Best Payment Options In Canadian Online Casinos

Best Payment Options In Canadian Online Casinos

Payment gateways are an integral part of many eCommerce sites or digital stores. They are also very important for online casino platforms, as funding the accounts would be a nightmare otherwise. Given the high demand for this service, it’s no wonder that there are so many payment operators available nowadays. However, as always some are simply better than others, either in their flexibility, pricing, or technical aspects. Here we will be going over the best payment options for Canadian players, or people who play in online casinos available in Canada.


PayPal is one of the earliest payment providers that really pioneered the world of digital payments. The company didn’t have a great start though, and at some point, it was even acquired by eBay. This was in a way a saving grace and allowed the company to amass more users, as it was one of the most convenient ways for online shopping. After that, they became separate entities on a public trade, and ever since PayPal has been doing really well.  Recently there were some rumors that they were thinking about acquiring Pinterest, and as a result, Pinterest’s stocks soared. However, it turned out to be just a rumor.

Right now this is one of the main payment options in Canadian casinos, and almost all of the operators there allow PayPal transfers. It’s easy to fund the account and then transfer money onto your casino account. It’s also easy to make a withdrawal, and the fees are not high for these transactions. Additionally, many people shop online so chances are they already have PayPal, so it’s their go-to option whenever they are paying for something online.


Interac is a Canadian FinTech company that has a great track record in this market. It is made by Canadians which explains their reputation in this region. Moreover, the payment option offers an array of advantages when used in Canada. As a result, almost all of the best online casinos in Сanada display Interac as the first payment method. They know that the majority of users will want to handle transfers using this gateway. It is quick, safe, and easy. In that sense, it is very similar to PayPal but fees are fixed, and your Interac account is connected to the bank account. To be precise you have a so-called Interac-enabled debit card. This makes it a more convenient option compared to PayPal.

Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency Payments

Cryptocurrency has become a hit all over the world, and more casinos are now allowing players to use their bitcoin to fund the account. These are the safest and quickest transfer methods today, and even allow players to stay anonymous, which is a huge advantage for many. Even new casino echt geld online or real money casinos in the Netherlands allow players to use bitcoin. In other words, it has become a new standard in the industry, and many Canadians only play on platforms that allow crypto transfers. After all, cryptocurrency still has a limited utility, and converting them into fiat is expensive, so it’s good to know you can finance your entertainment with it.


Over the past decade ecoPayz has become a quite popular e-wallet, and gradually became one of the best payment options for Canadian casino players. Much like PayPal and Interac, it is widely available, and given its payment processing efficacy, security, and accessibility, many players choose this option. Operators are fully aware of this payment option and when creating a casino for this market they try to include it for both deposit and withdrawal. In other words, you can’t go wrong with this one either.


As you can see there is no major or notable difference between these top providers. Really the only difference is between e-wallets and crypto payments or the systems they are using for processing. These companies are fully compliant with all of the financial laws and provide top-tier security, which is incredibly important when you wish to handle other people’s money. If you have a bank account in Canada then your best option is Interac, and if you wish to spend cryptocurrency then you will use casinos that accept that payment method. In any other scenario, both PayPal and ecoPayz are great options.

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