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May 5, 2018

The REANIMATOR team is creating a revolutionary box office platform called CRYPTOMOVIE, which will the first to introduce blockchain technologies into the global cinema industry and eliminate box office revenue fraud. The CRYPTOMOVIE platform is completely transparent and has numerous advantages over the existing services of online and offline movie ticket sales.

Our goal is to eliminate middlemen and make the CRYPTOMOVIE platform easily available to all business in the cinema industry. The CRYPTOMOVIE app will allow users to buy tickets for all movies and all cinemas across the world paying in RNM tokens or fiat money. CRYPTOMOVIE will allow film production companies and the general public to monitor the number of tickets sold for any film rated by country, city, and cinema chain.
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Jun 5, 2018
Sep 5, 2018
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May, 2018
Jun, 2018
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Our 12 years of experience in making and distributing films, as well as our professional team of developers and blockchain specialists will help us create an innovative platform that will be far superior to all existing rivals. To test the beta version of CRYPTOMOVIE, we will use the original sci-fi film rnr, produced by the LAM film company using the funds raised during the pre-sale in November-December 2017.

Production is in full swing, and the film is to be released in 2018. Apart from serving to test the efficiency of the CRYPTOMOVIE platform, the film will involve highly original plot twists and amazing special effects courtesy of the ILM studio in London, which worked on the Star Wars and Iron Man franchises.


he Estonian hedge fund CRISSE is responsible for the REANIMATOR ICO and the development of the CRYPTOMOVIE blockchain platform. The Russian film production company LAM, in accordance with CRISSE, will produce the sci-fi thriller REANIMATOR in order to test the CRYPTOMOVIE MVP across 12 cinemas in the EU and then sell a 5-year license to the Chinese state-owned company China Film Group. The screenplay was written by Alan Klaudis, and Ruslan Magomadov will direct.

Technical Info

Within the CRYPTOMOVIE platform, the system's own token  RNM - will serve as the only means of payment. Moviegoers will be able to purchase RNM tokens on the platform using the in-built instant digital currency exchange API offering the best available rates. RNM tokens will also be available at digital exchanges, and users will be able to transfer them directly into their individual CRYPTOMOVIE wallets in their user accounts on the platform. For those users who are not yet familiar with cryptocurrencies, there will be an easy option to buy RNM with fiat money through an outside service offering free market rates. 

Tickets for any film will be available for purchase online for RNM tokens:

  1. a) at the CRYPTOMOVIE website with payment in RNM
  2. b) via the CRYPTOMOVIE mobile app with payment in RNM, by credit card, or using an electronic wallet.

For each movie ticket purchase paid for with RNM, the buyer will be rewarded with RNM tokens, which can be exchanged for fiat money at digital exchanges or used to buy more movie tickets.

 Whenever a user chooses to buy cinema tickets for fiat cash directly at a cinema,  the online CRYPTOMOVIE system (integrated with the API of the cinema's ticket counter) will automatically record the transaction data (including the price, date, movie title, and cinema name) on the film's unique blockchain address. This way, all the date on the number and price of sold tickets will be permanently stored on the CRYPTOMOVIE blockchain without any risk of falsification.

Whenever a user purchases a movie ticket online paying with RNM, CRYPTOMOVIE will automatically transmit the transaction information using an encrypted channel to the online data center of the movie theater in question, where the user can choose to obtain a classic paper ticket by presenting the QR code or simply show the QR code upon entering. 

In case of large queues at the ticket counter or when paying for tickets with RNM is not possible, customers will be able to used dedicated ticket terminals installed in cinemas, paying with RNM or fiat money. Such terminals will be installed by the movie theater management or by independent entrepreneurs in exchange for a 0.1% fee on each ticket sale.

Here is a brief summary: information on the number of sold tickets for each film becomes impossible  to falsify, since it is stored on the CRYPTOMOVIE blockchain platform. Thus, the owners of distribution rights for the film are protected from fraud and can be sure to receive a revenue that exactly corresponds to the actual number of sold tickets (in accordance with the revenue sharing agreements signed with each cinema chain).

 The release of REANIMATOR is planned for December 2018 in Russia, the CIS, Europe, and China. The MVP ticket sale system using the CRYPTOMOVIE technology will be tested during pilot showings of REANIMATOR in 12 EU cinemas in May 2019.






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Sergey Petriga
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Alan Klaudis
Screenwriter, producer, president of the CRISSE He...


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Vsevolod Lukovsky
Head of the CRYPTOMOVIE development department.

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