Attention to the World’s First Blockchain Survival Winner Grabity

Attention to the World’s First Blockchain Survival Winner Grabity

In October 2018, Grabity won the final victory in the world’s first block-chain survival TV program “Block Battle” attracting a huge attention.

At the time of the “Block Battle”, Grabity was the only one of the 40 global project teams who won the first round with a full score and the highest scores in the second round.

Grabity, who won the final round in the block battle, was awarded the first prize by Huobi, with the priority listing opportunity on Huobi Korea, OIEX (OKEX) and OKCOIN. Investment opportunities by global funds and accelerators for listing on global cryptocurrency exchanges are also awarded to the final winner.

Since winning the “Block Battle”, Grabity has been paying attention to the technology development as well as building partnerships. Grabity’s leading partners include Genesys Group, a leading Chinese financial investment organization, Hexlant, the first Korean ICO investment platform, Penta Security, an information Security Company, and Bitsonic Exchange.

Just recently, Grabity participated in “Smart City” as the main company in building the main DAPP and ecosystem to be used in the smart city of Da Lat, Vietnam.

Grabity’s core goal is to become a key player in the blockbusting industry as a public blockchain that facilitates the implementation of numerous blockchain businesses in the mobile environment. In order to build such a system, Grabity uses Genesis Hosting, which is a proprietary technology for settlement of distributed ledgers, Simultaneous Transaction, Defrag Function and distributed Storage which is in process of development.

In addition, existing APP and development companies, which are one of the problems of the current market, by developing SDK (Software Development Kit) to solve time and monetary problems caused in the system, it can be adopted easily applying to block chains. The SDK provided by Grabity can be applied to more than 90% of existing APP services, and the main languages, Swift and Java, will be provided in the Grabity’s SDK. Throughout the Grabity’s SDK, Amazon AWS will be able to play a role in the block chain industry.

Grabity was founded in January 2018, and entered the ICO phase in February 2019, based on one year of technology development and solid partnership management, which will be proceeded until early May 2019. In late May, Grabity will be listed on Bitsonic, BW and IDCM. Additionally, we are in the process of more partnerships with Korean and global exchanges such as Huobi, Huobi Korea, OKEX and OKCOIN.

Furthermore, Grabity will be participating in the distributed economic forum Deconomy in April 2019 and the block-chain consensus in New York in May 2019 to introduce Grabity project.

Junho Lee, co-founder and COO of Grabity, said, “A blockchain can go a step further when users really need to be able to use block chains, and Grabity is optimizing it in the mobile environment. I hope Grabity will bring a lot of attentions to the network. ”

Details of Grabity’s ICO schedule, white papers, and technical contents can be found on the website, and so is the next movement of Grabity after winning the “Block Battle” championship.



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