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KVANTOR ICO platform raises the transaction to a new level and provides freedom of relationship between economic agents while eliminating intermediaries beyond traditional payment channels.
The main goal is to make banking netting formation such as Russia, China, Iran, Vietnam, Middle Eastern countries easier to avoid excessive US financial impact Contribute to centralized and struggle against global monitoring doing. to do so
Steps of evolution to SWIFT's alternative payment, while remaining within the existing banking system.
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Oct 30, 2018
Nov 30, 2018
100% completed
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Goal 40 000 000.00 USD
Cap 4 000 000.00 USD
Hard cap 45 000 000.00 USD
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Switzerland, Russia, Cyprus
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Hyperledger fabric
Platform, Business services, Smart Contract

About Kvantor

The major goal is contributing into the struggle against centralization and global monitoring, banking netting formation in such countries as Russia, China, Iran, Vietnam and in the Middle East countries should facilitate to evade undue United States financial influence. To make an
evolutionary step to alternative SWIFT payments, while remaining within the existing banking system.Let me give you a brief overview of Kvantor first:
1) We aim at replacing current SWIFT technology with an outdated and insecure solution.
2) We plan to use existing enterprise-level IT solution (Hyperledger Fabric) to considerably shorten the time needed to enter the market.
3) It’s a monopolist market with one main solution provider (SWIFT) and a single blockchain product that has started recently (Ripple). Thus, it’s a market with little competition where even 5-10% share of it within the next year is more than enough to succeed.
4) We plan to offer more than just single Bank Settlements Service.
5) We are legally protected by the current legal structure of our token (“Token-as-a-License”)


Kvantor Tech LTD, based in the Republic of Cyprus, is a software developer which owns the rights to the results of the intellectual activities of the Kvantor platform. The KVANTOR digital token is a license to a non-exclusive right to the result of intellectual activity (software) and
revenue generation from it on exclusive terms. This opportunity is implemented through the mechanism of a partner program with the help of KVANTOR.KEY software For companies:
• Direct settlements with contractors in national currencies (avoiding traditional channels and
protocols of monetary circulation);
• Convenient marketplace with automatic execution of transactions, complementary services
(logistics, insurance), electronic arbitrage;
• Verification of the counterpart — the platform’s architecture allows to check counterpart’s
status and reputation beforehand without any violation of information confidentiality, which
is the high priority for us;
• Usage of financial instruments (financial guarantees, factoring, etc.) and complementary
services (insurance, etc.) based on new technologies — automatically executed smart contracts
— for transaction security;
• Sufficient decrease of financial and time expenditures for execution of transactions;
• Trading of assets/liabilities in decentralized mode;
• Protection of confidential information from unauthorized regulators.
For banks:
• Automatic clearing of mutual obligations;
• Independence from centralized payment systems (provision of alternative channel, which may
be used for either all or specialized transactions/clients);
• Engagement of new clients by means of provision of innovative banking services demanded by
small, medium and large businesses;
• Protection of confidential information from unauthorized regulators.
For government:
• Protection from control of economical operations exercised by IMF, NSA and other unfriendly
• Execution of all operations on the basis of consensus of the stakeholders;
• Increase in national monetary aggregates and decrease of actual operations in foreign
currency, increase in the country’s financial stability;
• In prospect, creation of a governmental settlement platform and uniting on its basis of
interested entities and political blocs.

Kvantor Roadmap

  • II quarter 2018

  • The selection of higher- and middle management has been completed, the backbone of the development- and sales teams has been formed.
  • III quarter 2018

  • Team formation completed.

    The key technology partners are identified.

    The technological and methodological basis of the developing platform have been finalized.
  • IV quarter 2018

  • The key regional partners for the platform’s promotion have been identified.

    The Beta-version of «Interbank transfers» functionality has been released.

Kvantor Team

Verified 13%

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Mikhail Chekanov
Product Development
Boris Voinov
Project manager
Stas Sorokin
Aleksey Losev
Ivan Anisimov
Business Development (EMEA region)
Oussama Elbazy
Business Development Manager (North Africa)


$38 500

Oxana Dubois-Dit-Bon...
Director Business Developer for DACH and Benelux
Arsen Bakhshiyan


Verified 0%

Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team


$34 500 000

George Han
Advisor for Singapore and APAC region

59 ICOs

$181 967 932

Naviin Kapoor
Blockchain and ICO advisor
Kirsten Roy-Reid
Business development Manager (APAC)

Kvantor Interviews

Arsen Bakhshiyan
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I holds a Ph.D. in Economics and I have over 10 years' experience in the banking and finance sector. In the company KVANTOR I am responsible for finance.
What do you think about idea?
The KVANTOR platform:
• enhances the functionality of Automated Banking System (ABS) of the core bank (or the system of several partner banks) of the ecosystem by means of opportunities provided by the blockchain technology (for money transfers, payments and provision of services without use of conventional channels (SWIFT, etc.) with the relevant elaboration of financial and legal aspects;
• complements the standard functionality of business platforms of currency exchanges and commodities and raw materials exchanges by means of opportunities to operate with instruments expressed in digital tokens, possibilities of direct settlements between the customers and the suppliers.

Kvantor Last News

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