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Neutro协议解决了可扩展性,安全性和分散化的三难问题,允许匿名交易并消除对集中式神谕的需求。 Neutro用户可以创建几乎任何现实市场的分散版本,现在只存在于我们目前使用的集中式系统中。
100% 完成
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目标 12 000 000.00 USD
12 000 000.00 USD
8,000,000 Neutro Tokens available for token sale to investors
Spacesoft LLC
Nevis and Saint Kitts
Building a new one

关于 Neutro



没有提供超过其前身的技术或创新,就没有广泛采用。区块链和加密货币行业提供了一些很好的附加功能,但却牺牲了人们最需要的功能 - 可扩展性,稳定性,匿名性和易用性。






匿名交易是每个银行系统的一部分,因此它们应该成为任何经济体的一部分,包括加密经济。 Neutro使用消息的部分加密来确保事务是匿名的,但仍然可以在区块链上可见并经过验证。还采取了安全措施来保护交易者,并确保只有诚实的行为者才能确认和保护交易的隐私。


Oracles集中了区块链,但没有它们,区块链只是内省。 Neutro使用Schelling Point Schemes将外部数据引入区块链。使用这些方案可以获得任何价值,因此可以创建“稳定”硬币和“风险”硬币,可以投资资产而无需拥有它们,几乎可以复制和放置现实世界经济的任何方面到Neutro可扩展的匿名区块链。



Sharding允许在分片链上进行同步计算,而不会减慢主链块的产生,从而帮助Neutro扩展。 Neutro不仅旨在扩大规模,我们还致力于使用Schelling Point Scheme投票吸收比任何其他区块链更多的数据,并拥有丰富的原生dApp套件,可复制现实世界的市场。我们正在扩大规模和功能。




Neutro可以将任何数据带入区块链,无论是天气(!)还是美元价格。这具有深远的影响。想象一下,我们希望建立一个针对商品价格的市场交易,或者针对不稳定的加密投资;它很容易做到,随着网络的发展,交易对手将变得更容易找到。从本质上讲,我们希望在钱包本身中找到它。我们相信任何新技术都应该超越其前身。 Neutro更私密,更容易使用,而且这个功能可以让它变得更加丰富。


  • Preliminary technical work and documentation

  • The starting point will see the development of the Neutro concept and the creation of a conceptual white paper. Concept materials, scientific papers, technical specifications architecture and business materials will all be drawn up in the lead up to a prototype being created.
  • Creating a prototype and community building

  • We have placed efficiency at the heart of our commercial strategy, and this is nowhere more visible than in our approach to community-building and support. Neutro is a truly innovative blockchain, built with a platform approach in mind, so we aim to collaborate and share with the community as early as possible. There is no wasted effort here; our initial move will be to bring technically-minded support from our ICO community, and bring it into our technical community – this will itself be a precursor to a more formal accelerator, where proposals can be submitted to receive either technical or financial support from the innovation fund.

    The same is true of the commercial community, where we will guide and encourage active debate, scoping and ideation within a commercial context to explore use cases for the Neutro platform.

    By curating and guiding these communities with formal accelerators in mind, we can structure the conversation around a broad scope of need to create the next generation of Neutro dApps as well as contributing to the development of the platform itself.

    This debate and the products and ideas it gives rise to will initially be considered a blend of commercial and technical – the benefit to this view is that it generates constant news and content about genuine use cases for the platform, innovation in technical design and crafts a marketing output that is based on function not hype.
  • Neutro test net and native suite of dApps.

  • With the ERC-20 token supported with consistent community content about the Neutro platform, the marketing focus at month 8 will be on our own initial suite of applications and the wallet, as well as development updates. This activity will be partly supported by the community as we begin to target areas where we have traction to focus some of our early launch marketing efforts.

    The community conversation and updates will give us rich content to run native ad campaigns in support of PR activity and organic coverage. We will support this with targeted ad spend through what are now traditional digital funnels of ad to landing page with email nurturing to give us a ready community of Neutro consumers outside of our commercial and technical communities. This early data on traction will ensure that our launch marketing is targeted correctly for good acceleration of acquisition in the first quarter after protocol launch.

    The combination of native and organic content along with PR will be entirely supported by the early investment in community engagement. This approach gives us ample lines of communication and a solid relationship with consumers in the event of delays or pivots in the development process.
  • Accelerators and Innovation Fund.

  • As described above, the initial commercial and developer communities will form from the ICO, formalise into distinct groups that are well-led by us; by month 12, we will want to have further refined segments of those communities into accelerators, where there are formal bid processes to gain access to the innovation fund described in the costings chart.

    The innovation fund is $500k, and will be flexibly applied through a mixture of development and commercial support; in-kind support in the form of PR or other resources and hard cash in the form of dollars. We have the option of supplementing this with Neutro coins once the protocol launches. We will not be prescriptive at this stage about the mix of deployment between commercial and development, or about what kind of support each project will get. We believe at this stage that we would encourage projects around PoS (Point of Sale systems for retail), potentially payment gateways and plugins, though it might well be that other priorities emerge or gain traction in the conversation.

    Importantly, we already have an experienced commercial team familiar with tech and tech startups as well as a startup-orientated tech team, so we will lever these internal skills as well as bringing in further support to assess opportunities and partnerships, and create commercial arrangements that best fit the requirements of the platform.

    This innovation fund and the accelerators that feed from it are vital to our approach of lean delivery. They are our opportunity to seed genuine innovation in a next- generation blockchain, and a functional real world economy based on this technology.
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  • Platform Launch

  • At this stage, we will have incrementally developed our first consumers and partners over the past 12 months. These groups will have been segmented into communities: Firstly, the token owner and ICO community; split from there, the commercial and technical development communities, and refined from there our accelerator partners. We will have been running launch marketing for 4 months. Early token buyers will have been given the opportunity to exit, with new entrants as well as initial supporters ready to take part in the network.

    At this stage, the effort will be to manage the launch itself, mostly by increasing efforts when the protocol launches, but also in effective marketing to our curated audiences. Where the budget for the first 15 months has been efficiently delivered in an exercise of cross pollination and refinement, the strategy at launch does contain additional budget.

    We believe this is an appropriate approach as a great deal of content, traction and learning will have refined our marketing delivery at this stage, so additional spend will be extremely powerful. The aim here is to give the Neutro token itself as much initial traction as possible.


Neutro 球队

验证 33%


Alesandro Toumi


$15 000 200

Ed Lobbett


$4 852 712

Benjamin Leiding

Neutro 面试

Alesandro Toumi
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Alesandro has been an early follower and adopter of blockchain technology. The creator of the Neutro protocol, he has a deep understanding of the underlying cryptography and economics as well as a passion for making wealth accessible and private for everyone.
What do you think about idea?
Neutro is an ambitious project, and the result of 10 months of research. This time was spent on discovery for the underlying economics, computer science and cryptography for the project, starting with the goal of creating a truly decentralized and anonymous way to create a real-world economy on the blockchain. It's exciting and innovative!
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