Polygonum Online

Polygonum Online

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
DeFi game with crypto, NFT Marketplace and Open World.
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Token Distributie
Private/Seed 17 500 000 17.5%
Public 3 500 000 3.5%
Team 12 000 000 12%
Advisors 7 500 000 7.5%
Farming/mining 30 000 000 30%
Liquidity 15 000 000 15%
Marketing 8 000 000 8%
Treasure 5 000 000 5%
Seed SHO 1 500 000 1.5%
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Over Polygonum Online

Game review

DeFi game with NFT items and in-game token. Free-to-play, cross-platform multiplayer game with NFT Marketplace where created live demand and supply from players. Earn money on everything! Buy/sell items on NFT Marketplace, boost your character and sell his Skill Points!
Open World is divided into 3 zones, where everyone will find something to their liking.

● PVP zone
○ Fight players and get their loot
○ Defend and capture territories
○ Build barricades, fight off zombies

● FARM zone
○ Buys animals and animal food and getting resources from them
○ Lease of territories for sowing and farming
○ Planting plants with subsequent collection

● PVE zone
○ Completing NPC quests
○ Hunting on herbivores and predatory animals
○ Fishing
○ Mining resources in caves and forests

Without being tied to a zone, players have the opportunity to craft items and use the NFT marketplace. Business goals, market and target audience Polygonum Online is a simple computer game that does not require additional knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Interaction in the game is no more difficult than buying tomatoes at the market. At the same time the gamers get a unique opportunity to earn money using their computer, mobile phone and browser.

% naam% Roadmap

  • Q3/21

  • MVP (Open World, controller, game mechanics, items, multiplayer)
    Social networks (Twitter, Telegram, Medium, DIscord, Youtube)
  • Q4/21

  • Smart Contract (governance token)
    Smart Contract (in-game token)
    Release NFT in-game items
    NFT Marketplace
  • Q1/22

  • Mining ores
    Increasing the amount of game contents (15 types of weapon, animals)
    Agility of characters (balance, crawl, dodge, hang, ledge, strafe, roll, vault)
    Climbing (free climb, ladder climb, short climb)
    Private island (own FARM)
    ■ Pens for animals
    ■ Animals FARM
    ■ Growing plants
    Alpha release: Demo PC version
  • Q2/22

  • Autofarm
    Increase performance for cross-platform version
    NPC quests
    Skill system
    Guilds + voice chat
    Guild Wars
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  • Q3/22

  • Craft + Repair + Upgrade items
    World bosses
    Building system (buildings, fences)
  • Q4/22

  • Tournaments
    Horses, transport (boats, motorcycles, cars)
    Mobile version
  • Q1/23

  • Browser version
  • Q2/23

  • Virtual reality (VR)


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