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Decentralized Skype-like app for mobile and desktop.
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Experty ICO
Jan 25, 2018
Feb 13, 2018
100% completed
$9 500 000
100% goal completed
Goal 9 500 000.00 USD
  • 1 EXY
    0.001 ETH
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About Experty

Our mission is to encourage the adoption of cryptocurrency on a global scale by creating an intuitive, easy to use application that is suitable for wide scale usage. We expect mass adoption within the next 3 years. Anyone who needs to make a consultation via the Experty app will also have a cryptocurrency wallet in their pocket.

Our current focus is on solving the talent crisis in the blockchain community by allowing experts to monetize their skills through a skype-like voice and video application. Payments are handled through an automated smart contract system using Experty’s native token EXY. This will let companies obtain the talent they need, allowing the blockchain community to continue to expand and flourish.


  1. Instant access
    There are a lack of incentives to share phone numbers with strangers and answer their calls. Experty aims to solve this problem. Through Experty any influencer, professional, or expert can grant instant access to their knowledge from anywhere in the world to anyone in the world.
  2. Instant answers
    Calls can be made over Experty with very little setup. This means that answers from qualified experts can be obtained at short notice. Per minute rates are set by publicly rated experts, and refunds can be given via the smart contract if they fail to provide adequate service.
  3. Instant payment
    Experty allows experts to be paid instantly for time they spend on a call, without going through third party intermediaries. Callers don’t have to pay upfront, as payment is handled during the call through our smart contract system.


The system is suitable many knowledge providers including but not limited to lawyers, medical consultants, therapists, and academic professors. Celebrities, bloggers, influencers, and popular YouTubers can also share their profiles to monetize contact with their audience.

Technical Info

Technical details:  The Experty platform is based on an Ethereum network contract which acts as the back-end for the service. The website and applications store the information about the usage history of all users. -WebRTC​ ​Protocol -Fully​ ​Decentralized​ ​Call​ ​Links​ ​ -Instant​ ​Payments​ -Cross​ ​Platform​ ​Calling​ ​Application​ -Availability​ ​Schedule​ ​ -Ethereum​ ​Wallet​ ​ The source code:  The code of the product is not available. Proof of developer:  Public team

Experty Roadmap

  • Alpha

  • We will be launching our Alpha very soon.
  • 2014

  • Company foundation of software consulting company React Poland.
  • Beta

  • We will launch our Beta on iOS and Android.
  • 2015

  • - First small crypto project for SatoshiPay
    - Initial solidity smart contracts and web3 internal projects
  • Read More
  • 2016

  • Blockchain projects research and analysis
  • Desktop Beta

  • We will launch our Desktop version.
  • Q1 2017

  • Project concept
  • Advance features

  • Advanced payment rules
  • Q2 2017

  • Started development
  • Screen sharing

  • Add features
    screen sharing
  • Q3 2017

  • Seed investment round $700,000
  • Group calls

  • Add features including Group calls
  • Q4 2017

  • Alpha release + planned Token Generation Event
  • Pre-TGE opens

  • Pre-Sale
  • Q1 2018

  • - Mobile/Webapp Beta
    - Contacts Management
    - Ethereum Wallet
    - Mobile: Messaging, Voice Calls
    - WebApp: Balance, Messaging
  • TGE Launch

  • TGE Launch
  • Q2 2018

  • - Security Audit
    - Market Release
    - Call-Me Web Links
    - Mobile: Availiability Schedule
    - WebApp: Voice Calls, Availiability Schedule
  • Q3 2018

  • - Desktop Beta
    - Mobile: Video Calls, Balance Management
    - WebApp: Video Calls
  • Q4 2018

  • - Desktop Release
    - Fiat Fateway
    - Advanced Payment Rles
    - Desktop (MacOS/Windows): Balance management, Messaging, Video Calls
    - Mobile: UX Update
    - WebApp: UX Update
  • Q1 2019

  • - Refinement Based on Users Feedback
    - Screen sharing
  • Q2 2019

  • - Group Calls


1 344
3 239
36 673
1 173
21 239
3 079
30 Days Growth:
Year commits:
Open issues:

