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Offering the fastest, safest and most scalable smart-contract blockchain technology.
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Jun, 2018
Jul, 2018
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About Kadena

Kadena is the leader in distributed digital ledgers, with the first secure, scalable platform and simplified smart contract language designed for business. Kadena helps organizations achieve more with blockchain.


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Will Martino
Stuart Popejoy
Monica Quaintance
Ben Jessel
Vivienne Chen
Media & Communications
Mark Nichols


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Paul Giordano
Wayne Martino
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Kadena Reviews

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There is no clear market for Kadena. Potentially, most large corporations and medium companies could implement blockchain solutions to their operations. As a result, total available market for Kadena blockchain is hundreds of billion dollar, but serviceable obtainable market is extremely hard to estimate nowadays. Due to implementing different blockchain solution, interoperability between different blockchain would be the biggest issue in near future. The opportunity to create thousands of chains on Kadena’s blockchain is a strong side of project. \nThe competition in all kind of scaling solutions in public blockchain is fierce. Ethereum EOS, NEO, Tezos, Dfinity, and many other strong competitors. Kadena currently has not enough power and resources to compete for the leading position on this market. Primary competitors in private chain side are Cardano, Hyperledger and NEM. \nNew human-readable language is great competitor advantage on the one hand, on the other hand, it creates additional barriers for wide adoption of Kadena.

Main purpose of the Kadena blockchain is creating enterprise solutions. The public and private protocols connected by same smart contract language Pact. However, the consensus mechanism are completely different. Public protocol is called chainweb that uses advanced PoW, that’s where the tokens are involved. The private chain is a scalable byzantine fault tolerance (BFT) protocol and doesn’t involve tokens. We believe, that Kadena could find itself mostly at private blockchain market. The tokens are not used there, so as a result, we suppose, that the rise of the platform would not be transferred to rise of token price. The equity investments would be highly preferable in case on Kadena.

Next level of funding could be too expensive. Equity investment would be highly preferable, but it is not available.
Kadena has the powerful team with tremendous expertise in implementing technical solutions in large financial institutions. 

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Ian Balina

One that’s been on my radar is Kadena. It’s a smart contract blockchain as well as an infrastructure project, but I think the initial pre-sale is already over, they are raising a ton of money – I’m probably gonna be passing on that as well.
24-Apr. Am I still bullish on Kadena ICO? No, I'm not, they're raising too much money. Link

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ICO Pantera

1. Highly scalable blockchain, developed a proprietary language, and team runs ICO as it goes through the main net.
2. Block-chain in which developers from JP Morgan target financial institutions. Active development progress is seen on GitHub.
3. Excellent white paper and technical white paper. Destructive Cross Chain Method. High quality Q&A section on Reddit.
A complementary point
1. The highly scalable block chains market is called the Red Ocean.
2. There is a lack of judgment because the exact tokenomics has not been announced yet. Token lock for team members is short.
3. Institutional investment is relatively small.

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Shin Chan

Use Case: Secure, scalable platform, SC blockchain tech
Remarks: Testnet late summer, mainnet Q4, awaiting more information

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