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About MetalSwap

Vision The choice is yours

MetalSwap is a decentralized platform that allows hedging swaps on financial markets with the aim of providing a coverage to those who work with commodities and an investment opportunity.

The MetalSwap project aims to implement the financial swap transaction between two assets through a decentralized IT structure based on Blockchain technology

Project How does it work

The MetalSwap protocol aims at decentralizing swap operations through the use of Smart Contracts running on the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

  Circular Economy

Liquidity pools will be created for each asset, giving back to the liquidity provider a generous share of the fees generated by the users opening and closing swap positions.

  Fair Market Prices

Oracles integrated in the decentralized liquidity pools will assure fair market prices.

  Rewards System

MetalSwap incentive investors who believe in the project by giving rewards to users who choose to participate in: Liquidity pool, Staking pool, Buy-back system.

Our Technology System

The system has liquidity accessible to the public with a series of "smart contracts": These contracts will allow swaps without intermediaries, time restrictions and at reduced costs.

Testnet MetalSwap's platform on Kovan's testnet!

This webpage offers a beta preview of the future MetalSwap swap functionalities, aimed at collecting user suggestions and testing the economic model of hedging swaps in a decentralized environment.

Get The token(s)! Time to play!

To participate to our testnet program, you will need to have at least some Kovan test ETH and test USDT token in your wallet. Use the following faucets

DAO Decentralized autonomous organization

The DAO constitutes the decision-making body of the MetalSwap project. It is composed of a series of smart contracts (acting as the main governance token) with which token holders can interface via webApp to vote on proposals and create new ones.

Holders of governance tokens can express their opinion on the worthiness of the proposals. The vote has a weight directly proportional to the number of governance tokens held in the owner's wallet.


Proposals related to requests for the implementation of new technological features will be subject to a technical/legal feasibility study before their actual implementation by staff employed by the MetalSwap Foundation.


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