Golden Inu’s Final Day on Presale – 1ETH Could Turn to $500k

Golden Inu’s Final Day on Presale – 1ETH Could Turn to $500k

Golden Inu ICO Presale [ERC-20] Tokens Could Return Millions To Investors
Golden Inu ICO Presale [ERC-20] Tokens Could Return Millions To Investors

Golden Inu’s upcoming launch on the Ethereum Blockchain is closer than ever. The currency just launched its final stage of the presale [
see ICO here ] where investors can get ahead of the game, purchasing $GOLDEN before the listing on Uniswap on July 12.

The currency’s potential for growth makes it one of the most interesting investments of the year in the memecoin market. Many speculate that once listed on the world’s most popular crypto-listing platform, ERC-20 $GOLDEN will gain a lot of traction, quickly tripling (if not more) the initial investment of those who joined the presale. 

Doing some quick calculations, investors who put 1ETH in $GOLDEN can reap significant rewards by the end of the week. 

With a starting price of $0,00000000001866, the currency has the potential to experience extreme growth. 

For instance, if $GOLDEN reaches an insignificant amount of $0,0000000055 after deployment, the simple 1ETH investment would turn to over half-a-million dollars.

Without a doubt, the Golden Inu token team’s ICO presale presents one of the most promising opportunities of 2023 for cryptocurrency investors.

Going Multi Chain

One of Golden Inu’s main appeals is the fact that the currency is going on a different direction than most of the crypto market. Invested of building its own blockchain, the crypto project will implement different versions of $GOLDEN on different blockchains like BNB Chain and Ethereum Blockchain.

This allows the developers to launch projects like dApps and decentralized exchanges on already established blockchains. The whole idea being that instead of trying to flood the market with yet another blockchain, the developers can focus on creating projects and products that will provide more utility to the currency.

For instance, the upcoming DEX, scheduled for late-2023, will allow users to trade tokens from different blockchains via the use of $GOLDEN. Its multi-blockchain technology will facilitate that action in a faster, more decentralized and cheaper way.

In addition the dual-blockchain strategy will also help with other projects, like the up-and-coming play-to-earn game “Golden Inuverse”.

By giving players access to two different versions of $GOLDEN (BNB Chain and ERC-20), the devs allow easier access to the game, without the necessity of costly fees for trading tokens from one blockchain to another.

A Good Idea to HODL $GOLDEN

The utility-focused strategy of Golden Inu makes it one of the most interesting tokens to hold.

The memecoin market as a whole has not seen a token aiming to become as useful as the devs intend $GOLDEN to be. Perhaps with the exception of Shiba Inu — but the countless failures surrounding Shibarium make it a less interesting investment.  The founder of Golden Inu even spoke to Crypto Potato about the new crypto brands reputation being summed up as the ‘Shiba Inu Killer.’ 

In addition, the still low market-cap of the currency leaves it a lot of room for growth. When talking about the next x100Gem, Golden Inu fits all the checkpoints for a currency that can grow enough in the long run to make a lot of investors millionaires.

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