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Reckoon is shaping the future of the retail industry by providing Blockchain & AI enabled Global Shopping Platform as a Service. At the core of our End-to-End shopping ecosystem is the Global WishBasket Shopping Protocol (GloWS), providing a standardised and universal way to fulfil the shoppers WishBasket. This gives the retailer a deeper insight into the intent of the shopper and will facilitate inter-retailer collaboration for a better outcome for both retailers and shoppers. Retailers/brands will be able to integrate GloWS Protocol with their supply chain via APIs.
Exmarkets IEO
2020. 2. 25.
2020. 3. 1.
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Founders & Early Supporters - 17%
Early Sign-Up User Incentive - 7%
Team & Advisory Board - 10%
Retention - R&D & Long-Term Foundation - 9%
Communities, Partnerships & Bounty - 8%
Token Sale - 49%
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United Kingdom
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Sep 9, 2017
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On Emarkets: Starting from 25th Feb to 1st March 2020 with 50% Bonus (
IEO – Phase 1 (Exchanges: Probit & Exmarkets)
Round 1
From 10th March to 23rd March 2020 with 30% Bonus
Round 2
From 24th March to 6th April 2020 with 20% Bonus
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MVP / 프로토 타입

약 Reckoon

We believe the future of shopping will be driven by shopper’s intent & supported by technology that blends the online + in-store shopping journey.

Next couple of years are poised to be a transformational year for retail. Technology continues to change the rules of engagement, consumers are more demanding than ever, and getting them to notice your brand amid all the noise in the market is an even greater challenge.

Reckoon is shaping the future of the retail industry by providing Blockchain & AI Based Global Shopping Platform as a Service. At the core of our End-to-End shopping ecosystem is the Global WishBasket Shopping Protocol (GloWS), providing a standardised and universal way to fulfil the shoppers WishBasket.The strength of GloWS is to help the retailers and brands work collaboratively for a better outcome for both retailers and shoppers.

Reckoon is reinventing and celebrating the spirit of shopping, combining the best of both online and in-store to leverage the social power of online with the satisfaction of physical shopping experience. Moreover, it will disrupt the current retail market and engage shoppers via WishBasketRM for worldwide shopping. This provides a global reach to local brands and hyperlocal exposure to global brands.

Reckoon is implementing a Progressive Personalisation approach using AI and ML. Making it easier for shoppers to provide the required information at the right time for the right reasons.


Our vision is a world in which online and in-store shopping don’t compete against each other, but rather encourage each other. This will be driven by an understanding of shoppers’ intent and creating the best possible experience for shoppers.

We are on a mission to bring out the uniqueness of every town and city around the world via shopping, allowing the global and local product to work in a symbiotic relationship. All of this will provide a wider and richer shopping experience for shoppers.

Reckoon provides the Global Shopping WishBasket Protocol (GloWS), a standardised and universal way to fulfil shoppers wish basket, it will be a global shopping platform for brands and existing retailers based on Blockchain and AI technologies. GloWS will use smart contract to execute a better outcome for retailers and shoppers, thereby improving brand authenticity, sustainability and improve the shopper experience. To solve current problems and provide the best shopping experience, Reckoon ensures the following:


  • Global WishBasket Shopping Protocol (GloWS), providing standardised and universal ways to fulfil shoppers wish basket.
  • A collaborative way for the brands and retailers to work together.
  • A decentralized shopping ecosystem
  • Global shopping currency
  • Global brands get hyper-local exposure and local brands get global reach
  • The reinvention of shopping with hyper-personalisation
  • Simplified, rewarding shopping journey on a single global platform
  • Improving brand authenticity and sustainability


Understanding the AI advantage is another crucial aspect. Reckoon uses AI to analyse the shopper’s intent and suggest relevant shops, brands and products. With the development of Blockchain technical solutions, It will allow retailers/brands to gain more by the single global platform to market the product, providing the loyalty/brand ambassador and personalised deals as well as geo-local shopping discovery. Allowing the retailer to focus on their core competencies while taking care of the ever-changing technology landscape.

기술 정보

IEO (Exmarkets Launchpad) : Feb 25, 2020 - Apr 06, 2020
IEO (Probit Launchpad) : Mar 10, 2020 - Mar 23, 2020
Pre-sale token supply: 1,000,000 ROOK
Token supply: 500,000,000 ROOK
Total tokens for sale: 245,000,000 ROOK
Soft cap: 300,000 USD

Office address: 24 Holborn Viaduct Holborn Viaduct, London, England, EC1A 2BN

% name % 로드맵

  • 2017

  • Idea evaluation
    concept creation
    Reckoon company establishment
    Trademark registration
  • 2018

  • UK marketing and PR for retailers, shopping malls and consortium
    Design and MVP development
  • 2019 Q1, Q2

  • Blockchain technology evaluation for reckoon
    Market Research
    Marketing & Strategy Development
  • 2019 Q3,Q4

  • White-paper creation for Blockchain development
    Techonomic & IEO preparation
    Partnership development, investor
    relationship-building, Team building
  • 더 읽기
  • 2020 Q1,Q2

  • Reckoon user application development
    Smart contract development
    PR and Marketing
    IEO launch
    Marketing for retailer and consumers
  • 2020 Q3,Q4

  • Reckoon user teaser app launch
    GloWS Protocol, Blockchain
    application development
    POS integration module
    Team expansion
    Onboarding of retailers securing consumer
  • 2021 Q1,Q2

  • Development and integration of Analytics & payment module
    Reckoon launch
    Development of AI/ML modules, adding a visual search feature
    partnerships with government bodies and consortium
    Marketing for retail and consumers in Asia and America
  • 2021 Q3,Q4

  • Development & Integration of AR/VR modules
    Marketing for retail and consumers in rest of the world
  • 2022 Q1,Q2

  • Integration of charity/donation
    module supporting UN’s
    sustainable development goals
    regional based expansion
  • 2022 Q3,Q4

  • Additional feature integration
    Developer API
    Local Reckoon events across the globe
    service expansion
  • 2023 Onwards

  • Advance features, research, further
    Expansion & Growth


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Priya Vrat Misra
Founder & CEO
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Nili Misra
Co-Founder Data, Strategy & Operations
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Rishipalsingh Chauha...
Head of Finance , R&D
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Tudor Stomff
Head of Sales & Marketing
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Paul Soanes
Retail Industry Advisor
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Simon Wajcenberg
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Charlie Faulkner
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