Safe Investments: Myth or Reality

Safe Investments: Myth or Reality

The general equation of the investment market states: “the quicker business gives great profits, the higher the risks are” and vice versa. This is logical and, one could say, honest. However, this opinion is far from unanimous, because profitable and, at the same time, safe investments are the wet dream of any investor.

It is often difficult to decide when and in which asset to invest under the volatility of financial markets. Looking back at the previous stock charts, one can clearly see the moments when the price reached the bottom and when it began to rise. However, it is almost impossible to predict future quotes. Therefore, it is better to entrust earnings with trading to professionals, referring finances to the trust management. Of course, most people are afraid to refer assets to third parties and attempt to engage in trading on their own. Fortunately, there are more than enough services and tools. But one needs to understand that trading is not “easy money”. It is serious and painstaking work. Thousands of assets and shares of companies are represented in hundreds of markets… it is difficult to follow that amount of data for professionals not to mention start-up traders and investors. In addition, such activities take a lot of time and effort, the results often leave much to be desired…

XX Platform, which was started in February 2021, proposes the original way out of this situation. The development team, in close integration with professional traders and investors, has developed a platform that combines a multifunctional cabinet with investment elements with a set of analytical tools and access to dozens of traders and trading robots. Thus, XX Platform will become a place where users can invest money in a professional trader directly under safeguards of the platform.

The team launched its own cryptocurrency – XXP, implemented on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of an ERC-20 token, with an issue of 50,000,000.The XXP token was issued to raise funds for the development of the XX trading platform, which is scheduled for release in 2022-2023.

The unique difference between the XXP token and the classic ICO in the accumulative system is DPoS staking. Thanks to it, users have the opportunity to buy tokens and put them in the staking pool located in the wallet, it will make a profit of 7% per month by mining new coins!

What about XX Platform, it is impossible not to mention an unprecedented service on the market-investment insurance. It works, like everything in XXP, simply and clearly: when you buy XXP tokens, you have an opportunity to insure your investments. The amount of insurance coverage is 100%, and the amount of the insurance premium is only 3%. For example, if you invest $10,000, the insurance premium will be 3% of the transaction amount, which is equal to $300. Registration of investment insurance allows the investor to get the right to buy back XXP tokens from the team at any time within six months.

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