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XWin CryptoBet

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
XWIN is a transparent betting platform for sporting and other events with revenue sharing using the decentralized smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. The unprecedented development of blockchain technology and introduction of smart contracts has led to new opportunities in the field of betting on sporting and other events. At present, for the majority of private players, it is important to have comfortable, convenient and, most importantly, safe and guaranteed access to betting on the outcome of any event, and for investors – to receive guaranteed income from the bookmaker’s activity. XWIN was created in order to solve these tasks.
Oct 30, 2017
Jan 30, 2018
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About XWin CryptoBet

Bookmaker is a specialist who accepts cash bets on results of sports games (horse racing, football, running, etc.), financial, cultural, weather, political and other events. The bets are accepted on certain conditions, with the pre-determined rules of payout.

Advantages of betting with XWIN:

  1. Guaranteed payments by the Ethereum smart contract;
  2. Transparency of transactions and payments;
  3. No account lock-outs due to frequent wins;
  4. No account lock-outs due to arbitrages;
  5. Absence of individual reduction coefficients;
  6. Simplified registration;
  7. Absence of infrastructure risks related to technical problems with equipment and interruptions in Internet access;
  8. Absence of risks of funds embezzlement;
  9. Absence of restrictions on access to the investment funds;
  10. Information security and confidentiality;
  11. Cross-border betting;
  12. Stability of XWIN is determined by the entire network of the Ethereum blockchain;
  13. Security of funds (the players' accounts are placed on the smart contract account and are managed autonomously);
  14. Continuous monitoring and control of the better’s account transactions (constant control over the player's funds, 24/7/365 availability from any place in the world and from any device).

The Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts is a dynamically developing technology for investing, settlement of transactions online, and now for betting as well. It would not be right to disregard the advantages this technology has to offer.

XWIN smart contract performs the functions of an arbitrator that autonomously and completely independently fulfills the terms of agreement. In other words, if the bet was made using the smart contract, the conditions prescribed in the smart contract should be met 100% regardless of the desires of the parties. The better who places the bet with XWIN, receives information about all conditions, and subsequently these conditions cannot be changed, since they are written in the smart contract. The payout amount is locked on the account of the smart contract at the time of placing the bet and cannot be expended or spent prior to the settlement. None of the parties can make changes to the bet that has already been placed, and spend the prize fund. Thus, XWIN is the first and currently the only bookmaker, largely protected and safe from the traditional bookmaker market, and creates real alternative option.

XWIN was established based on the technology of blockchain and smart contracts. It provides an opportunity to make bets in the crypto currency and do it in a comfortable, convenient and, most importantly, safe way.

XWin CryptoBet Roadmap

  • Q3 2017

  • 1. The concept of XWIN CryptoBet;
    2. Smart contract XWIN Beta;
    3. White Paper XWIN CryptoBet.
  • Q4 2017

  • 1. DAO smart contract XWIN;
    2. Public placement of the XWIN tokens;
    3. Bookmaker licenses and legal registration;
    4. Launch of the bookmaker's site xwin.io;
    5. Release of beta version for the mobile applications.
  • Q1 2018

  • 1. Smart contract XWIN with the system accepting fiat money;
    2. Public release of mobile applications;
    3. Artificial intelligence XWIN. Development of artificial intelligence on the basis of machine learning to calculate betting rates and probability of events;
    4. White Paper of the betting stock exchange XWIN;
    5. XWIN betting on races.
  • Q2 2018

  • 1. Aggressive PR-campaign and marketing;
    2. Smart contract XWIN lottery;
    3. First distribution of profits among the investors;
    4. Development and introduction of classic gambling games using the blockchain technology;
    5. Release of smart contracts of the XWIN betting stock exchange.
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  • Q3 2018

  • 1. VIP ROOM XWIN CryptoBet. Calculation and launch of individual bets for the VIP-clients;
    2. Multi wallet platform XWIN;
    3. White Paper and smart contracts: DAO casino, DAO poker, DAO slot machines;
    4. Release of the betting stock exchange XWIN.
  • Q4 2018

  • 1. DAO casino;
    2. DAO poker;
    3. DAO slot machines;
    4. DAO chess.


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1 488
12 083
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XWin CryptoBet Team

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Alexander Semin
Partner, Two-time world champion
Artem Baikov
Vladimir Kiryanov
Co-owner, director of strategic partnerships
Ilya Greenstein
Co-owner, director of the sports analytical group


$6 375 435

Eugene Salitrynskiy
Director of Software Engineering and Development
Vyacheslav Posconin
Blockchain-expert, Solidity developer
Vadim Litvak
Leading UI / UX designer, interface designer
Dmitry Kronberg
Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
5.0 11
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The rapid growth of blockchain based online bookmakers and crypto casinos will lead to the increase of interface parts for bet placements to retain the customers and increase the implementation pace, as per the industry insiders. To meet this increasing demand for adoption, XWIN has the plans in the pipeline to develop mobile applications for the Android and iOS devices pretty soon, and also in-demand web interfaces. Over the time, more games will be added to the platform to meet the requirements of the players. XWIN redefines the relations between online gambling resources and the betters by utilizing the innovations in blockchain technology. There is no doubt that the bookmaker’s business gets considerable returns. The increasing interest of the people in online games and gambling simply means that XWIN tokens and ICO are most probably successful project.

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