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스파르타 신생 기업은 2015 년 초에 착수되어 출시되었습니다. 갑판 가속기에서 창시자가 처음으로 표현한 좌절의 결과였습니다. 기사 "90 %의 시동기가 실패했다. 공식으로 설명하자!" 25, 2014 및 Linkedin에 등장했습니다.
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Abdallah Alaili
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Andrzej Sidorowicz
Sparta ICO director & Sparta Startups' Sales Manag...
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Vivan S.
Remote Project Management
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Damian Hajduk
Business Development
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Patrycja Flügel
Co-founder InkubatorZ
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Ewa Ratiuk
Financial Analyst
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Wojtek K.
Local Project Management
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Andrzej Chomont
Co-founder CandO Capital
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Shivam Sethi
Blockchain Developer
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Tomasz Krawatka
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Matt Monahan
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Robert Scoble
Tech evangelist & author


Abdallah Alaili
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
The information is not very accurate.
We canceled the ICO at presale stage. Thus there is no amount raised.

Our rating on this page is pretty unfair, 0 potential ?
I am glad to say that even without taking money from ICO investors, we are doing great, we are still pushing forward toward our vision, a lot slower, but delivering on our promise.

To clarify we do not sell our token, we grant it to our startups, and the startups utilize it for marketing and other tasks, and implement it in their operations. And we are currently not looking for crypto investors, nor traditional investors for that matter.

My colleague have informed me that she requested that you change the information on this page, but you did not want to comply. Thus i am adding my voice to hers requesting the removal of "amount raised" as that poses legal problems.

Thank You
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