Bitok Dice (pre-ICO)

Bitok Dice (pre-ICO)

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Bitok Dice - adalah kasino berbasis kripto-mata uang online dengan permainan multiplayer game yang unik dan kontrol kejujuran.
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25 Jul 2017
25 Agu 2017
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Tentang Bitok Dice (pre-ICO)

Bitok Dice preICO

70% mengumpulkan investasi untuk periode Pre-ICO organisasi pemasaran dan persiapan untuk tahap ICO berikutnya. Kami Bagian pemasaran terdiri dari mempopulerkan proyek pada tematik majalah, pembelian lalu lintas dan atraksi master web. Sisanya 30% akan diinvestasikan untuk pengembangan: Modul tambahan pengembangan integrasi Bitokcoin. Akan ada kemampuan masuk dan keluar token Bitokcoin seperti game mata uang 2 tambahan multiplayer games Pengembangan program mitra

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% name% Roadmap

  • Mulai

  • Integrasi bitokcoin
    Permainan multipemain tambahan
    Pengembangan program mitra
  • Portfolio Tracking

  • The ability to track all major currencies against all major exchanges in a logical and concise manner.
  • Portfolio Management

  • The ability to track all major currencies against all major exchanges in a logical and concise manner.
  • Portfolio Alerting

  • The ability to set fixed threshold alerts, or percentage of change alerts, that can be sent to a user's email or mobile device.
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  • Public API

  • A free to use public API that gives users the ability to perform a number of operations against the dataset. Check out the documentation for more information.
  • FLN Token listed on Exchanges - Q1 2018

  • The team will work with major cryptocurrency exchanges to list our ERC20 token - allowing users who were unable to participate in the crowdsale to obtain tokens, and those that did participate to speculate with their tokens value.
  • API Integration Engine - Q2 2018

  • will start integration with supported exchanges. A supported exchange is defined as an exchange that has a publicly accessible and documented API with secure API key functionality. This is a fundamental component as it enables’s future features and services to collect and interact with other systems and provide a single pane of glass for viewing and executing on trade information.
  • Mobile Application - Q3 2018

  • will develop an iOS and Android compatible mobile application that integrates seamlessly with all services and tools.
  • Automated Trading - Q4 2018

  • Automated investing is the process of setting predefined thresholds that will trigger a trade automatically once the thresholds are satisfied. These thresholds and interactions will change and develop over time as stipulated in the Whitepaper.
  • Social Trading Platform - Q1 2019

  • Social trading is the process through which online investors rely on community based user generated analytics and historical trades to make financial trading decisions to benefit their investment portfolios.
  • Arbitrage Trading Bot - Q2 2019

  • Arbitrage is the simultaneous purchase and sale of an asset in order to profit from a difference in asset price on different exchanges and marketplaces.
  • Machine Learning & AI Algorithms - Q3 2019

  • Machine Learning & AI algorithms can identify complex patterns in historical data that can be used to predict future trading outcomes.
  • Additional features and suggestions from the community

  • Ether Milestone: 10,000+ - To be used throughout the Roadmap for community driven suggestions and features and also milestone acceleration.The team will constantly be receiving feedback from initial contributors, users and the greater crypto community. We invite all users to participate in our Slack channel for discussions


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