Kami Protocol

Kami Protocol

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Kami Protocol is an upcoming autostaking passive income protocol, gift giver, and DeFi lender.
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Over Kami Protocol

KAMI's overall goal is to give back to the investors. Our long term vision is to build a protocol that provides it's investors with not only passive income, but also serving as a lender to start up protocols, and the chance to win life-changing rewards and prizes. To achieve this, KAMI will be hosting regular giveaways for $KAMI token holders. Our core value is Generosity.   The KAMI token is a passive income provider on the BSC network. Using the concept of auto-staking and auto-compounding, our passive income protocol offers an ROI (Return On Investment) of just under 2% daily.
  •   Simplicity - No manual staking needed. Buy our token, receive rewards based on your KAMI holdings.
  •   Frequent Daily Dividends - Every 30 minutes, KAMI holders will be able to see their KAMI balance increase.
  •   Long-term Oriented - Committed and experienced team dedicated to building a protocol where investors can feel comfortable while reaping the benefits of passive income and possible life-changing prizes.
KAMI's CEO is KYC'd through TulipDAO and the KAMI smart contract is audited through Defi Moon. The treasury wallet is a Multi-Sig wallet, meaning no one member on the team can be in complete control of the protocol's funds.

% naam% Roadmap

  • Phase 1

  • Discord Launch
    Pre-Launch Marketing (Alpha groups, YouTube reviews, crypto platform marketing, etc)
    Bounty System Option. (Alternative ways to get whitelisted).
    Whitelist Pre-Sale on Pinksale, opens to public if hard cap not reached.
    Public Launch on Pancake Swap.
    Winner of first giveaway will be selected and announced. Prize giveaway date will be announced.
    Listing on
    (Think we should list anywhere else? Drop a suggestion in our Discord.)
  • Phase 2

  • Second giveaway phase will begin.
    Creation and information release on KamiDex - a cross-chain DEX which utilizes the $KAMI token in order to follow KAMI's goal to build the center of the BSC network where investors can safely and quickly bridge their funds from and to the Binance Smart Chain.
    Treasury used to fund developments of KamiDex, as well as further marketing and partnerships to obtain listings of other tokens on the KamiDex itself.
    Growing partnerships and collaborations of projects to be listed on KAMIDEX
  • Phase 3



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