Carat Assets Coin

Carat Assets Coin

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Carat Assets Coin(CTAC)承担购买钻石资产(包括无色钻石)的最佳比例 清晰度,包括切割质量,这些将是所有圆形明亮切割的钻石。这种投资的假设是 还购买彩色钻石 - 特殊比例的黄色,蓝色和粉红色钻石,卓越的切割质量或颜色 饱和。这些钻石将有圆形明亮式切割,但也有各种其他花式切割。我们的ICO与其他ICO不同,因为投资者的资本和利润 - 令牌所有者,由共同所有权保证 钻石资产。
12月, 2018
3月, 2019
100% 完成
$39 609 000
55% 帽 完成
71 250 000.00 USD
平台, Blockchain

关于 Carat Assets Coin

Carat Assets Coin assumes the purchase of diamond assets, including colorless diamonds, of the best possible proportions of clarity, including quality of the cut, and these will be diamonds above all of round brilliant cut. The assumption of this investment is also the purchase of colored diamonds - yellow, blue and pink diamonds of exceptional proportions, exceptional cut quality or color saturation. These diamonds will have a round brilliant cut, but also various other fancy cuts.

Colorless diamonds will have sizes ranging from 3,00 to 3,99 carats, from 4,00 to 4,99 carats and from 5,00 to 5,99 carats. These diamonds are very much sought after by the most distinguished jewelry manufactures to create exceptionally luxurious jewelry dedicated to the wealthiest customers. Colorless diamonds with such parameters are often the basis for the manufacture of this jewelry, but they also complement the unique color diamonds, which are used to make even more exclusive jewelry, so as to satisfy the tastes of the wealthiest customers.

In connection with the above, Carat Assets Coin also assumes the purchase of color diamonds of exceptional proportions, exceptional cut quality and color saturation. These diamonds will have a round brilliant cut, but also various other fancy cuts that sometimes further enhance the beauty of colored diamonds. These will be primarily diamonds in the size from 1,00 to 1,99 carats, from 2,00 to 2,99 carats and from 3,00 to 3,99 carats. These diamonds will have the colors most sought after in the making of jewelry - yellow, blue, pink - and will have a very intense color saturation - Fancy, Fancy Intence, Fancy Vivid.

For all of these diamonds we have collected for You a set of statistical data about increases in their value, which we present in separate materials.

The sale of these assets will be made directly to the most renowned jewelry houses in the form of a direct offer. These jewelry houses are located primarily in New York, London, Paris and Geneva and in several other Swiss locations, where the manufactories of several very exclusive brands are concentrated, producing jewelry aimed at the wealthiest customers.

Additionally, as part of the sales diversification, after storing these assets in the designated investment period, they will be sold in the form of an internal auction organized for interested parties, which may not only be companies from the jewelry sector, but also other entities such as Investment Funds, Asset & Wealth Management companies, Family Office companies and private investors.


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