Experty Team

Verified 53%

Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Kamil Przeorski
CEO Founder
Tom Dyl
CTO CO-Founder
Greg Kucmierz
Solidity engineer, co-founder
Blaise Mathai
Communications Manager
Sarah Khan
Project Director
Anatolii Menlyk
Full Stack Developer
Hubert Stemplewski
Mobile Developer
Alex Kowalczuk
Software QA
Adam Strzempa
Mobile Developer
Patryk Szczyglo
Mobile Developer
Pawel Rokosz
Frontend Developer
Matt Saczewski
Marketing Manager
Luke Kubica
Mobile Developer
Daniel Chmiel
Fullstack developer
Patryk Huzarski
Frontend Developer


Verified 7%

Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team


$62 693 140

Jae Kim
Korean Investor Relations
Jason King


$51 000 000

Craig Sellars
Ex-CTO Bitfinex, CTO of Tether & BLOCKv

80 ICOs

$142 759 405

Simon Cocking
Blockchain Influencer, Irish Tech News


$24 290 679

Pawel Bylica
Ethereum, Golem, Software Architect
Josh Olszewicz
Blockchain Community Influencer


$20 342 332

Luis Carranza
FinTechWeek Founder, Marketing Strategist


$9 500 000

Szczepan Bentyn
Popular Polish Community Youtuber


$12 490 900

Nicolai Oster
Head of ICOs @ Bitcoin Suisse
Michal Parashidis
Security & Blockchain Advisor
Chris Hunichen
ICO and Token Mechanics Expert, Investor Relations
Ken Liu
ICO and Token Mechanics Expert, Investor Relations
Mauro Cappiello
Experty AG Board Member, Legal and Business Adviso...
Thomas Linder
MME, Legal and Tax advisory

15 ICOs

$235 159 546

Moe Levin
Founder of Blockchain Forum

Experty Interviews

Greg Kucmierz
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the project? What do you think about idea? Thank you!)
I am in project
Anatolii Menlyk
What is your opinion about the project?
As I'm developer of application I believe into project and its totally new idea. Glad to take part in new obstacles and competitions which surround here :)
Hubert Stemplewski
What is your opinion about the project?
i think this project is very promising, cause all people wants to contact and keep in touch with they experts (layers, doctors, ect ect.) and every expert wants to make money. And when app will be popular and using around the world EXY coins will be more valuable. I expect very fast growth of the company's (stocks) shares.
Patryk Szczyglo
What is your opinion about the project?
Project is very good. We are happy, we can develop such a great product. It's still under development, but you can check out on youtube, first prototypes of our app.
Matt Saczewski
What is your opinion about the project?
I think that Experty will be a new type of app that will combine blockchain technology with mass-market. Our approach will bring a new value to the digital consultations market.
Thanks to the blockchain we can also help people from unbanked and underbanked areas enter the global market to start selling their knowledge.
Daniel Chmiel
What is your opinion about the project?
I see big potential in this project, focus on technologies like blockchain will give great results for sure
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Market Cap:
$ 1.307 M
Volume 24h:
$ 3.757 K
Circ. Supply:
28.872 M EXY
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X 0.0757
ICO Price~$0.5982

Experty Reviews

Samson Owiti
Cryptotrader, Crypto investor, Blockchain business expert

EXPERTY is a block chain based calling platform which allows two or more parties to connect via video or audio call. It enables the knowledge provider can set their rate per minute by the knowledge seekers whenever they call.


  • Security: The platform enables the knowledge providers to share  direct link without fear  of receiving any fraud  and easily share their  available schedule
  • Saves time :The platform saves time and money by contracting  the wanted  persons directly  and paying only for the actual time
  • Usability: The project is readily available  for mobile ,web  and desktop enabling the users  to send free texts messenges  between each other easily  and at times alternate it  with audio or video calls
  • Transparency: Any exchange  between  the provider  the callers are carried out through  the  callers identification  that is enabled by the operation contract (OC) on smart contract
  • Instant payments: The payments occur on Etherum block chain after the call based on pay per minute rate. The OC  provides security for this payment system
  • Availability of schedule:  The knowledge providers are able to set their availability time so that they can easily prevent all calls outside a given time frame
  • The platform team involved has  full expertise in ensuring prosperity of the project


  • The project  EXY token has limited connections with other crypto currencies
  • There is unsure trace of the third party involved in the marketing
  • There is no provision for the storage of the calls for future follow ups


  • Configure the token with other crypto currencies
  • Put more security on the third parties involved in the marketing
  • Provide adequate storage for the audio and video  and audio calls


The use of Ethereum block chain has led to massive improvement of different sectors. The application of this project promotes easy reach of the most frequently contacted professionals in different sectors leading to improved service delivery   and economic growth. I would therefore invest in this project.



