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BitNance Token ($BTN) is a modern take on Bitcoin yet backed by improved security and community driven support on BNB Chain, making it a store-of-value crypto unlike the rest.
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BitNance Token runs on the Binance Smart Chain and is unlike the rest given its community-focused and governance-secured model, which places the power in the hands of holders and not project founders! $BTN was launched in belief freedom and security are the premise of reliable and resilient, digital decentralized ecosystems, and is committed with unprecedented focus to leveraging blockchain tech to the fullest to make for a store of value that truly rivals all others.

BitNance Token expands on Binance chain technology and offers a fair and distributed, decentralized store of value! It also uses an efficient consensus model that relies on randomly picked voting; this consensus model lets $BTN be energy efficient and resource-optimized, it also makes community participation possible and the voice of holders heard!

With a supply of only 10.5 million coins the low circulation makes BitNance Token a scarce gem among the many inflation-prone coins that often have circulating supplies of a hundred million or more but BitNance is unlike most as its low supply, and even power distribution to holders, makes it leaps ahead of the rest!

It is a true, groundbreaking approach to decentralized finance with unique value and utility propositions but above all it is a new and improved store of value coin that lets each and every holder grow together!

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