Online Casino Trends for 2021

Online Casino Trends for 2021

Online casinos are becoming more refined and progressing in recent years. As a result, many punters have advanced from playing games on traditional land-based casinos to online casinos. Here is one of the best new UK casinos.

Research estimates that the revenue from the global online gambling industry in 2021 will reach about $1 trillion. This article will draw your attention to the possible changes the global online gambling industry may encounter in 2021 as it continues to develop and its impacts on gamers’ experiences.

Increased Mobile Gaming

Gamblers have found mobile gaming convenient as they can play online casino games on their phones in the comfort of their homes and on the go. In the coming years, there will be a high rise in the numbers of mobile gaming.  Since the outbreak of the global pandemic (COVID-19), the online gambling market has gained an unprecedented number of gamers. There has been an increase in the numbers of virtual sports, online slots, poker, and casino gaming, and this will probably continue in years to come. Thanks to HTML5 technology, which has led to the possibility of playing online games on mobile devices without having to visit a land-based casino. Some casinos have also provided their Apps for easy access to games on their sites.

Taking into consideration the ever-increasing numbers of gamers, software developers will continue to make available diverse game types players can enjoy on their phones without the need to visit the land-based casinos. An estimate from recent research says that the mobile gambling industry will take a share of about 59% of the gaming market by 2021.

Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming

VR gaming is becoming a reality in the online gambling industry. It is gradually progressing and significantly changing the face of the gambling industry. Although it has not yet proliferated, it is expected that many online casinos will embrace the adoption of VR gaming in the near future.  VR-enabled casinos provide gamers an experience that looks as though they are playing in a real land-based casino. All they need is their VR devices, making them enjoy online games as never before. A significant number of casinos are likely to adopt this technology as it will improve online gaming interactivity and provide gamers with an immersive experience.  One estimate projects that by 2021, $250 billion will be generated from VR gambling.

Cryptocurrency Based Casinos

While there are many options for depositing and withdrawing money into

and/or from one’s casinos account, the Cryptocoin based casinos seem to be more efficient for some reason. Firstly, they eliminate third parties, thereby enhancing complete anonymity.  As well, they help to bypass charges from financial institutions. Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, is arguably a fast, convenient, and secured system of payment method as it uses blockchain technology.

A few online casinos have adopted the idea of using crypto-coin, especially Bitcoin, as a means of online payment (deposit and withdraw). It is expected that other casinos will emulate this as time pass by because it is a fast and efficient payment method.

E-Sports Betting

In recent times, sports betting are taking the highest share of the online gambling market. More and more punters are wagering on their favorite sporting events such as football, tennis, basketball, and lots more. With the availability of cheap and affordable mobile phones and efficient online payment method, it is expected that punters will prefer to place their sports bets online rather than going to the physical outlets.


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