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PlayDoge is a brand new play-to-earn (P2E) game that merges two of the most popular cultural phenomena into one groundbreaking movement. This whitepaper explains the concept behind the project, our innovative games ecosystem, the $PLAY token's rewards utility, our roadmap, and why PlayDoge has the potential to become a major player in the crypto gaming sector.
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PlayDoge - The Best P2E Doge Companion Game

PlayDoge is the ultimate mobile play-to-earn (P2E) game that brings the iconic Doge meme to life as a Tamagotchi-style virtual pet. Secure your $PLAY tokens in presale to earn crypto while playing nostalgic 2D retro game adventures!

Start Your PlayDoge Adventure

PlayDoge, your trusty digital companion, loves being in a vibrant 8-bit world but still needs care and attention, akin to a real dog. Feed, train, and play with it, navigate through retro 2D games, and earn $PLAY tokens to pamper your loyal friend!

Download PlayDoge (Coming Soon)

Embark on adventures within the PlayDoge app alongside your digital Doge companion, forging an unbreakable bond. Utilize $PLAY tokens to unlock P2E rewards for maintaining your Doge's well-being and conquering game levels!


High-Definition Pixel Graphics

The game features a unique visual style that combines high-definition clarity with a pixelated aesthetic reminiscent of classic Tamagotchi games. This blend creates a nostalgic yet fresh visual experience.

  Touchscreen Controls

Unlike the original Tamagotchi games that used physical buttons (A, B, and C), PlayDoge utilizes intuitive touchscreen controls. This allows for more interactive gameplay, where players can directly touch, swipe, and interact with their Digital Doge.

  Direct Interaction

Players can directly interact with their PlayDoge by tapping on the screen to feed, pet, play, and administer care. This direct form of interaction enhances the player's connection to their virtual pet, making the gaming experience more personal and engaging.

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  • Phase 1

  • Contract Audit
    Presale Begins
    Activate Socials
    First Marketing Push
  • Phase 2

  • Development Begins
    Presale Concludes
    Token Launch on DEX
    Product Roadmap
  • Phase 3

  • Marketing Pump
    PlayDoge App Testing
    Mini-Game Beta
    First CEX Listings
  • Phase 4

  • PlayDoge App Release
    Launch of Mini-Games
    Community Airdrop
    Further CEX Listings


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