obtain modern skills in this sphere. If you are looking for the best way of gaining up-to-date competence in Microsoft 365 and validating your knowledge, consider passing MD-100 exam and earning the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification. Take a step today to become an invaluable asset to any organization soon!

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