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$DOGEVERSE - Taking #Doge Multichain
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Spawned by a collapsing supernova, Cosmo the Doge was born with the unique ability to hyperjump between the stars of the crypto universe. His time-tested voyages across Ethereum and Solana transformed the Doge Meme into a symbol of unity and creativity, giving rise to the Dogeverse. Now, Cosmo has discovered a way to share his chain-traveling ability so that $DOGEVERSE holders can freely traverse the best crypto chains. What a good boy.

Dogeverse is the first Doge Meme token built on a multichain network spanning Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche and Base. Welcome to an interconnected universe of doge lovers where community, rewards, and creative fun converge. Stake your $DOGEVERSE tokens on Ethereum to earn passive rewards and increase your bags throughout meme season.

Cosmo endeavours to unite the crypto meme community and stand as the vanguard of multichain utility. As the first Doge Meme to be launched on six different blockchains, Cosmo’s only wish is to see his name up in lights on every DEX, every CEX, and every place where meme degens congregate. With a nose for interstellar convergence, Cosmo brings a multichain dimension to the meaning of trending on DEXTools.

% name% Roadmap

  • Phase 1: The Big Bang
    Website Goes Live
    Contract Gets Written
    Social Channels Are Born
  • Phase 2: Development
    Contract Audit
    Presale Begins
    Community Building
  • Phase 3: Awareness
    Marketing Initiation
    CoinMarketCap Application
    CoinGecko Application
  • Phase 4: Expansion
    First DEX Listings
    DEXTools Update
    Birdeye Update
  • Baca lebih banyak
  • Phase 5: Cosmic Travel
    First CEX Listings
    Continued Marketing
    Community Incentives


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