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Metalswap is a Decentralized Hedging Swap Protocol. Hedging Swap is a tool that you can use to protect your assets from market volatility. MetalSwap wants to make hedging swaps with Digital asset accessible to everyone, without any middlemen, therefore minimizing costs MetalSwap simplifies the procedure to avoid bank credit lines which are not always accessible to everyone, therefore speeding up the processing of the swap.
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Tentang MetalSwap

What is Metalswap?
MetalSwap is a decentralised platform that enables hedging swaps in financial markets with the aim of providing a hedge for commodity traders and an investment opportunity for those who contribute to the shared liquidity of the project.

Why was MetalSwap created?
MetalSwap was created to find a solution to the centralisation of financial hedging on metal commodities.

Why should you know about this project?
Because it is unique! Nowadays, financial swaps are the most widely used "insurance" tool for large commodity exchanges such as metals. Everything is happening on centralised markets that require financial hedging, and banking facilities that are not always accessible to everyone, with poisonous bureaucratic laziness. With Metalswap, the concept of economic incentive, given by the distribution of the governance token ($XMT) will have publicly accessible pooled liquidity. Through a series of 'smart contracts', initially written on Ethereum, the contracts will allow swaps to be executed without the need for intermediaries, at low cost and with no time constraints.

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