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CratD2C Decentralized Autonomous Smart Chain
A cutting-edge Blockchain employing DPoS consensus on Layer-1, ensuring top-tier security, instant finality, remarkable scalability, minimal transaction fees, and enhanced privacy features.
IP Protection in 181 Countries Reg. No. EC-01-004149
IP Valuation: $160,255,384.00 Assessment By London Rate IP Office.
Pre Seed
44% منجز
الأموال المجمعة - لا توجد بيانات
هدف 5 000 000.00 USD
قبعة 5 000 000.00 USD
Pre-Pre Seed
100% منجز
$500 000
100% قبعة منجز
هدف 500 000.00 USD
قبعة 500 000.00 USD
تفاصيل الرمز
مبرقة كاتبة
إجمالي العرض
توزيع الرمز
IP-Shares Royalties

Community Trust Vesting Grant (CTVG)


Validators, Delegators, Backers


Manufacturers/Merchants, Consumers, Partners. Commissions.




Network Operations

Ecosystem Development

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اسم الشركة المسجلة
CratD2C Decentralized Autonomous Smart Chain
تأسست الشركة
Nov 9, 2019
هيكل المكافأة
In the pre-ICO & ICO phases, referrers earn an immediate 10% reward on the transacted amount for each successful acquisition they refer. This reward is automatically deposited into the referrer's USDT wallet upon completion of the transaction.
تفاصيل اضافية
Building New DPoS Blockchain

حول CratD2C

CratD2C Decentralized Autonomous Smart Chain (D.A.S.C) is a revolutionary blockchain ecosystem designed to reshape industries, streamline transactions, and empower participants. Born from a visionary idea in 2019, CratD2C aims to provide an efficient, secure, and transparent digital infrastructure. Through its advanced features, including Layer-1 blockchain architecture, DPoS consensus, and an 8-Layer Zig-Zag Supply Mechanism, CratD2C offers unparalleled advantages for diverse sectors. This comprehensive litepaper delves into the intricacies of CratD2C's technology, ecosystem, roles, and potential. At the heart of CratD2C's potential lies its remarkable capacity to host an extensive array of decentralized applications (dApps) and tokens. This fundamental capability empowers us to establish critical links across diverse sectors, creating an efficient, transparent, and secure digital framework. From manufacturers seeking streamlined processes to end-users demanding optimal experiences, CratD2C offers an array of use cases that transcend multiple industries. From Manufacturing and Logistics to the intricacies of Real Estate, Intellectual Property and Content Creation, and even Energy, Insurance, Agriculture, and Food Supply, CratD2C provides unprecedented solutions.

The Crypto Expo Dubai 2024, managed by HUAN QIAO EVENT MANAGEMENT L.L.C in the UAE, is set to take place at the World Trade Centre on May 20-21, 2024. This prestigious event will be graced by members of the Emirati Royal Families, venture capitalists, angel investors, family offices, and blockchain aficionados.

Highlighting the event, only five premium TITANIUM Booths are available at the primary entrance of the prestigious exhibition hall. Among these, your favourite Blockchain Enterprise, CratD2C D.A.S.C, will be prominently located at TITANIUM Booth No. 3, welcoming investors from various spectrums as they enter the exhibition space.







CratD2C Decentralized Autonomous Smart Chain (D.A.S.C) emerges as a groundbreaking innovation in blockchain technology. Aimed at empowering users and disrupting conventional centralized systems, CratD2C is uniquely architected to foster inclusivity and efficiency, marking a significant shift in the blockchain paradigm.

Key Features:

Innovative Layer-1 Architecture:
CratD2C introduces a Layer-1 blockchain structure, optimizing both scalability and efficiency. It boasts a rapid transaction finality time of 0.5 to 3 seconds, making it exceptionally suitable for practical, real-world application scenarios.

Exceptional Transaction Capacity:
CratD2C SmartChain can handle an impressive 100,000 transactions per second (TPS), highlighting its capability for seamless and fast transaction processing, an essential factor for widespread blockchain adoption.

DPoS Consensus Mechanism:
Utilizing Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS), CratD2C enhances network scalability and integrity. This system splits roles between validators, who manage transactions and block creation, and delegators, who help secure the network and select validators. Both the Validator and Delegator are rewarded with block transaction fees.

Revolutionary Staking Mechanism:
Introducing LiteBackers and TurboBackers, CratD2C fosters a novel staking approach in the blockchain domain. Backers secure and contribute to the network, playing a pivotal role in its functionality and decentralization, with benefits up to 20% on their staked holdings and can re-stake their coins biweekly and weekly.
Additional Backers are rewarded with Bonus CratD2C IP Portions.

