A Beginner’s Guide to Using Bitcoin at Online Casinos in Canada

A Beginner’s Guide to Using Bitcoin at Online Casinos in Canada

When Bitcoin launched in 2009, no one believed it would ever become a mainstream payment method. Governments didn’t like it. Banks hated it. And the media associated it with illegal activities.

Over the years, Bitcoin proved a lot of people wrong. Not only did it survive multiple crashes, but it also won over millions of investors from around the world. Today, you can use crypto to buy groceries, electronics, cars, a house or fund your online casino account.

In this guide, we’ll focus on how to use Bitcoin for online casino deposits in Canada. Let’s get started.

Step One: Find a Trustworthy Bitcoin Casino

Although there are hundreds of online casinos in Canada, not all of them support Bitcoin deposits. So, look for a gambling site with crypto support. Look out for security features to ensure you’re joining a safe and reliable website.

Also, check the types of coins you can use for deposits. Some crypto casinos accept Bitcoin and Ethereum only. But maybe you prefer to use Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Shiba.

Another feature to check is the casino’s promotions. Can you earn a welcome bonus after depositing through Bitcoin? Does the site offer loyalty rewards like cashback and VIP points?

If finding a trustworthy crypto casino feels overwhelming to you, don’t worry. Check out Scams.info selection of bitcoin casinos. The site does the heavy lifting of finding and ranking the best crypto casinos to help you save time.

Step Two: Buy Bitcoin

For you to use a bitcoin casino, you will need some crypto. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money. You can buy a minimum of $10 at most crypto exchanges. But consider buying $20 or more so that you can take advantage of casino bonuses.

What is the place to buy Bitcoin in Canada? Coinbase is the most popular crypto trading platform in the country. But you could also use Binance, Bitbuy, Coin berry, or Toronto-based, Coin mama.

After you buy crypto, most exchanges give you a free wallet to store your bitcoin. You can use this wallet to store crypto temporarily. But for better security, find an independent online or offline wallet.

Online wallets include mobile and desktop apps. They make it easy to access crypto. But they’re not as secure as their offline counterparts. If you’re planning to hold bitcoin for the long term, look for a reputable hardware wallet.

Step Three: Deposit Bitcoin and Claim a Bonus

As we mentioned earlier, some crypto casinos have special welcome bonuses for crypto users. Bonuses boost your casino bankroll by up to 100%. That means if you deposit $20 worth of BTC, you could get a bonus worth $20.

That being said, bonuses come with rules. Read these terms before you even make your deposit. For starters, learn about the minimum deposit required to get a bonus. Maybe the casino requires a minimum deposit of $20 but you only have $10.

Next, check the bonus amount and wager requirements. Obviously, you want a generous bonus. But ensure it has fair wager terms—the number of times you must play through a bonus.

Other bonus conditions to look out for include the validity time, withdrawal limit, and game weighting requirements. Claim a bonus with fair terms and conditions. Avoid promotions with excessive wager terms and low withdrawal limits.

Step Four: Use Your Bitcoins to Play Slots or Table Games

After you deposit bitcoins to a great online casino, two things are likely to happen. First, the casino may ask you to convert your crypto to a fiat currency like the dollar or Euro. Alternatively, the website may let you use your BTC to play casino games built on the blockchain.

The benefit of converting crypto to a fiat currency is that you get access to hundreds of slots and table games. You can play award-winning slots like Money Train, Starburst, and Big Bass stress-free.

If you choose to keep your Bitcoin, you won’t have as many games to play. But you will have an authentic crypto gaming experience. You can play provably fair slots and roulette games.

Regardless of how you choose to use your bitcoin, pick top-tier games. Pick slot machines with high payout rates—95% or more. If you select table games, go for live dealer games. Live casino games give you an immersive video-based experience.

Step Five: Withdraw Your Bitcoin Winnings

If you’re lucky to win money at a Bitcoin casino, consider withdrawing some of your profits. At the best casinos, the withdrawal process is simple. Navigate to your account balance and request a cashout.

Provide your crypto wallet where the winnings should be sent. Provide a real Bitcoin address to avoid losing your funds. You should get your money on the same day unless there are extensive delays on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Tips to Win Money at Bitcoin Casinos

Most casino games are based on pure chance. There are no guarantees you will win. But there are steps you can take to increase your odds of winning. Below are some of them:

Learn Casino Strategies

Casino strategies help you lower the house advantage. Each game has unique systems. For example, you can use card counting or the basic blackjack strategy in blackjack. With poker, you can use strategies like bluffing to scare your opponents.

Slot machines don’t have solid strategies to help you win. However, playing high-RTP slots can improve your odds of winning.

Don’t Chase Losses

Chasing losses means gambling more money after losing. You might have lost $10 after one hour of playing slots. Then you decide to spend $10 more in the hopes of recouping your earlier loss.

The problem with chasing losses is that it leads to more losses. It never helps you recoup your losses. The best thing to do after a series of losses is to log out of your account. Take time to relax before you try your luck again.

Learn About RTP/House Edge

RTP refers to Return to Player. It describes a game’s overall payout rate. House refers to the casino’s advantage in every game. If you want to win money, look out for games with a high RTP and a low house edge.

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