Reta Wars

Reta Wars

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Reta Wars is a strategy NFT game where you choose one of two factions, P2E gives more rewards to the victors of the war.
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15% for Team
The pool held by the team is necessary to secure the lives of individual members and to secure the capacity to achieve development goals.
2% for Pre-sale NFT/LP Staking
This pool is only used for staking rewards for presale NFT holders and will not be refilled when depleted.
10% for Company assigned
This pool is permanently owned by the company, proves the company’s sales, and is not sold outside.
20% for Operating fund
we use the pool when we need to create a pool for deposits when listing on a centralized exchange in the future or to create a smooth trading pair.
3% for Marketing
We intentionally set the pool size as small as 3% to avoid cases where excessive marketing leads to dumping damage.
35% for Platform Reward
The Reta Team plans to exhaust and replenish the reward pool by redistributing the company’s revenue back to the players, thereby realizing the player’s P2E sustainability.
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약 Reta Wars

Reta Wars is a simulation game that adds strategic elements to NFT-DeFi. In particular, it aims for a full-fledged Game-Fi that includes all game elements such as role-play, growth, competition, and chance.

Hire NFT Heroes, build your own army

NFT Hero will be with you at the start and end of the game. Players progress through the game by having their heroes produce resources or sending them into battle. All of these actions are directly related to your profits.

Heroes become stronger by level-up and equipping weapons. You can expect more revenue through the growth of your NFT Hero.

Growth your territory, contribute to your country

The territory is a personal realm given to players who join the world of Reta Wars. This land is given equally to all. But someone will build a more robust facility and deploy more heroes. And it will produce more resources.

Contribute resources and troops to the country of your choice. Now the Reta War begins.

Win the battle, get more Rewards

Reta War is a critical element of the game and the most crucial Play-to-Earn content. Reta War is a large-scale battle simulation in which players are divided into two countries, gather troops and resources for their victory, and fight with precise calculation. As a result of this battle, players can earn Gold Rose Token, the core P2E Reward of the game.

The winning country will get 75% of the daily reward pool, and you will be split according to your contribution to the country.

Unite your commanders’ strategies. Build a solid and wealthy nation!

Reta War is waged once a day, and the victorious country can take the enemy’s land. Land grabs will require a strategy like ‘Othello’ or ‘Go,’ and Which land will be taken is decided by the votes of the victorious commanders. Therefore, communities belonging to the same country will exert considerable influence.

Countries with more extensive land have a more significant advantage in resource production, so players belonging to these countries earn more.

Whole New P2E Model, innovative Token Economy

Reta Wars has strong potential with a unique Play-to-Earn model never seen before. We have envisioned a very long-term and stable token economy system, at the heart of which is to redistribute corporate profits to players.

We share revenue with Reta Wars players

The P2E system is the heart of the metaverse, but for it to have real value, it must be persistent. To this end, we need to have a way to keep paying P2E rewards to players. That means someone has to keep putting in the capital. So, Realitalⓒ redistributes the revenue generated by the game to P2E players and $RETA holders.​​

We also planned the token economy so that the consumption of members occurring within the ecosystem can be returned through a precise method. Through this, profits from increased consumption in the ecosystem are shared between the company, users, and RETA holders.

$RETA, Governance Token optimized for Play-to-Earn

Many P2E ecosystems to date have not truly considered token holders. To them, it was just an ‘immediate sale’. However, the vitality of the governance token greatly affects the sustainability of the P2E ecosystem.​

So, we studied governance tokens that can directly intervene in the P2E circulation structure. $RETA is the governance token of our ecosystem running on the BSC chain.​ In the world we have constructed, RETA holders gain the true value of ‘governance’ by directly sharing the benefits of the ecosystem cycle.​

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  • Q4 2021 - Project Open

  • 🏁 Team Building
    🏁 Private Sale
    🏁 Open introduction web page
    🏁 Open Official Website
    🏁 Pre-sale for NFT Heroes
  • Q1 2022 - Game release begins

  • 🏁 Staking token for pre-sale NFT & Liquidity Pool
    🏁 Marketing execution
    🏁 Teaser Video
    🏁 NFT Marketplace
    ⌛ ‘Reta War 1.0’ Battle simulator whitelist beta
  • Q2 2022 - 'Reta Wars 1.0' Open

  • 🔒 Open Territory
    🔒 Open Level-UP NFT Heroes
    🔒 ‘Reta War 1.0’ Battle simulator
    🔒 Open Start to sale NFT Island
    🔒 ‘Reta War 2.0’ In-Game Demo Video
    🔒 Ranking reward system open Staking for $RETA
  • Q3 2022 - Reta Wars 2.0

  • 🔒 ‘Reta War 2.0’ Battle simulator whitelist beta
    🔒 ‘Reta War 2.0’ Battle simulator open
    🔒 Blueprint & Weapon Equipment NFT


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