VICoin (VIC)

VICoin (VIC)

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
VirTomomics는 MMO 비즈니스 시뮬레이션으로 독점적 인 cryptocurrency VICoin (VIC)과 대체 글로벌 가상 경제의 형성과 개발을 모방 한 온라인 경제 게임에서 암호 해독을위한 생태계를 만듭니다. cryptocurrency는 가상의 경제 환경에서 가상의 회사를 만들고 확장하고, 서로 경쟁하고, 경쟁하고, 비즈니스 생태계를 개발하는 현실적인 비즈니스 시뮬레이션에서 게임 중에 얻게됩니다.
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2018. 3. 1.
2018. 5. 31.
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약 VICoin (VIC)

Virtonomics is a fundamentally new paradigm and platform for creation of a mainstream cryptocurrency VICoin, based on the alternative virtual economy development. Key Facts about Virtonomics:

  • Trust online serious game, 10 years on the market
  • Most renowned MMO business simulator globally
  • Over 2 000 000 registered users
  • Audience is gamers, managers, entrepreneurs, university students
  • Multiple languages - EN, ES, RU,..

VIRTONOMIC$: CORE IDEA Virtonomics global multiuser business simulator creates its proprietary cryptocurrency VICoin and an ecosystem for earning the cryptocurrency in an online economic game emulating the formation and development of an alternative global virtual economy. The cryptocurrency is gained during the game in a realistic business simulation where users build and expand their virtual companies, trade and compete with each other, and develop the business ecosystem in the virtual economic environment.

The essence of our concept and Virtonomic$ platform can be summed up in a simple formula: CRYPTOCURRENCY = MINING + RESULTS OF PURPOSEFUL HUMAN ACTIVITIES, UNDERSTOOD BY AND COMMON TO A LARGE NUMBER OF PEOPLE

We build an ecosystem that will enable anyone with basic knowledge of economy, management and entrepreneurship to become a digger who applying and capitalizing on own expertise and skills in order to earn cryptocurrency in a multiuser global business simulator that emulates macro- and micro economical processes along with the interaction of economic agents.

We develop an ecosystem of a virtual economy where one can get a return on his investments in the virtual company assets, generating the “fuel” for the cryptocurrency without burning away megawatts of electricity, buying tons of expensive hardware and video cards, or renting space for mining farms. More than that, it will allow direct capitalization on one’s intellectual capabilities, management skills, labor and time spent on the creation and development of a virtual economy.

In such ecosystem of a virtual economy, everyone can create and run his own company, invest all available capital in its development and gain convertible cryptocurrency from the investments.

We create an ecosystem of an alternative economy where the owner and head of a large virtual company generating a sufficient amount of cryptocurrency can hire other people, regardless of their location in order to help managing and scaling up the enterprise, and pay them in cryptocurrency.


- & nbsp; Virtonomics는 cryptocurrency을 채굴하고 수입하는 방법을 제공합니다.
& nbsp;

% name % 로드맵

  • Quarter 1, 2018

  • Development of blockchain infrastructure of the Virtonomic$ platform
    Limited issue of VICoin tokens for the ICO
    Redesigning algorithms of Virtonomics business simulation to match the tasks of the cryptocurrency platform
    Redesigning and streamlining business simulation interfaces for mass users
    Preparing and launching the ICO
  • 1 Stage (Q1 2018)

  • Building blockchain infrastructure of Virtonomic$ platform
    Limited issue of VICoin tokens for the ICO
    Redesigning algorithms of Virtonomics
  • Quarter 2, 2018

  • Releasing Virtonomic$ business simulation in the base functionality (cryptocurrency generation, self-contained economy, digging units, new UI, labor
    market etc) in English, Russian and Spanish
    Beginning to build the network of partner services accepting VICoin as payment
    Promo campaign for Virtonomic$ project and VICoin cryptocurrency
  • 2 Stage (Q2 2018)

  • Virtonomic$ cryptocurrecy realm in the base functionality
    Beginning to build the network of partner services accepting VICoin
    Adv campaign
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  • Quarter 3, 2018

  • Releasing the second milestone of the updated Virtonomic$ functionality (OpenData integration, expanding the functionality of the Virtonomics lternative
    Project localization (translation into Korean, Japanese, Chinese, German, French and Portuguese)
    Widening the network of partner services accepting VICoin
    Promo campaign for the Alternative Labor Market project
  • 3 Stage (Q3 2018)

  • Virtonomic$ cryptocurrecy realm in full functionality
    Alternative Labor Market based in Virtonomics
  • Quarter 4, 2018

  • Launching Virtonomic$ mobile app
    Developing Virtonomics console apps (Xbox, PlayStation)
    Widening the network of partner services accepting VICoin
    500 000 users (3 000 000 users in 2019)


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Sergey Menshchikov
Project Leader Virtonomics
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Sergey Morgalev
Technical Director
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Mikhail Rakhaev
Game Design
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Denis Zhuravkov
Game Designer, Community manager
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Anton Fedotov
Design / UX
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Simon Cocking
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Dr. Dalius Serafinas
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VICoin (VIC) 인터뷰

Sergey Menshchikov
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
I'm CEO Virtonomics
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