Quackland NFT

Quackland NFT

Created using Figma
Most colorful ducks on the chain! 5000 Quacks are waiting to be adopted! Cost: 0Ξ for first 1000 (Rest 0.02Ξ)
To be announced

关于 Quackland NFT

Melih Olca, a young professional illustrator at 27, living in Antalya, Turkey. He has graduated from Civil Engineering Dept. in Middle East Technical University in Ankara. He is a talented illustrator artist and also, a successful structural engineer working in megastructural construction projects. In addition to engineering background, he never stops to draw creative staff and illustrate. After many awards on illustration, several character design projects, oil and watercolor paintings, product design, conceptual design projects and various participation of personal art galleries are the some of interests in his perspective of art for ten years. Interestingly, he was got popular with the colorful and shiny illustrations on papercups and notebook, illustration atelier educator around Turkey. Specialized on mostly in coffee sector design. He has been drawing the self-portrait illustration series named as Marco, a cute boy character illustrated above thousands. Now, his latest illustration project is the Quackland-NFT project prepared for four months by Melih Olca.


  • Phase 1

  • Randomly selected 10 Ducks will receive an exclusively designed NFT by Melih Olca.
  • Phase 2

  • 5ETH will be donated to WWF.
  • Phase 3

  • Merch store will be exclusively open to Quackland visitors.
  • Phase 4

  • Plots will be purchased from Decentraland metaverse. These plots will belong to community of Quackland. We will use this plots to build Quackland in future Web3.

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