Innovative Supply Mechanism:
The blockchain employs a unique 8-layer zig-zag biannual minting supply mechanism, ensuring controlled supply growth and combating inflationary trends. The total supply cap is set at 300 million CratD2C Coins, ensuring rarity and sustained value.

Versatile Ecosystem dApps:
CratD2C is a hub for a wide array of indigenous decentralized applications (dApps) spanning various sectors with unique eMarket Places such as eCommerce Trading Portal, Real Estate Trading Portal, Luxury Lifestyle Booking, and A Payment System. These dApps utilize blockchain transparency and security to revolutionize industry operations.

Coin-IP Asset Value Linkage:
A novel feature of CratD2C is the direct linkage of each native coin's value to the ecosystem’s intellectual property assets value of $160,255,384.00. This symbiosis between coin value and ecosystem growth offers unique advantages to coin holders.


CratD2C D.A.S.C stands not just as a blockchain ecosystem but as a force of transformation. It melds advanced technological features with a commitment to empowerment and inclusivity. Poised to redefine the blockchain landscape, CratD2C aligns cutting-edge innovation with real-world adoption potential, signalling a new era in blockchain evolution.

معلومات تقنية

  • Layer-1 Blockchain Infrastructure: A robust foundation offering enhanced security and scalability.
  •   DPoS Consensus: Ensuring swift finality, high throughput, and efficient energy consumption.
  •   8-Layer Zig-Zag Supply Mechanism: A groundbreaking approach to coin and token distribution for balanced growth and stability.
  •   Latency & TPS: Latency of 0.5 - 3 seconds and potential throughput of up to 100K transactions per second.    

٪ name٪ خريطة الطريق

  • Phase 1

  • Pre-Pre Seed, Pre-Seed, &
    IP-Portion Rounds
    Dec 2023 - June 2024
  • Phase 2

  • SmartChain Launch
    June-July 2024
  • Phase 3

  • IP-Portion, Native Coin Pre-Seed
    Rounds Completion
    August 2024
  • Phase 4

  • Native Coin Listing
    July 2024
  • اقرأ أكثر
  • Phase 5

  • Trading Portals Launch
    4th Quarter 2024


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CratD2C الفريق

التحقق 100%

Dwain Elias Albores
PR (Public Relations)
Hasmik Harutyunyan
Head of Support
Alina Rosavytska
Charles Cieters
CratD2C Core member BIZ ADV
Intellect Lawyer
Legal Advise
Dr Arogundade Samson...
Founder / CEO

CratD2C مقابلات

Hasmik Harutyunyan
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am responsible for the support team of CratD2C Decentralized Autonomous SmartChain. The support team proactively reaches out to our customers for feedback and concerns and we are always here to help you start an amazing and prospective journey with us.
What do you think about idea?
The idea is unique and great as this cutting-edge blockchain technology is designed to foster efficiency, security, and transparency in various industries.
Charles Cieters
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
CratD2C Core member BIZ ADV

Leading a team of account executives at CratD2C International, I provide innovative and scalable solutions based on the Decentralized Autonomous Smart Chain (DASC) technology to clients across the globe.
What do you think about idea?
The CratD2C Decentralized Autonomous Smart Chain (D.A.S.C) emerges as a groundbreaking innovation in blockchain technology. Aimed at empowering users and disrupting conventional centralized systems, CratD2C is uniquely architected to foster inclusivity and efficiency, marking a significant shift in the blockchain paradigm.
Dr Arogundade Samsondeen
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Dr. Arogundade Samsondeen, the founder and CEO of CratD2C and Royalty Traders Edu Fintech Platform, is a visionary leader with over 16 years of experience in the Financial Market. His expertise and forward-thinking approach have made CratD2C a leader in blockchain innovation. Known for his detail-oriented work ethic, Dr. Samsondeen has guided CratD2C to significant global achievements in the blockchain sector. He has also been involved in other notable projects, including the DAO project with Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin in 2016, and as an early investor in Unitsky String Technologies, where he is currently the 4th top investor.
What do you think about idea?
CratD2C Decentralized Autonomous SmartChain represents a significant shift in blockchain technology, utilizing DPoS consensus on Layer-1 to bridge manufacturers and consumers efficiently, reducing costs and enhancing user experience. This advanced blockchain offers robust security, instant transaction finality, scalability, low fees, and enhanced privacy, while integrating smart contracts for increased efficiency, transparency, and adaptability. It's a versatile platform for dApps and tokens. Additionally, CratD2C's unique zigzag Biennial supply chain mechanism revolutionizes supply chain operations, improving their efficiency, security, and transparency. This positions CratD2C as an innovative leader in the blockchain sector.

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