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Itheum is the world's 1st decentralized, cross-chain data brokerage platform. Itheum unlocks data silos and generates new value for your data. Itheum empowers data ownership in Web3 and the Metaverse, transforming your data into a highly valuable asset. With decentralized data brokerage technology, it bridges high-value data from web2 to web3 for peer-to-peer trading. The suite of tools includes Data NFTs, NFMe ID, and Data Coalition DAOs while preserving privacy, proving provenance, and supporting cross-chain capabilities. Itheum is a comprehensive core blockchain data infrastructure offering solutions for both enterprise and retail and looks to become the flagship data platform for the new era of the internet.
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Every day, billions of people give away their personal data to organizations in return for some service or product. They sign up to apps, websites, social networks, make online purchases, use digital banking for their day to day transactions, use wearables to monitor their health, and use countless other digital services run by commercial profit-seeking organizations who absorb their personal data and put it into locked-up data silos.

These organizations then use your personal data to learn more about you and people like you. They then create more products and services for you to buy and get hooked onto… they call this "stickiness"; and their objective is for you to keep coming back and to share more data.

Some organizations (usually the largest and most influential) can even use your data to influence your thinking and ideas or even resell your data to 3rd Party Data Brokers (independent commercial organizations). These 3rd Party Data Brokers lurk in the shadows and "deal in the personal data trade" making millions of dollars of profit by packaging and selling your data to other organizations. There are over 4000 of these Data Brokers in the world today and they have over 3000 data points collected on each one of us! The entire Data Brokerage industry is worth over USD 200 billion each year and the person generating this data (You!) have no idea how your data is used nor do you get any form of compensation.

It gets more unnerving when we realize that as the ever-growing digitization of our physical world gives birth to the hyper-digitized "Metaverse", the amount of data we generate will also grow at an exponential rate - and all this "new" data will also be "harvested" from us.

Itheum wants to change this current toxic model for personal data collection and exchange and level the playing field — where the commercial enterprise and “you” (the Data Creator) equally benefit from the trade of personal data.

Itheum empowers data ownership in the metaverse and brings new market value to your data. It enables this by providing “decentralized data brokerage” technology. It’s a suite of tools that enables high-value data to be bridged from web2 to web3 and then be traded peer-to-peer using blockchain technology. It allows for “viral adoption” via our creative NFMe ID (Non-Fungible Me ID) data-backed 3D NFT avatars, "Data NFT" data licensing technology, and our innovative Data Coalition DAOs (DAO entities that can bulk-trade your data with governance and oversight). It also aims to be fully privacy-preserving, regulation-friendly, and cross-chain; making it the most comprehensive core blockchain data infrastructure available in the market with use cases in both the enterprise and consumer space.

It provides 3 fundamental groups of products (that when used together) will flip the dynamic of personal data collection, brokerage, and trade from being a fully top-down model to a more inclusive bottom-up model.

Itheum is the world's 1st decentralized data brokerage platform that transforms your personal data into a highly tradable asset class. It provides Data Creators and Data Consumers with the tools required to "bridge" highly valuable personal data from web2 into web3 and to then trade data with a seamless UX that’s built on top of blockchain technology and decentralized governance.

They provide the end-to-end platform required for personal data to be made available in web3 for the first time in history and to enable many more wonderful and complex real-world use cases to enter the web3 ecosystem. Itheum provides the core, cross-chain web3 protocol required to enable personal data ownership, data sovereignty, and fair compensation for data usage - and this positions Itheum as the data platform for the Web3 and Metaverse Era.

Core Products

Itheum has 3 Core Products that work in unison to enable new data to be generated and collected from the web2 world and for that data to then flow seamlessly into the web3 domain (via  Data CAT - Collection & Analytics Toolkit). This data can be claimed by the Data Creators (users who originally generated the data) and traded using our innovative peer-to-peer data trading technology (via  Data DEX).

1) Data Collection & Analytics Toolkit (Data CAT)

Tools for structured and rich personal data collection and analytics. Anyone can use Itheum's Data CAT to seamlessly build apps and programs that can collect structured and rich personal data from users and also provide visual trends and patterns on the collected data (usually using fully anonymous or semi-anonymous analytics to protect the “Data Creator” — i.e. the user who generated the original data)

2) Decentralized Data Exchange (Data DEX)

Suite of web3 tools for the seamless trade of personal data.

This product enables you (the Data Creator) to own and trade the personal data which was collected by the organizations who built apps on Itheum's Data CAT product. It unlocks the personal data from these organization silos and lets you trade your data on the open market with organizations and agencies that can derive value from these previously locked datasets.

3) Data Metaverse

Suite of metaverse, gaming and NFT aligned consumer products that appeal to the masses with a goal to enable mass adoption.

The concepts behind data trading and blockchain-backed data technology can be overwhelming for most people to grasp. This is a key reason why many of the current web3 data platforms have very low adoption and hype. For platforms such as Itheum to change the dynamic of data ownership we need large-scale bottom-up adoption - and this kind of adoption can only come if we build consumer products that "everyone wants to use".

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  • Q1 - 2022 (Jan-Mar)

  • ITHEUM utility token on DEX
    Data CAT : Data Adaptors
    Data DEX : Data NFT Technology
  • Q2 - 2022 (Apr-Jun)

  • “Claims” portal in DEX
    Data CAT: Player Passport V1
  • Q3 - 2022 (Jul-Sep)

  • Data NFT Marketplace + Royalties for Original Minter
    Data DEX: Decentralized identity credentials
    Data DEX: Support for data streams
    Data Metaverse: NFMe ID “Genesis” NFT Drop
    Data DEX - Enable 3rd party NFT Collection linking
    MVP Regional Decentralized Hubs
    MVP Data Coalition DAO in DevNet
  • Q4 - 2022 (Oct-Dec)

  • Data DEX: Data Coalition DAOs
    Data DEX: Player Passport V3
    Data Metaverse: Greenroom Protocol - Portal
  • اقرأ أكثر
  • Q1 - 2023 (Jan-Mar)

  • Data DEX + Metaverse : Client-Side SDK
    Whitelabel Support

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