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BEMT stands for ‘Best Economic Money Token’.
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Over BEM

The name of the token offered by BEM Foundation. The BEMT token is used instead of money for participants in all entrepreneurship and job creation plans and all programs designed by the foundation.


The main goal of BEM Foundation is to create a private BEM blockchain. This blockchain shall handle the writing of smart contracts in view of the needs of games and entrepreneurship programs. Each group of projects shall have their own private tokens or coins. 
This private blockchain is aimed as facilitating the creation of network marketing projects, so that the regular network marketing sites in various countries can use the BEM blockchain and all concerns for quick and consistent commission payments and banking relations are totally tackled and solved according to laws of each country. 
Companies will be able to use the smart contracts of BEM blockchain to go multinational and expand their sales networks into various countries. 
Once the BEM blockchain is created, all tokens made in other blockchains will be swapped to BEM blockchain itself. Each BEMT will be swapped to a BEMC (Best Economic Money Coin).

BEM Foundation 

A foundation consisting of ​blockchain specialists and experts in marketing and market creation. 

BEMT Token

BEMT is a token that was launched on the Tron Blockchain. BEMT is a TRC20 token. BEMT has inherited all features of TRX, its most remarkable ones being high transaction speed and low transaction costs.
Total Supply : 30,000,000
BEMT has 6 decimal digits like TRX.

The Goal Behind Creation of BEMT 

Creating a special currency unit for projects so that participants and holders make money by working in projects and also from rising of the currency values based on market expansion, for which they are partially responsible. In fact, BEM Foundation plans to create a space with BEMT that ensures people interested in participating in and making money from various career platforms that the projects are totally safe and reliable. 


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