Bitone Network

Bitone Network

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
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2018. 10. 31.
2018. 11. 30.
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2018. 7. 31.
2018. 8. 31.
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약 Bitone Network

비트 코인을 사용하는 다양한 블록 체인 플랫폼이 제공하는 모든 기능을 활용하고자하는 사람. Bitone Network는 비트 코인과 나머지 체인 간의 상호 운용성을 허용하는 분산 플랫폼의 중개자가 될 것입니다.

비트 노드 노드의 소유자는 네트워크의 거래 및 운영을 확인하고 사용자에게 Bitone Wallet 사용에 대한 요금을 부과 할 수 있습니다.

bitcoin을 나머지 cryptoactive에 연결하여 상호 운용성을 허용하고 서로 다른 체인에서 제공하는 가능성을 십분 활용하십시오.

% name % 로드맵

  • 1 February, 2017

  • Interested in expanding the functionality of bitcoin and unifying the decentralized economy. Victor Serrano develops the draft of the first Bitone Network prototype.
  • 1 September, 2017

  • Victor Serrano forms a team with Antonio Conte y Jose Antonio Martinez for the development of the project.
  • 20 December, 2017

  • The three members of the team manage to raise the necessary funds to finance the project until the initial Bitone node pre-sale.
  • 15 February, 2018

  • Web development, multimedia and roadmap.
  • 더 읽기
  • 31 July, 2018

  • Official financing round for the Bitone node presale. The maximum cap will be 2 million dollars in Ether with a sale of 5,100 BN total.
  • 31 October, 2018

  • Official round of financing for the sale of Bitone node. The maximum cap will be 18 million dollars with a sale of 11,550 BN total.
  • 31 December, 2018

  • The Bitone Network block chain with its own token will be operational.
  • 28 February, 2019

  • The owners of Bitone node will be able to execute participation test (PoS) to validate transactions and receive dividends.
  • 29 March, 2019

  • The interactive Coin Offering mechanism proposed by Vitalik Buterin will be followed, which will allow a setting of the token value according to its demand in the market.
  • 30 April, 2019

  • The first intelligent gateway connected to Bitone Network will be implemented on the Ethereum.
  • 31 May, 2019

  • Bitone DEX “alfa”.
  • 30 June, 2019

  • Share of Bitone node.
  • 30 June, 2019

  • Bitone DEX “beta”.
  • 31 July, 2019

  • Bitone node starts trading in Exchange.
  • 31 July, 2019

  • Bitone DEX.
  • 31 August, 2019

  • Bitone Wallet “alfa”.
  • 30 September, 2019

  • Bitone Wallet “beta”.
  • 31 October, 2019

  • Users around the world will be able to start running bitcoin functions such as bitcoin anonymous transactions, asset exchange and smart contracts or decentralized Ethereum applications compatible with Bitcoin Network.
  • 15 November, 2019

  • Intelligent gateways will be implemented for the rest of blockchain platforms such as Neo, Komodo, Waves etc.
  • 15 December, 2019

  • The Bitone Network team will work with developers from different blockchain platforms to accept Bitcoin BN in their damages and Smart contract.
  • 31 December, 2019

  • Bitone Wallet for IOS and Android.
  • 31 January, 2020

  • An open source programming language will be implemented so that developers around the world can incorporate decentralized functions and applications on Bitone blockchain.



Bitone Network 팀

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Antonio Conte
Consulting lawyer, Co-fundador
확인되지 않음
Victor Serrano
CEO, Co-fundador
확인되지 않음
Potla Dinesh
Community & Team manager
확인되지 않음
José A. Martinez
Marketing manager
확인되지 않음
Carlos Gutiérrez Cas...
Graphic design
확인되지 않음
Manuel Rodríguez Lir...
Audiovisual communication
확인되지 않음
Belén Martínez Marco
Illustration and design
확인되지 않음
Nikhil Chand
Blockchain developer
확인되지 않음
David Palomares
Web developer
확인되지 않음
Alexandr Udodov
Blockchain developer
확인되지 않음
Rolando E Rolon
3D design
확인되지 않음


$425 927

Andrei Zolin
Blockchain developer
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Carlos Guirado Vazqu...
Financial Advisor
확인되지 않음
5.0 2
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