StealthEX Review 2021

StealthEX Review 2021

Today, cryptocurrencies start replacing fiat money. Using them, everyone feels secure and knows that all these transactions are anonymous. And the safest way to buy cryptocurrencies is to use exchanges. There are lots of platforms on the web. But not all of them are completely secure, some of them require providing too many details for transactions, others have enormous fees and limits. So they steal your time and money instead of helping you make profit.

Newcomers must be careful, pay attention to their usability and the number of cryptocurrencies for exchange while choosing the right platform. So they will avoid unexpected expenses and stay anonymous. And StealthEX satisfies the most demanding crypto investor wishes. Continue reading to learn more about it.

General Info About StealthEX

StealthEX is a modern exchange platform founded in 2018. It provides everyone with usability, security, and protection globally. This non-custodial platform is anonymous and offers everyone to make their cryptocurrency transactions secure.

StealthEX offers users to choose from over 350 cryptocurrencies, and this number is constantly increasing.

This platform partners with world-famous trading platforms, such as Binance, Bitfinex, Huobi, KuCoin, OKEx, etc. along with exchange aggregators, such as SwapSpace and Swapzone. This company has an API for integrating the StealthEX exchange service into third-party applications.

To make the exchange more convenient, the StealthEX team created a Telegram Bot in August 2019. It makes cryptocurrency purchases even faster, and users can track the exchange process just like on the website.

StealthEX is keeping working on its services by adding more features for the users. Today, this platform allows everyone to not just exchange one token for another but buy cryptocurrencies for fiat money (USD, EUR, GBP, RUB).

But one of the major updates has happened recently. Now users can join the StealthEX Affiliate Program to get more benefits.

Affiliate Program Account

With a user-friendly account everyone can:

  • Watch their exchange statistics.
  • Generate referral links and API keys.
  • Get payouts of money received for using referral links and API keys.

By sharing referral links with customers or integrating API keys in applications, users receive 0.4% from each exchange.

It’s easy to join this program. A newcomer needs to provide his email and create a password for signing up. After registration, members can log in via any device.

Other Benefits You Get With StealthEX

But an Affiliate Program which can bring profit is not the only reason why users choose StealthEX. This exchange platform has other pros:

  • A vast cryptocurrency selection. This platform provides access to over 350 assets and is constantly adding new coins. To choose the right token to invest in, users can read articles in the StealthEX blog.
  • Non-custodial. Everyone has their private key, and only this user owns his digital assets. These funds are not controlled by the government or other third parties. That’s why there is almost no risk of stealing users’ coins.
  • Fast exchange. This platform makes all cryptocurrency transactions instant. There is no need to provide many details and wait a long time to complete an exchange.
  • No limits. Everyone can exchange even the smallest sums or buy tokens for fiat money by investing only $30.9. The maximum limit also does not exist.
  • Floating and fixed exchange rates. A floating rate is a rate that is not fixed at a particular level but is subject to regular changes. With StealthEX, everyone can change it to the fixed one. It will help them decrease risks and make precise crypto-to-crypto swaps.

All these benefits make StealthEX useful not only for experienced crypto investors but also beginners.

A User-Friendly Customer Support

24/7 customer support is also one of the major StealthEX advantages for both newcomers and professions. Users can ask their questions via online chat. And if they need to link docs or solve more complicated problems, they can contact customer support via email

But if these issues are more basic, everyone will find quick solutions on the FAQ page. The StealthEX team has collected the most popular questions there.


Overall, StealthEX offers everything investors need for cryptocurrency exchange. It provides access to hundreds of tokens, lets users make transactions anonymously, and get more profit with the Affiliate Program. So, if you need to buy cryptocurrencies transparently, StealthEX is your choice.


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