Read More
Expert Invested: $500

By removing the middleman, Experty is able to provide expert network services at a lower rate than current incumbents. Certain experts currently charge a rate of thousands of dollars per hour and hopefully this would be reduced if they choose Experty.
The team has already lined up a fair number of cryptocurrency experts ready to provide consulting services when the platform launches.
By putting a link in the expert’s social media instead of having a centralized place with all the experts' information, we believe it would make it a lot easier for users to consult with the experts.

Key team members are all software developers who don’t seem to have experience in consulting or working with expert networks. It may be difficult for the team to expand outside the crypto space and into other areas such as legal, financial services, health, etc.
There is a limit as to the number of calls an expert can take per day, so we believe Experty will need a very large number of experts in order to justify a potential valuation in the range of tens of millions of dollars.

Overall, we like the short-term potential but are neutral about the long-term potential for this ICO. If you decide to contribute into the ICO, participate in the Proof-of-Caring program to potentially qualify for a higher bonus.
Our thoughts of the tokens for short term and long term are as follows:
For ​short-term holding
Good. The project has a high market awareness, therefore the $9 million hard cap with the potential for higher bonuses is compelling.
For long-term holding
Neutral. Given the team’s background in software development, we are unsure whether they can branch out from the initial focus of the cryptocurrency space. If the team cannot provide a better user experience than current incumbents in the centralized space, the adoption for the project may be slow.

Read More

Monetization of knowledge seems a fairly simple and natural idea, with a broad variety of application fields. It’s good to see the project is undertaken by a fairly big team, with significant experience in development. We are particularly fond of the choice to allow Experty profile links to be placed in regular social networks, as this may benefit the project’s promotion by utilizing existing communities. This choice and a few others, however, also raise a problem – the Experty team clearly wants to involve regular users who are not part of the crypto-community. But doing this while maintaining obligatory payments in EXY may make it more complicated for users unfamiliar with or unwilling to utilize crypto. There is also the matter of balancing between convenient monetization and the risk of tokens transforming into securities. The team is mindful of the latter in particular.
Currently Experty remains significantly flexible, allowing it to change in order to account for existing risks. The team is also listening closely to feedback from the community. This may not be ideal for a fundraiser, since this means investors will spend a while without having an exact image of the final product they would be getting, but that does not make it a poor strategy for a company developing a new application.

Read More

We will preface our verdict on the Experty ICO with several factors that must firstly be taken into consideration. Our final rating of the project reflects how the ICO would perform in a rational market. That said, with all of the hype and enthusiasm present in the industry at the moment, this is not a rational market. Furthermore, our rating system is generally designed to assess the long-term prospects of a project versus the short-term. Given the present market conditions, there are ICOs that have high short-term ROI but will not survive in the long run.

We make our own investment decisions based on the performance of long-term fundamentals. If the current exuberance of the market dies down, we don’t want to be holding a bag of coins with a low chance of success thereafter. Given the ever present possibility of changing market tides, it’s prudent to protect ourselves in the long-term.

That said, if we look past the red flags, the short term prospects of the Experty ICO may still be positive. The team’s background in the software development sector, prominent advisors and community support indicate the possibility of a ROI in the short term. Will we be placing a bet on it ourselves? No. We make our moves based on fundamentals that predict success in the long term. We also like to take into consideration how riskier ICOs affect the overall state of the market- while there initially may be a decent ROI, launching ICOs without strong fundamentals could do more harm than good in the long run. However, as with any project that genuinely sets out to improve the crypto space, we always hope for the best- the Experty ICO included.

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