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Honor is a decentralized ‘cloud storage’ service that allows compatibility with office suites
Dec 26, 2017
Jan 29, 2018
100% completed
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  • 8000 HONOR
    1 ETH
    ( Jan 23, 2018 — Jan 29, 2018 )
  • 8250 HONOR
    1 ETH
    ( Jan 16, 2018 — Jan 22, 2018 )
  • 8500 HONOR
    1 ETH
    ( Jan 9, 2018 — Jan 15, 2018 )
  • 9000 HONOR
    1 ETH
    ( Jan 2, 2018 — Jan 8, 2018 )
  • 9500 HONOR
    1 ETH
    ( Dec 26, 2017 — Jan 1, 2018 )
Dec 19, 2017
Dec 25, 2017
100% completed
Raised funds - no Data
  • 10000 HONOR
    1 ETH
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About Honor

Honor is a decentralized ‘cloud storage’ service that allows compatibility with office suites. It tackles the issue of security and privacy without compromising convenience. Honor takes advantage of the InterPlanetary File System and allows the system to scale to thousands of documents a second on a decentralized system, where all documents are encrypted in real-time and stored in an encrypted manner on the IPFS swarm. Real time syncing allows multiple Ethereum addresses to be linked to a document sub-contract and does not compromise ownership. With Honor, both individuals and businesses can participate in a competitive cloud storage market with the HNR token, ushering the cloud-computing paradigm in a new direction.


Jubs platform allows to have the opportunity to validate informal experiences previously neglected by the traditional market.

The ability to find trusted professionals in own network of friends and the region for outsourcing simple tasks or even for performing services that require skill and complexity, with the assurance that services will be executed with excellence or that money will return.

Payment for professional services in any crypto-currency, fiduciary currency, or up to 12x on the credit card, receipt the amount paid for spot work up to 3 business days after completion in Honor or cash.

Users with high reputation in the Jubs platform are remunerated to arbitrate possible conflicts between clients and professionals.

The conversion of bank credit, installments and fiduciary currencies in crypto payments of permanent or recurrent services.

Honor Roadmap

  • February 2017

  • Start development
  • 2016

  • Idealization
    Formation of the Heterogeneous Team Market and UX Study
  • July 2017

  • Formation of the official Honor development team
  • Jubs Platform Mobile Alpha
    Acceleration at Inovativa Brazil Release in a closed ecosystem
    Launching and Integration of the Jubs Wallet
    Integration of Token Honor to the Platform
    Product Market Fit - First Subscribers
  • Read More
  • September 2017

  • Launch of the hybrid IPFS and Ethereum logic test net
  • 2018

  • Sales Token
    Rewards Machine
    Brazil Expansion - Growth
    Token Listing on Exchanges
    Jubs Marketplace 2.0 + Web Launch
    Customization of UX by Segment + TokenID
    Services smart contracts - Beta Version
  • November 2017

  • Scalability test-net ‘stress testing’ and client development
  • 2019

  • Participants Court - Beta Version
    Civil Liability Insurance - Beta Version
    Consolidation in the Brazilian Market
    Automatic conversion of other currencies into Honor
  • December 2017

  • Initial Coin Offering Starts
  • 2020

  • Latin America Internationalization
    R&D interaction with IOT via Bluetooth 5
    Continued Marketing and Brand Development
    Beginning of a new cycle
  • 2020

  • Latin America Internationalization
    R&D interaction with IOT via Bluetooth 5
    Continued Marketing and Brand Development
    Beginning of a new cycle
  • January 2018

  • Initial Coin Offering Ends
  • February 2018

  • Planned release of test net HonorOffice Core Suites
  • March 2018

  • Public beta testing on HonorOffice and cloud-storage solutions on the test net
  • April 2018

  • Civic compatibility (identity verification)
  • July 2018

  • Optimization of APIs, release of source code to enable community application support
  • August 2018

  • Expected main net release, on-boarding of new developers and advisors.
  • October 2018

  • Expected HonorOffice Core Suite updates and release, with Cloud Computing ease of use, supported streaming on media files (flv, mp4, mp3, flac, etc) and operating system streaming.
  • December 2018

  • Official Launch, Business outreaching to increase adoption, marketing and business incentive spending.
  • January 2019

  • Scalability focused updates, mainly Raiden integration and other improvements that will be TBA. Optimization of the IPFS platform.


Honor Team

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Edward Kurtz
Peter Gerrior
Abhi Thakre
Jeffrey Zhao
Sumit Shrivastav
Sajjan Singh
5.0 7
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Honor Reviews


Although the project receiving great enthusiasm from young self-employed professionals, the project is yet to cause any buzz in the crypto world. Much of this, would attribute to the fact that the problem is the application is mostly centered in Brazil. Not much is yet to happen beyond the borders of its origin country, although the team does anticipate to take over Latin America's labor market. As of now, most of the goals are yet to be achieved, and it will rely on how the outside world is going to take it up.

Additionally, HONOR seems to lack a business plan that will facilitate its existence in the long run. Also missing a critical evaluation of how they intend to sustain their work platform might indicate this is an instead pump and dump scheme.

However harsh the assessment might be, it is good to be aware of the conditions you ought to invest in beforehand. And although the concept is workable and attainable, I do not see HONOR or the JUBS application living up to the hype.

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