Play For Fun: Why Finns Play Online Casinos

Play For Fun: Why Finns Play Online Casinos

The Finnish people have a love for gambling that is unparalleled in the rest of the world. In fact, more than 1 million Finns play online casinos regularly! But why do they gamble so much? What makes them so different from other cultures? We explore this question and find out what it is about Finland that has made its citizens some of the most avid gamblers in history.

Online Casinos Are a Popular Form of Entertainment in Finland

In Finland, an online Casino is an entertainment form for all ages and backgrounds that enables both fun and relaxation. It’s no wonder why Finns love it so much. The Finnish people have a deep appreciation for leisure time activities – they even invented the word “harrastaa” which means to engage in an activity as a hobby or pastime with great enthusiasm. They also believe strongly in work-life balance.

They are spending enough time at home taking care of family matters while still being productive on the job during working hours every day, allowing them to go back and play more casino games later without guilt if they wish.

It’s Legal to Gamble Online in Finland

The Finnish government has no role in Finnish online casinos, so it’s perfectly legal for people to play. In 2007 Finland passed a law that legalized gambling and made sure all proceeds from such activities would go towards good causes like healthcare and education initiatives. Since the Finnish authorities had nothing to do with regulating this new industry, they decided not to regulate it, which means there are no taxes on Finnish online casino winnings.

Finns Play Online Casinos For Fun And to Make Money

Finnish people play online casinos for fun and to earn money. Finns are the biggest gamblers in Europe, with their citizens spending an average of 100€ per person gambling every month! In fact, Finnish casino players spend so much that the government taxes them heavily – up to 30% or more depending on how much wagers they make each year.

The Finnish people love gambling unparalleled in other countries, making Finland one of the best places to gamble around. This has led many casinos worldwide to offer Finnian language services at their sites. However, this might not always be a good idea because many Finns prefer playing at international online casinos where there’s no requirement for them to speak the Finnian language.

This is why more than 90% of Finnish online casinos are found at international websites where they can play in both English and Finnish languages. This also allows them to experience the best quality of service since Finns understand English better than any other world’s language, which means that this group has no problem understanding instructions or game rules.

Finns Use Their Income From Gambling as an Investment Strategy

In Finland, the government taxes its citizens for any form of income, which means that once you have earned your first euro, it will be heavily taxed. This is why Finns consider online casinos as an excellent opportunity – even though they might lose some or all gambling wagers in the end, at least now they will know how much tax they should expect. The interesting thing about this system is that since Finns are big gamblers and contribute so much money to winnings every year, this ensures that there will always be enough tax revenue coming from these activities – no matter what happens!

Gambling is Not Regarded as a Vice in Finland

Many Finns believe that one should play casino games responsibly and for entertainment purposes only. This is why Finland has some of the most advanced regulations in this area – they even went so far as to set limits on how much money an individual can wager per month, which is currently at €6000. This makes Finland home to some of the best online casinos where you’ll find every game imaginable, from roulette, baccarat, and blackjack through video poker, jackpot slots, and even lottery tickets.

Final Thoughts

Finns are one of the biggest gamblers in Finland, which makes Finland a great place for gambling. They have specific rules and regulations that govern every aspect of casino gaming, allowing Finnish people to play online casinos safely.

This is why you should always choose international websites over Finnian language sites because Finns prefer playing at English-speaking online casinos where they can gamble responsibly but still make money. This also allows them to wager larger amounts each month without worrying about tax rates or any other limitations imposed by their government.


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