Ismail Malik

Tech advisor
$ 160,115,325
Projects Raised
United Kingdom
About Ismail Malik
About Ismail Malik, a self-styled ‘social engineer and PR Renegade’, is the Editor in Chief of the world’s foremost publication on Initial Coin Offerings — ICOcrowd, has over 20 years experience in technology related startups and entrepreneurship, and is among the leading experts in the blockchain field. In fact, Ismail has been recognized as part of the top-100 most influential people in blockchain by Ismail is also the founder and CEO of Blockchain Lab, ‘supplychain on blockchains consultant’ for Chainx, crafts smart contracts on the blockchain for SmartLedger, retired co-founder of the Credits protocol, and former director of the Ideas Lab for College Space. He is a man of many talents, including a professional mastery of 5 languages, has a wide range of skills & expertise relating to blockchain & crypto, and regularly speaks at blockchain events.
  • Birkbeck, University of London
    • International Relations
    • History of London
  • School of Advanced Study, U. of London
    • Commonwealth Networking
    • England Studies
  • UCL Institute of Education
    • Warburgism
    • Warburg Library
  • See 2 more
  • University College London, U. of London
    • Cyber Geography
    • Urban Hubs & Virtual Networking
  • SOAS University of London
    • Anglo Judaic Diaspora
    • Imperial Cricket & Commonwealth
    • Editor In Chief
  • BlockchainLab
    • Founder & CEO
  • SmartLedger
    • Smart Blockchains for Smart Cities
  • See 2 more
  • Olympic Regional Development Authority
    • Olympic Cricket Lobbyist
  • ChainX
    • Supplychain on Blockchains consultant
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