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TouchCon Eco-system Platform The TouchCon ecosystem Project is a combination project to create, stabilize, and maintain a cryptocurrency ecosystem. Creating the first cryptocurrency mining system using QR Data Code to complete the patent registration application! To overcome the limitations of computer mining and to create a naturalist mining and ecosystem, the 3D QR Data Code was integrated with the O2O Ad market. In the future loT-market, the Device-to-Device network connection will be dominated by the TouchCon QR Data Code.
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About Touchcon

Generally, for the Miner that have participated computer mining, encrypted currency is provided as compensation, but this wastes gigantic electricity and causes global warming problem. We suggest resolving the problem by changing the electricity type computer mining method to nonelectricity advertisement method.” This method obtains TouchCon with Pre-mined and stores TouchCon value in the QR Data Code at random. The stored QR data code will also be sold to an advertiser for use in O2O commercials. This method gives users easy access to the QR data codes attached to products or services and allows them to obtain TouchCon by scanning. As a result, users become more interested in and responsive to TouchCon. The advertiser buys the QR Data Code that contains the TouchCon value to use them in online for games, SNS, and shopping malls. Also, the advertiser may expect an increase of publicity and sales in offline by applying a form of printing or presenting on products or store. Profits sold to the advertiser are distributed fairly in the AMRP way to the existing TouchCon owner. TouchCon obtained from the QR Data Code scanning is used for online and offline payments as well as for P2P and free remittance. Free trading and exchange are also carried out through Bitbigbang Exchange that is built on an HTS solution


It is a platform to do re-mining TouchCon through O2O ad marketing, and it can solve the coin mining problem and global warming having to use the computer excessively.It is an application that supports TouchCon mined again through QR Data Code to use it in the real world.For stabilizing the TouchCon ecosystem, we will establish an international cryptocurrency exchange and try to connect the network to expand it to the whole world.

Touchcon Roadmap

  • 2017. Q1~Q4

  • QR Data Code Ad Marketing Platform Launch
    Multi-national Team & Advisors Configuration
    Issuance of a Whitepaper
    Bitbigbang Exchange Solution V1.0~V3.0
  • 2018. Q1~Q2

  • QR Code Ad Marketing V1.0
    Bitbigbang Exchange V4.0
    TouchCon QR Code Technology Seminar
    QR Code Ad agency contract(50 Company)
    TouchCon TGE(Apr~May)
    ERC20 Token Launch
    TOC Wallet Site & Mining Program Site Build
  • 2018. Q3~Q4

  • International Exchange Prepare for listing
    TOC Mobile App V1.0~V2.0
    QR Code Ad Marketing V2.0
    Bitbigbang Exchange V5.0
    TouchCon World MeetUp(Indonesia)
    2019' QR Code Ad Marketing Announcement
  • 2019. Q1~Q2

  • TOC Mobile App V3.0 Demo
    QR Code Ad Marketing MainNet
    Bitbigbang Exchange V6.0
    Bitbigbang Exchange Build Promotion
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  • 2019. Q3~Q4

  • TOC Mobile App V4.0 Demo
    QR Code Technology Development
    Bitbigbang Exchange Build Promotion
    2020' QR Code Ad Marketing Announcement
  • 2020. Q1~Q4

  • 3D QR Data Code is released
    TOC Mobile App V5.0 MainNet
    QR Data Code Ad Marketing On line Launch


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Touchcon Team

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Choi Chang-Myeung
CEO & Ad Developer
Razaq Chaudhry
Development Engineer
Jardy Niel Cuezad
Development Engineer
Muhammad Arslan Sheh...
Blockchain Engineer
Song Mu-Ho
Co-Founder & CMO
Bi Jian Lian
Development Engineer
Choi So-Hyang
Community Management
Lee Jun Beom
Co-Founder & CFO


$17 420 000

James Li
Development Engineer
Ma Ji-Hyun
Development Webdesign
Galih Pratama
Development Engineer
Cho Kwang-Nam
Management manager


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Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Sooba Khan
Strategic Advisor
Lee Sung-Sik
Blockchain Advisor
Lee Jong-Gun
Legal Advisor
Lee In-Sang
Blockchain Advisor
David Kang
Development Advisor
Robert Kim
International Trade Advisor
KT. Jung
Marketing Advisor
$ 0.0050
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$ 1.169 M
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$ 6.245 K
Circ. Supply:
233.159 M TOC
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