The Nominex Platform has launched the third period of the NMX token distribution

The Nominex Platform has launched the third period of the NMX token distribution

On May 22, a cryptocurrency exchange Nominex started Period 3 of its native NMX token distribution called In-Demand Coin Offering (DCO). NMX price has grown from $0.6 to $0.8 and will stay at this level for the next 60 days, which will provide traders and partners with an opportunity to enjoy “early-bird” benefits.

 Nominex CEO Pavel Shkitin shared that exchange’s native token NMX plays a pivotal role in the exchange’s development:

“Our mission is to give traders the best entertrading experience. We want to make trading easy and fun for all participants. NMX token distribution is the cornerstone of our development and the core element of our unique affiliate program. That is why we provide so many benefits for the NMX holders.”

NMX holders benefit from a 50% fee increase, receive additional cashback of up to 100% from trading activities, participate in giveaways, and get rewards and special prizes.

Nominex’s affiliate program with unlimited referral levels to earn bonuses from also adds benefits for NMX token holders. The partners can truly maximize their rewards by gaining an additional increase of 10% to affiliate payouts and receiving four types of referral bonuses instead of one. 

NMX token distribution program is designed to provide “early birds” with most benefits including potential price appreciation of the token. The discount during Period 3 of the token distribution is 54%. For the next 60 days the NMX token will cost $0.8. 

The Nominex DCO program significantly differs from the ICOs and IEOs that usually finish after 3 months. Nominex has chosen a year-wide program to let users buy tokens that are already widely used in current and ongoing trading activities. Benefits do not expire with time, due to a lifetime discount on trading commissions and no limitation on affiliate program earnings.

Nearly 45,000 tokens have been already distributed. Details and schedule are available on the exchange’s webpage:

About Nominex

Nominex is the next step in the evolution of exchanges around the world. It features a simple and intuitive trading platform both for new and advanced traders, registered in Seychelles and founded in 2019. For crypto registration, suggestions, partnerships, and press inquiries Nominex can be contacted through support on the site, on social networks, or on LinkedIn.

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