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DCentral Capital ICO
Ethical and comprehensive cooperation Build venture partnership Foster new ideas and techniques through global digital community
Risk: High
Main ICO
Jul 30, 2018
Nov 12, 2018
100% completed
Raised funds - no Data
Goal 77 000 000.00 USD
Cap 77 000 000.00 USD
  • 1 JST1
    1.185 USD
Apr 16, 2018
Jun 22, 2018
100% completed
Raised funds - no Data
Goal 15 400 000.00 USD
Cap 15 400 000.00 USD
  • 1 JST1
    1.185 USD
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United Kingdom
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About DCentral Capital

D-Central Capital operates a new and innovative approach to venture funding that puts the digital community at the heart of what it does. Our tokenized fund will decentralise and redistribute profits to smaller investors and those who have the skills and knowledge within the digital community.




Investment funds will be raised through the JST1 token sale and will then provide a return to our investors with unparalleled liquidity and timeframes:


  1. Dividends - Paid on a regular basis as profit is made from investments
  2. Fund Exit – Payments to investors from the sizable profits made on companies being sold or going public.
  3. Token Value – Tokens are tradable and will increase in value as the fund performs and pays out to its investors.
  4. Employment – Token holders can be used to provide contract resource and act as non-executives / advisors to companies.


The JST1 token value will be linked to investments from creation and, as such, will avoid the trend of tokens & coins being overtraded and decreasing in value on issue.  Whilst the JST1 token will be tradable to ensure liquidity for our investors, retaining tokens will be a profitable strategy.  We will increase the value of our coin by:

  • Capping total tokens used to 120,000,000 and never creating more.
  • Ensure token holders see returns outside of token sales on a regular basis (dividends)
  • Publish investment fund performance on a regular basis to enable token holders to see the pipelined medium to long term payback.


Early Investors will receive Bonus JST1 token holdings to the tune of 30% over and above their initial sponsorship.



Token holders will also be involved in the investment decisions made (using SMART Contracts on the Ethereum BlockChain). We will use the Digital community to help find the ‘next big thing’ and bring it to life. Scalability and the power to disrupt is what counts, be it an existing company that needs help to grow or a seed of an idea requiring guidance.

D-Central Capital will combine the depth and diversity of its founding members experience with that of its Community to bring ideas to life and grow emerging companies to realise their full market potential. The founding members specialise in business transformation enabled through technology and have decades of experience taking smaller companies to market and helping them grow.  The Founders are backed by advisors form the traditional Venture capital world to ensure that we return and profit for our investors and that risk is managed appropriately.

As investments are selected, JST1 token holders with the appropriate skills and experience will have the opportunity to become advisors and non-executive board members (Associate Founders). This provides the fund with a vast and diverse selection of skills and expertise to help ensure that the fund, the token, its constituent companies and investors continue to see growth.

There is a widespread belief amongst policymakers across the world that social entrepreneurs can tackle some of the pressing problems we face – if only they could get them operating at scale. Through a diversified portfolio underpinned by Decision Analysis and a dedicated Incubator and Accelerator Programme, based on its Portfolio Operator Strategy outlined within this Whitepaper, that is precisely what D-Central strive to do.


Our mission is to use technology to solve the world’s modern day challenges.

Technical Info

Role of the token - The JST1 Token represents immutable, yet transferable, ownership of a proportion of the JST1 Fund. In owning the token the Community Member is granted rights to a proportion of the funds profits (as released) and voting rights pertaining to the Management of the JST1 Fund and its investments.

Purpose of the token - Through the SMART Contract* criteria embedded within the JST1 Token the holder is granted proportional voting rights and access to key features of the community. These range from investment selection and assessment to accessing advisory roles and fulfilling key required tasks in exchange for further JST1 Tokens.

Features - Through the SMART Contract* criteria embedded within the JST1 Token the holder is granted proportional voting rights and access to key features of the community

DCentral Capital Roadmap

  • Pre-sale 16/04/18 - 22/06/18

  • MinCap 6,250 ETH ($5m US)
    Soft Cap12,500 ETH ($10m US).
    Hard Cap 19,250 ETH ($15.4m US)
  • Pre ICO Preparation 16/04/18 - 30/07/18

  • UK Financial Conduct Authority regulation (Appointed Representative Status)
    Non-UK regulation compliance
    ICO marketing activity
    Setup community & enable voting rights through SMART contracts
    Identify initial investment opportunities
  • ICO 30/07/18 - 12/11/18

  • MinCap 25,000ETH ($20m US)
    Soft Cap 62,500 ETH ($50m US.)
    Hard Cap 96,250ETH ($77m US).
  • Final Setup 01/12/18 - 06/04/19

  • On board full team
    Complete Investment analysis platform
    Confirm initial investments
    Develop and publish investment roadmap
  • Read More


DCentral Capital Team

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Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Michelle Clarke
Chief Ethical Officer
Tom Knight
Chief Operating Officer
Simon Hughes
Chief Technology Officer
Iain Calvert
Chief Marketing Officer
Gemma Harris
Social Media Manager
Jimmy Cockerton
Chief Investment Officer


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Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Paul Adams
Start-up advisor
5.0 8
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