Recently, Dapps Technologies Ltd released a press release announcing the establishment of EggsBook POP Game Ltd. Accordingly, the EggsBook project will be officially operated by the EggsBook POP Game Ltd from March 2021.

Before information from the company, the Blockchain gaming community has had quite an active discussion:  What will the future of EggsBook be like?

EggsBook Game – the game “say no to failure”

EggsBook was launched in September 2020, in the context of the 19 covid pandemics devastating the world economy in general and the labor market in particular. It quickly attracted the community on the Internet. In just a short time, the name of this blockchain game has spread and developed in vibrant economic regions such as Korea, China, Russia, Spain … thanks to its income-generating features and safety.

After a month of launch, Eggsbook got its first hit in the world market. It successfully sold out the first 10,000 eggs during the presale. This has resonated quite a lot and can be judged that this is the pedestal for a series of successes in the future. Following the event of “out of stock” all over the world, the Minigame and Battle game system were continuously born. They strongly hit and covered certain markets. With the right penetration strategy, the Binary options game, a Battle Game, has almost dominated the Asian market from the end of 2020 until now.

Eggsbook POP Game announces orientation 2021

In the middle of a successful period, Dapps Technologies Ltd suddenly announced the establishment of EggsBook POP Game Ltd. They assigned full authority to operate the project to the new CEO Mr.Alex Kurokin. In 2021, EggBook will become a key project which EggsBook POP Game will focus on top priority.

Immediately after the founding announcement, the EggsBook POP Game made the first moves for the plan to become a tycoon in the Blockchain game market.

This morning, on the official information channels of EggsBook, the EUSD charging port was officially announced in operation. Now Eggbook players can deposit and withdraw EUSD from the game to their wallets at any time. The news that EUSD will be listed on exchanges and pairs with some of the repetitive coins such as BTC, ETH, TRX, etc results in the number of EUSD wallets was dramatically increased. Besides, some press also showed that EUSD will be issued as a stable coin with a price of approximately USDT.


However, it seems that EUSD is just the springboard for EBP Token to explode next month. The value of EBP will be guaranteed by EUSD. It will be released directly via Pool Swap and is released under the Defi and Dex system in limited quantities. EBP Token will be generated during the player’s participation in the game or system development. However, the official information about EBP has not been published. It may be that it will have a twist in this summer of Eggbook for investors.

And one of the reasons that the community thinks that EggsBook POP Game Ltd was established is that it is advantageous in legal matters when working and expanding partners. This will help accelerate the collaboration and expand the game ecosystem on the 123Betnow system. Although 123betnow is currently one of the most successful and engaging ecosystems in the Russian market, it needs to be more diversified than the game portals it owns to meet maximum entertainment needs and increase player income.

Besides implementing new strategies such as launching EUSD or EBP Token, EggsBook POP Game understands that synchronous development of existing ecosystems is really necessary. Therefore, the next time, the Binary Options game, which belongs to the Battle Game system, will be separated into an ecosystem and strongly focused on the Asian market. After it becomes e a separate ecosystem, players can actively deposit and withdraw from the game without the EggsBook. With sales surging (170%) just after the first 2 months of 2021, the communities assessed that EggsBook Binary Options is fully capable to operate as a separate ecosystem. This will probably be an opportunity for it to dominate more new markets, not only in the existing EggsBook community but also in the global exchange market.

How the market reacts to the advent of the Eggsbook POP Game

Eggsbook POP Game was born which caused mixed opinions in the Blockchain gaming community.

Gamers are quite indifferent about this. They think that whether Dapps Technologies or EggsBook POP Game runs, what they care about is whether the game system is scalable, they can make more money playing games or not.

Contrary to the gamer, investors are currently active in discussions on forums. They fear whether this legal change will affect their policies. However, they are quite excited about the launch of EUSD and especially EBP in the future.

The diverse ecosystem system and constantly expanding leads to the constantly growing community, EggsBook is difficult to control and maintain in the competitive market without a well-organized and centralized organization when the economy is assessed as it takes a long time to recover as before.

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